Reinterpretation Of The Noble And Noble Tasting Vacheron Constantin 1972 Series New Watch

The Cartier Crash watch that I brought to you previously used an irregular shape to explain the agitation of the watch’s birth. This is not only a visual sense, but also a deeper one. Analyze the story behind the brand collection. Today I bring you the latest watch launched by Vacheron Constantin to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1972 series. The same irregular shape design fully reflects the design characteristics of the series, and continues to strictly adhere to the equilibrium of the golden section. Irregular design has become another symbol of honor. Official model: 33172 / 000G-9757 (black strap) 33172 / 000G-9775 (brown strap)

 The new 1972 Premier Edition is made of white gold and is equipped with a precious ultra-thin mechanical movement. As a model of nobility and elegance, this new watch has the Geneva mark of excellence. 33172 / 000G-9775

 The 1972 collection began as a highly creative haute horlogerie exclusively for women, inspired by Vacheron Constantin’s historical models-an asymmetric watch that won the ‘Diplome du prestige de la France’ award in 1972. These feminine watches are a subtle blend of elegance and courage.

 To celebrate this honor, Vacheron Constantin introduced a watch with a brand new, irregular design, bold and creative across the ages, breathtaking. This extremely limited series is engraved with the Prestige de la France emblem on the bottom. Since then, Vacheron Constantin has introduced different sizes and proportions of this irregular shape, including women’s and men’s watches, gradually forming the famous 1972 watch series.

 Both of these watches are cast in 18K white gold with a case size of 25.00 x 47.00. It can be said that it adheres to the original essence of its series in appearance, adopts the original elegant design and harmonious proportions. The advantages and balance of the watch come from the principle of golden section, such as the length of the longest side of the case, divided by the sapphire on the other side The length of the crystal is equal to 1.618-the famous golden section has appeared in many of the most outstanding works in the history of art and architecture.

 Such a rigorous silhouette is further enhanced by the polished white gold case. The naturally refracted light highlights the curved lines and elegant shape of the watch. Continuing other styles in the series, the 1972 Premier Edition has a beautiful outline, with an arched dial and a sapphire crystal back. The watch is only 8.72 mm thick.

 This 1972 exclusive watch boutique has a limited edition of 40 pieces, and also has the famous ‘Geneva Seal’ certification, which is the perfect end to this outstanding timepiece.

 In the strong contrast of black and white to make the watch more fashionable, the gray dial decorated with ‘V’ pattern radiation pattern with silver hands, and exquisite design with shiny silver dial and black strap With all the features of the 1972 Premier Edition, it has become extraordinary.

 The 1972 Prestige Edition watch is engraved with the symbol of prestige de la France honour, which reflects the supreme status of the brand.

 The other is a gray dial decorated with a ‘V’ pattern radiation pattern, but the difference is that it is decorated with two 18K pink gold hands. Both watches are equipped with a Mississippi alligator strap and a pin buckle. The polished 18K white gold semi-Maltese cross design adds a touch of charm.

 Since the beginning of the 1972 watch series, the watch has been equipped with an excellent mechanical movement. The new 1972 Premier Edition is no exception, using Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary 1003 manual winding movement. Unlike most movements on the market, which are made of gold, the characteristics of this movement make it a true legend.

 The 1003 movement began development in 1952 and was officially launched in 1955 at the 200th anniversary of the brand. To this day, this movement is still the thinnest manually wound mechanical movement on the market. Many experts regard it as one of the most beautiful and sophisticated ultra-thin movements, and have passed the challenge of mechanical laws for more than 50 years. The manufacturing process of the movement is very complicated, and the adjustment requires the use of all skilled experts. At this special moment, Vacheron Constantin chose to re-interpret this movement. Retaining the original 1.64 mm thickness, it is the record holder of slim watches. However, the decoration is more precise and complicated than earlier designs, because the bridges and machinery used today are made of 18K gold. A total of 117 parts operate at a vibration frequency of 18,000 times per hour. Although it is very small, it has a power reserve of more than 30 hours. The movement is delicately decorated: it is decorated with Côtes de Genève Geneva ripples, polished round grains, chamfered sanding and stainless steel components are also all handmade.

Summary: In fact, this Jaeger-LeCoultre can say that people who like it will be regarded as treasures, and people who don’t like it may not accept it, but as far as I am concerned, I still love this watch. I do n’t know if you are lucky enough to see this. It’s just a watch. At the same time, if you see it, you may not feel very eye-catching, but once you wear it on your wrist, you will feel deeply conquered by its charm on the wrist like magic. Maybe That’s where it’s alive.