Praising The True Meaning Of Happiness, Blooming Roses Life-‘piaget Rose Day’ Grand Ceremony Will Be Unveiled

Piaget, the prestigious Swiss top brand, is not only a watchmaker and jeweller, but also an admirer of all beautiful things and lifestyle. Mr. Yves Piaget, the fourth generation of Earl Piaget, has a passion for roses, and his extraordinary enthusiasm has spawned a new variety named after him, Yves Piaget Rose. To pay tribute to this real rose and its exclusive jewellery and watch collection, Piaget unveiled a global annual celebration, Piaget Rose Day, to convey the beauty of the flower and its beauty to the world. The happiness of Yu Yu. On June 5th, Piaget will join hands with the young dancer Liu Yan to make this exotic rose bloom elegantly in China and interpret the rose’s life together.

Piaget rose from real flowers

 The fourth generation of Earl Piaget, Eve Earl, is not only an avid fan of roses, but also a discerning connoisseur. Since 1976, he has supported and sponsored the Geneva International Competition of New Roses and served as a jury member. The earl’s unwavering enthusiasm for the rose received a generous return in 1982: the rose breeding master who won the gold medal of the year dedicated his new variety including three international awards to him and named this unique rose as Yi Yves Piaget Rose. A true legend begins.
Since then, Piaget Rose has become the muse of Piaget’s jewelry creation. The talented artisans use their expertise to create a jewelry watch series exclusively for her-Piaget Rose. Regardless of whether it is a dazzling flower or a brilliant jewellery watch, Piaget Rose brings not only wonderful visual enjoyment to each woman, but also a magnificent posture and a sense of happiness in the chest.

Annual Ceremony Tribute to Legendary Flower

 To pay tribute to this true legendary flower and its exclusive jewellery and watch collection, Piaget launched Piaget Rose Day for the first time in 2013. It is a global annual event, an important date for Piaget brand lovers and rose lovers. On this day, various events and celebrations will be launched around the world. Through the dazzling flowers and dazzling jewelry and watch art, viewers can directly feel Piaget’s passion for a better life.
At the first Earl Rose Festival, jazz melody Melody Gardot gave a lively singing voice. The woman who has suffered fatal injuries has completed a new transformation in the influence of music. She sang the beauty of life by singing, so that the audience also shared happiness. On June 5 this year, this exotic rose is about to bloom in China. Earl Piaget joined hands with young dance artist Liu Yan. The dancer who dances with her fingertips will interpret the unique fragrance belonging to the East with her story.

Adversarial thorns spawn immortal dancing souls

 Dance artist Liu Yan once fell from the apex of the stage due to an accident, and the original dance life came to an abrupt end. Despite being on the counter-travel, the dancer’s soul in her heart never stopped.

 After the injury, Liu Yan actively recovered and turned to study the dance on his fingertips. After a lapse of six years, she re-entered the stage and presented a beautiful ‘hand dance’ performance, which made the audience fall over again. The creation of each Earl’s Rose is just like the birth of ‘Hand Dance’, which has experienced a long grinding behind it: from a sketch that is alive, a vermiculite still in the dust, and an uncut gold Until the creation of a perfect Piaget jewellery watch, it takes at least three years to settle, and even hundreds of processes are repeatedly polished. In order to create the best works, Piaget and Liu Yan both dedicated a lot of time and energy.

Inspiring dance

 However, Liu Yan was not satisfied with the applause and beautiful words of the audience. Today, she is a guide in the art world, leading a group of children living in adversity to the temple of beauty.
For many years of practicing dance, Liu Yan knows the influence of art, the spiritual abundance is as important as material abundance. This will become an indispensable spiritual force for children who have birth defects and children who have lost their parents the day after tomorrow. As a result, Liu Yan established the ‘Liu Yan Literature and Art Fund’, which has been dedicated to providing dance education for orphans and disabled children in China for many years. She taught the children to dance their bodies and explore their more potentials; and then motivated them to dance to their hearts, to find the source of happiness in the process of learning, and to discover the true meaning of happiness. Liu Yan’s charity coincides with Piaget’s original intention to create the Piaget Rose series: Piaget has been pursuing the ultimate craftsmanship and creating beautiful works for many years, that is, he hopes that these blooming “Earl’s Roses” will lead viewers to discover life. Those beautiful moments convey more happiness.

Smiling angel praising the true meaning of happiness

 Based on the common praise of happiness, Piaget will also join Liu Yan’s plan in this ‘Earl Rose Day’. In the coming year, Piaget will fund 162 children with hearing impairment or loss of parents to cover all their dance teaching expenses so that they can enjoy the joy of learning dance. At the same time, Piaget and Liu Yan jointly launched the ‘Angel’s Smile’ charity photography exhibition to show the children the angelic smiles from the heart during the practice of dance to more people from Liu Yan and the children. Feel the bloom of beauty and the meaning of happiness on your body.

 Count Piaget invited well-known photographer Chen Mingsheng to take the mirror, go deep into the welfare institution funded by the Liu Yan Literature and Art Special Fund, live with the children, and capture their real moments of smiles in daily life and dance practice. Count Piaget assembled these moments into the ‘Angel’s Smile’ charity photography exhibition, which shows people that even if flowers bloom in the soil of misery, they still have their unique fragrance as long as they grow stubbornly. Sometimes life is not perfect, but there is always a moment that makes you feel extremely happy and brilliant, that moment is either warm, emotional, or profound. Capturing that moment of movement, everyone can bloom a unique rose life.
From the end of May to the beginning of June, these photographic works will be showcased in 3 commercial centers in major cities including Beijing Oriental Xintiandi, Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza and Hangzhou Vientiane City, surrounded by many Piaget roses. On the day of ‘Earl Rose Day’ on June 5, Liu Yan and the children will also be present at the scene to witness this moment of blooming roses.

Sowing happiness and start the journey of roses

 In addition, you can join the ranks of sowing happiness with a simple interaction. Earlier Piaget will launch an ‘Angel’s Smile’ event on the WeChat platform. Please capture the smiles around you, share this happy moment, and have the opportunity to harvest the journey of European roses.

 You only need to follow Piaget’s official WeChat, click to enter the event page, upload a smile photo around you and enter a message, you will receive an electronic seed of Piaget Rose, and an invitation to the ‘Angel Smile’ charity photography exhibition. From June 5th to June 8th, the charity photography exhibition sites in the above 3 cities and 22 counts of Piaget nationwide will be transformed into backyards of Piaget roses: many Piaget roses will build a strong, fragrant and colorful The flower arcade is attractive, and there is an expansive flower field composed of LED screens, waiting for you to plant. You just need to bring ‘rose seed’ and invitation with you to the scene, link it with ‘flower field’, and the seed will germinate. At that time, your photos will accompany the Piaget Rose blooming on the LED “Flower Field” on the spot. Among the photos uploaded by many netizens, we will select ten ‘the most beautiful smiling angels’ and vote publicly online. The ‘Angel’ with the highest votes will be invited by Piaget to travel to Europe to take part in the ‘Five Senses’ rose tour and meet her intimately.
For the exhibition schedule and more details, please search for ‘Count Piaget’ to follow the official WeChat.