The 28th Shenzhen Watch Opening Ceremony 见见 和 闻

June 22, 2017-June 25, the 28th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair was held in Shenzhen Futian District Convention and Exhibition Center. This annual event focuses on domestic and international watch and clock events. Let us Really understand the current status of the national watch and some wind directions. There are more than 500 exhibitors this year, and they are still located in Halls 1 and 9. In addition to domestic watch brands, traders, component suppliers, and clock manufacturers, there are also Swiss Pavilion, French Pavilion, Germany Foreign pavilions such as the pavilion, as well as pavilions from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shandong, of course, are also exciting to see that the AHCI of the independent watch industry is also the most prominent exhibition area this year.

The 28th China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair

   In fact, before the exhibition started, that is, on June 21, the organizers also held a summit forum in accordance with the usual practice. This year, there are two topics, one is family heritage, and the other is about the heritage and innovation of the Basel watch exhibition for a century. Compared with the forums of previous years, this year’s forum seems to be a bit far from the current hotspots of the watch industry, but of course it is profound, because domestic companies are still relatively weak in family inheritance, and watches are more sophisticated. It is the heritage. Switzerland, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom all have many centuries-old companies. A large part of this is inherited by the same family. However, for more than 30 years of domestic reform and opening up, the cause created by the previous generation has indeed reached a heritage. Node. Obviously, this is a process in which the vitality of the enterprise continues. In the forum, the relationship between the first generation, the company’s minister, the second generation, multiple marriage families, shareholders, etc. was exchanged. One of the key points was, It lies in maintaining the vitality of the enterprise, the inheritance of the family culture and spirit, and the indispensable is the inheritance of the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial ability of the second generation.
   The second topic talks about Basel’s century, heritage and innovation. In this regard, the focus is on products, channels and corporate management. It is completely different from the previous topic. During the meeting, the China Representative of the French Watch Association and the French in Hong Kong The Counsellor of the Macau Consulate, Vincent, one of the founders of AHCI, the collector Zhang Yisheng, the watchmaker and the watch author Bai Yingze expressed their views on this. The core point is to inherit the traditional culture and spirit of watchmaking on this basis. Product and channel innovation.

   Of course, it is impossible to solve real-world problems by using such a forum. Its purpose is to communicate and communicate industry opinions. At the same time, this year is also the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association. To this end, the Association held a special dinner with the theme of ‘applause for entrepreneurs’, showing us those seniors who have made important contributions to the Chinese watch industry over the past 30 years. Men. There is no doubt that in the 30 years that have been in line with the world, Chinese watches and clocks have gone from being institutionalized to being market-oriented. In the middle, they have experienced hardships. Management models, product categories, and quality all need to be blended with the market and turned to external advanced technology. During this period of study, it is inseparable from the ‘entrepreneurs’ of the watch industry.

   This year is the 28th Shenzhen Watch Fair. We see some differences from the past. There have been some changes in the traditional watchmaking brands and the booths of the ‘Big Four Kings’. Some brands have not come or have no enlarged booths. At the same time, some brands that were not so prominent in the past appeared at the core of the exhibition. At the same time, international exhibitors from France, Germany, Switzerland and other countries brought their national works. This very intuitive comparison allows us to see some differences between the domestic and foreign watch industry.

Guo Ming’s Pocket Watch

Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker watch

   This year is the second time that the AHCI team has come to the Shenzhen Watch Fair. Vincent once said that he was satisfied with the results for the first time last year. This year, AHCI is in a very central position, and we have also seen some outstanding works. For example, the familiar improved pocket watch brought by Guo Ming, the new Joker brought by Konstantin Chaykin, and cinema, the chronograph and tourbillon of Japanese watchmaker Asaoka, and the long-powered watch of Shenzhen watchmaker Mr. Tan Zehua And a large balance wheel and so on.

Beijing Table Su Embroidery Craft Dial

Porsche becomes official timekeeper for the 2017 International Championship China
   The strength of some old national watch brands has made us truly feel the vitality of national watch. The embroidery brought by Beijing Watch this year and the ultra-thin Chinese Lingyan Tourbillon let us see the uniqueness in oriental aesthetics, traditional craftsmanship and high-end clock technology. The word “weight” is used as a brand trademark. Obviously, Beijing Watch is striving to present the essence of Chinese culture in the form of a watch, which is the modern expression of Oriental aesthetics. This year, Renault watches will bring together the theme of photography and watches, weaken the time reading function of watches, strengthen the watch’s understanding of life, photography, time, and fashion. The classic men’s and women’s models bring new works, let us see the innovation of national watches in design. With the efforts of independent watchmaker Mr. Ma Xushu, Porsche Watch has brought a high-end product, such as a minute repeater watch and a world watch. At the same time, Porsche has become the official timekeeper of the International Champions Cup China. Stride forward in sports. In addition, many brands are actively seeking breakthroughs and innovation. Although our overall level still has a long way to go to occupy a place on the international stage, at least we are working hard.


   As a grand event for industry exchanges, Hall 9 is an exhibition area specially provided for parts suppliers, equipment suppliers, component traders, movement manufacturers, etc. It is still remembered that in 2014, a large part of this exhibition exhibited ancient Chinese famous Time measurement device, and this year, there are no seats, all of them are booths.

Summary: As a well-known international exhibition, Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair not only shows us the strength of national watches, but also attracts a large number of international brands and watchmakers to join them. The Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair is about to enter a year of ‘standing and standing’. Just as the topics at the summit forum, we need to inherit and we are also pursuing innovation. China is still the world’s most important watch giant and is making great strides towards the international.