Pearl Glamour Tasting Van Cleef & Arpels Seven Seas Collection Heure Marine Watch

In addition to its exquisite and exquisite style, the hidden watch design also has its own ‘surprise’ which will make the wearer feel satisfied. As an ‘additional’ additional function, it also adds to the charm of this square inch, making it one of the most ornamental watches on today’s timepieces. At the 2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, Haute Horlogerie Jewelry Brand Van Cleef & Arpels launched the latest masterpiece of the watchmaking workshop, the Heure Marine watch, exquisite texture and brilliant jewellery, demonstrating the century-old superb jewellery craftsmanship. Inspired by the beauty of the ocean, it combines the superb technology of ‘hidden’ watches with the elegant beauty of high-end jewelry, which is full of charm. (Watch model: Heure Marine)

‘Hidden’ design, interpreting the gorgeous appearance of alternative accessories

   As early as the 1930s, Van Cleef & Arpels had watches with a hidden design. Today, every piece of the brand contains a surprising “creative treasure”. Telling the passage of time in a variety of ingenious ways, using various unexpected designs to subtly hide the dials around the watch. If you want to know more about their secrets, you must make a subtotal: Exquisite bows, or diamond-opened treasure chests, glances at small mirrors, and more. Such ingenious watch creations not only make people marvel at the magical charm of mechanical watches, but also show the magnificent and elegant beauty like jewellery works.
If you close the ‘cover’, it is a gorgeous bracelet

Watch hidden design display
   Two Sri Lankan sapphires weighing 27.34 carats, cut through sugar towers and rounded corners on the four sides, make the already very brilliant gemstones extremely tensiony and more rounded. Deep color and crystal clear make them even more attractive. The gradual blue tone of the arched sapphire on both sides contrasts with the two Sri Lankan sapphires, highlighting the watch’s natural, smooth line beauty.

Watch Sapphire from Sri Lanka

Watch side display
   The luxurious, dazzling bracelet is made of 18k white gold, except for Sri Lankan sapphires. It is also set with bright pears and rectangular cut diamonds of different sizes, arranged neatly, onyx, arched rectangular cut sapphires, and convex cut sapphires. Although the sizes are different, the ordered gemstones add a pearly charm to the watch, which is very beautiful.

Watch front display
   Tap the convex-cut emerald button on one side to open the diamond-set cover to watch another watch under the surprise: the mother-of-pearl dial with a convex-cut sapphire in the center, elegant The dial and the blue hands complement each other, revealing the finishing touch of the watch as a timepiece. Brilliant diamonds are also set around the bezel, adding to the watch’s overall ornamental beauty.

Watch buckle display
   The buckle is still made of 18k white gold and diamonds, and the unique pattern contrasts with the sapphire in the middle. It perfectly integrates into a whole, adding luxury and elegance to the wrist.

Watch overall display
Summary: With the help of many jewellery and 18k white gold, this “hidden” theme Heure Marine watch looks very dazzling, luxurious and bright. The covert design allows it to be changed at will on two occasions, the timepiece and the bracelet, showing its unique ‘surprise’ charm. As the exclusive product of the Seven Seas collection, it is only available in a limited edition and is precious.