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Arousing The Nostalgia Of Chinese People, The National Watch Remakes The Tide Coming

51 (China’s first commercialized watch), limited edition of 1,000 ‘Fu’ reprints.
In the past two years, the fashion circle ‘Shanggu’ is manifested in the field of watches. The most prominent one is the ‘Reissue’. While major brands pay tribute to the former boutiques, the always low-key domestic watches are also actively taking action. For them, this is a good market cut.
‘Everyone should take a look at our museum. In the history of Chinese watchmaking, we have too many firsts.’ Lu Jun was in charge of the Seagull movement in Hong Kong before becoming general manager of the Tianjin Seagull Watch Group in 2010. After 13 years of exporting, he knew exactly where the problem was. ‘Seagulls have a glorious history, but they need to be translated into the market.’
As the producer of the first watch in New China, the seagull has a high status in the hearts of Chinese people-but it is almost a memory of the last century. ‘Now that we have made major breakthroughs in technology, we have technologies such as tourbillons, perpetual calendars, and minute repeaters, and our tourbillon watches are also very popular with players-with an annual output of several thousand, all sold out ‘Lv Jun said,’ But this is like the Olympics. You can’t just stare at those unpopular events to get gold. ‘
He is talking about those more ‘friendly’ watches. They may not have complex and advanced functions, but they can also impress people instantly-such as re-engraving.
For example, as Lu Jun said, the seagull has a sufficiently glorious history. Perhaps it is the greater wealth of domestic watches than the tourbillon technology that is admired in the industry. It represents the common memory of several generations of Chinese. The ‘classic models’ of foreign watch brands often only ‘know the goods’, but the classic models of domestic watches, like pull-back sneakers, have no recognition obstacles in China.
For example, the famous ‘May Day’ watch was the first batch of watches produced in mass production in New China-in response to Mao Zedong’s instructions that ‘the watch should be produced more and the price should be lower’. Seagull in 2011
The chronograph-The project was initiated in April 1961, and the test opinion of ‘China’s First Aviation Watch’ was released in October 1965. In May 1966, the Tianjin Watch Factory decided to put into production a plan. At the end of October of the same year, 1,400 finished products were officially assembled. To the front line of the Chinese Air Force.
Launched a replica of this watch, the response is very good, so this year launched a replica ‘elite version’.
At the same time, Seagull also launched a replica of the ‘Chinese Air Force’s first aviation watch’-the secret code of the project was 304, so the replica was also named D304.
Apart from seagulls, Shanghai watches are doing the same thing. The nostalgic watches they launched used the Shanghai brand movement in the 1960s, were manually wound, the surface of the Bund and the all-steel case-everything could stir the nostalgia of Chinese people.
‘The watch industry is no longer technology-led, but market-led.’ Conway Kai, a well-known domestic watchmaker, said that it would be a good way for domestic brands to develop and explore more national connotations. Perhaps, the indiscriminate digging of the memory of the whole people is exactly an attempt by Guobiao to ‘counter attack’.

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Mercedes Violin Limited Edition Watch Presents French Music Festival

On the 25th anniversary of the ‪Un Violon sur le Sable‬ violin festival in France, Baume & Mercier has launched a special limited edition watch. There are two curved lines in the center of the classic and simple dial, which reminds people of the elegant curve of the violin case. In addition, the Roman numerals always show the classic style, and the ‪Un Violon sur le Sable‬ festival respects classical music Complement each other.

    Since 1830, Baume & Mercier has witnessed many important anniversaries of important moments, and now it is associated with ‪Un Violon sur le Sable 古典 violin classical music festival, which attracts the best musicians in Paris every year Opera house and other musical temple performances.

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