Traditional But Romantic Romance Somia Series Pair Watch

The most surprising and intimate Valentine’s Day gift, of course, there are elegant couples that exude an enticing glorious light like roses, and have endless honey-like taste like chocolate. Sentimental, holding hands, and ten-finger clasped hands, wearing the latest masterpiece of Longines on the wrist, the Soymia series stainless steel rose gold pair watch, the token of love, shines in pairs, and confession every time The tenderness of every moment, the accurate recording of love every minute and minute. Longines romantically presents Soymia series pairings for Valentine’s Day 2012. This brand-new brand named after its birthplace and birthplace traces the source of elegance of the brand, condenses a long tradition of watchmaking, is perfect and pure, and expresses true love. , Gifts to love, worthy of cherish.
Men’s watch: L688 automatic movement / 18K rose gold and stainless steel material / diameter 39mm / hour, minute, small seconds indicator / date display / timing function / waterproof 30 meters
Women’s watch model: L595 automatic movement / 18K rose gold and steel material / diameter 26mm / hour, minute, small seconds indication / date display / waterproof 30 meters