Ran Jingtian, Wu Yanzu And Other Male Stars Lead Men’s Watches

Have you prepared a gift for your boyfriend on the annual Chinese Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day? Glamour stars such as Ruan Jingtian, Wu Yanzu, Liu Xiang, Yu Wenle and other leading men’s watches will show you different styles of men’s watches. Choose the one that suits your boyfriend best. Time, minutes, seconds, let your love endure, for a long time, work together to create a happy tomorrow. Sunshine Boy-Ruan Jingtian
我 In my mind, Ruan Jingtian has always been a sunny boy. His bright smile makes people impressed, just like the big brother next door. The watch that suits him is the casual Cartier blue balloon series W6900556, with a simple and generous design, just like Xiaotian’s unrestrained personality. This watch is young and fashionable, and it is very suitable for Ruan Jingtian’s men’s watch.

Charming mature man-Wu Yanzu
In the minds of many people, Wu Yanzu is their ‘dream lover’, mature him, has infinite male charm, calm work, think about it, if your boyfriend is also mature type, you may not choose this watch Patek Philippe GONDOLO series 5098R rose gold, a unique watch masterpiece, will definitely exude his mature and charming luster.

Fashionable Men-Yu Wenle
I don’t know if you have watched ‘Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao’ starring Yu Wenle. The ‘Zhang Zhiming’ in it makes people impressed. Yu Wenle’s dressing style is even more unique and highly respected. He is also a trendy man in Hong Kong and is the object of many trendy people eager to imitate. The watch that suits him is the Gucci G-Timeless series sports watch, which is very fashionable.