The Little Freckles Said, The Name ‘vol.’ Is Good

Eddie Redmayne appeared in the room. He was wearing a beige and dark blue color-blocking jacket, jeans, and lace-up canvas shoes. He looked very good, and was almost described as ‘happy’. As soon as the time was up, the interview seats in the first row were taken out instantly. The reporters restrained their inner excitement and followed the etiquette with difficulty, but still couldn’t help asking questions. After all, who doesn’t like little freckles? Not every foreign actor with a long name can get a petted little name in China. The little freckles sat down in the armchair and stretched out their long legs. At 37 years old, he is tall and thin. There is no sign of middle age or middle age. From appearance to manners, he is a British boy with light brown hair. He is an Omega celebrity ambassador, and you can often see in his magazines and airports the commercials he shot for Omega with the words ‘Eddie Medran’s Choice’ printed on it. He came to Shanghai this time to participate in the opening of the ‘Omega Planet’ exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, which lasted from April 27 to May 12. This is an exhibition on the history and culture of Omega, from the moon watch to the Olympic chronograph, from James Bond (007) to the Zhizhen Observatory, covering all aspects of Omega’s story. Little freckles stretched his neck and listened to every question. After a little thought, he began to answer quickly. Obviously, ‘reciting the manuscript in advance’ and ‘scrutinizing the words’ are not his style. He talked about his father, mother, wife, and two children at home. Talking about your recent movie ‘Where is the Wonderful Animal’, you still have to twist your body and tell everyone how crazy it is to perform ‘in front of the green and strange things in the studio’. Someone asked him what he thought was the best dressed man by GQ. He said he liked the comfortable and elegant style, which was influenced by his father. Interestingly, he is often considered color-blind, but he is actually color-blind. He had known his nickname in China for a long time. Regarding freckles, he also asked his mother when he was a kid, whether he had tanned himself so that the freckles were not so obvious? After listening to the Chinese meaning of the name ‘juanfu’, he expressed envy. He also said very often that he had wanted to bring his wife to Shanghai with him, but as you know, my two baby boys are very young and both are not yet three years old. It is said that hardcore fans have long been familiar with his fast-changing personality. The last second was serious, and the next second was full of drama and dancing. During the day, I chatted with reporters and laughed. At night, I changed into an Omega-themed gold suit, and he dedicatedly put a very formal shape in front of the background board, exposing the cuff watch-he was wearing a Constellation series this day. Zunba calendar watch. The cooperation between Little Freckles and Omega began in 2015, and we often see him wearing a hippocampus Aqua Terra watch in advertising blockbusters. He said that when he was young, his father had an Omega saucer flying, and the watch he chose for his wife was the Omega constellation. Eton College and Cambridge University graduates, the youngest Oscar filmmakers, and little freckles have become the Chinese public’s best imagination of British youth. Today in China, many young male actors have become ‘idols’ under the influence of social media, and it is difficult to focus on acting. The little freckles obsessed with acting have a loyal fan base in China. It seems that the little freckles have a face that has not been bullied by the world, and they got the little golden man in their early thirties, which was really favored by heaven. Looking through his resume, in fact, the obscurity of his early years was not short. ‘Tess of the Deber House’, ‘Spring and Autumn in the Great Hall’, ‘Yellow Handkerchief’, ‘Black Death’ … You may not have heard these movies. The director’s fancy seems to be only his youthful temperament, later Everything, everyone knows. In the interview he talked about Felicity Jones, an independent actress who collaborated with him on Theory of Everything. Little Freckles started from Hawking as a student, showing his physical deterioration step by step. Until the end, Hawking lost control of all his muscles, and could only express his inner emotions with his eyes. The story has been told countless times about how little freckles reduced the weight of the film and got along with the patients with frost for a long time. It is impressive that Hawking died in 2018, and Little Freckles mourned the scriptures for him at the funeral scene. It was time to take a group photo at the end of the interview. The film director himself jumped up from his chair and raised the table with the staff … to leave enough space for reporters. The little freckles who are no longer green, have fame, love … It can be said that they have almost everything, but when you talk to him, you can still feel the purity of a child. / end / Interview Notes of Lu Xi Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]