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Following the first spherical tourbillon watch Gyrotourbillon 1 that shocked the altar, Jaeger-LeCoultre chose the Reverso series of reversible cases to carry this innovative masterpiece of cutting-edge technology. This watch is limited to 75 pieces.
Price: ¥ 3,498,000
Deconstruction of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Spherical Tourbillon Watch

The Jaeger-LeCoultre 174 movement consists of 371 parts and is entirely hand-decorated. Connoisseurs who love high-level timepieces will never ignore the decorative details of this movement, such as manual chamfering and sanding, and the detailed arch processing of the middle plywood. The copper-plated motherboards and plywood have elongated edges and are manually beveled. The surface of the rectangular movement has a variety of gorgeous decorations, including Clous de Paris decoration, Geneva ripples, pearl dot polishing, matte polishing, etc., which makes the movement’s strong and powerful shape design exceptionally outstanding. The motherboard has a mysterious screw whose purpose will be a mystery to most watchmakers today and in the future.
The barrel is equipped with a sapphire crystal cover on the top and bottom to reduce the power loss of the barrel due to friction.
Sphere Tourbillon:

This is a magical creation that evolved the flat structure of the tourbillon into a more beautiful and magical sphere shape. This creation completely overthrew the conventions of horological machinery, creating the first ever wristwatch with a cylindrical spring. The spherical tourbillon is not only beautiful in its high-speed rotation in three degrees of space, but the ultra-high speed of 18.75 seconds per revolution of the inner tourbillon frame and 1 minute per revolution of the outer tourbillon frame is even more amazing. The viewability of the sphere tourbillon is that if you look at the watch in any one second, you will see the wonderful rotation of the tourbillon.
设计 Spherical tourbillon design that rotates around two axes at an angle of 90 degrees is currently the only mechanical device that allows the watch to cancel the gravity interference at any position. Jaeger-LeCoultre especially uses high-tech materials that are as light as wool to make the movement. The tourbillon frame rotates at a high speed of 1 minute per revolution of the outer layer and 18.75 seconds per revolution of the inner layer, so that the amplitude of the vibration can be maintained regardless of the direction of the balance wheel.双面 Impeccable spherical tourbillon double-sided watch with large K gold balance, reaching 12.5 mg × 2cm inertia, regardless of the impact of any shock and collision, always maintain stable vibration of 28,800 times per hour.
Not only that, K gold weights are added to the balance wheel to avoid damaging the initial adjustment in the event of a collision. Standard time at the smallest detail.
The power accumulated by the barrel is fully used by the movement and can reach a power reserve of up to 50 hours. A clever mechanical device is loaded on the barrel to avoid the risk of the mainspring being too tight or too loose.
The spheroidal tourbillon is a great innovation in the history of watchmaking machinery. Its importance to the watch is its contribution to precise timing, which no one can match.