Parmigiani Bugatti Type 390 Provides High-end Customized Services. The New Bugatti Type 390 And The New Bugatti Chiron Super-run And Drive The Front Drive.

Swiss luxury watch brand Parmigiani and supercar brand Bugatti go hand in hand to provide customers with the opportunity to customize the appearance of the Bugatti Type 390, thereby highlighting the customer’s unique personality. The customization service reflects the artistic sensitivity of the two brands, the strength of the cooperation between the two brands, and also reflects the completely independent manufacturer’s characteristics-the prerequisites for customized works.

Parmigiani’s new BUGATTI TYPE 390 white gold case with black synthetic carbon fiber elements maps the new BUGATTI CHIRON supercar body, giving the watch a streamlined look
   The founder of the company Ettore Bugatti once said: ‘There is no end to beauty, there is no upper price limit.’ The Bugatti brand has always adhered to this spirit and only produces unique cars. The configuration of the Bugatti Chiron is done by the client and the Bugatti designer. Each Bugatti is unique and is manufactured according to the personal preferences of the customer. Personalization is a top priority for Bugatti. In addition to the basic categories of interior and exterior colors and materials that can be customized, there are thousands of other colors that can be customized. With its custom project ‘La Maison Pur Sang’, Bugatti has gone further and further and can meet almost any customer’s expectations-provided that any device added to the supercar is technically feasible and meets Bugatti’s high quality requirements. The result is extreme luxury: a unique model that reflects the taste of the driver and reveals his personality.

Parmigiani opens custom service for Bugatti Type 390, watch appearance and external image can be customized according to customer’s specific needs
   Parmigiani offers high-end customized services for the latest work in the Bugatti series, the Bugatti Type 390, embodying the same unique design concept. The watch is equipped with a horizontal cylinder movement-imitating the structure of a car engine, challenging the watchmaking tradition. Like the heart of the Bugatti Chiron, the movement of the watch cannot be customized because it is used to ensure the performance and reliability of the Bugatti Type 390. However, the appearance and external appearance of the watch can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Customers first choose the material for the case, buckle, leather strap and edges. Then, select the desired dial structure, hour markers, and hands, and then select the side decoration of the case. In the end, the customer decides on the color of the movement’s sapphire crystal. Different colors and textures are combined to display the watch and give it a different look, just like its keen customers.

Parmigiani’s new BUGATTI TYPE 390 white gold case with black synthetic carbon fiber elements
   The Bugatti Type 390 highlights three basic aspects of the Parmigiani brand. Through its unique appearance, it embodies the deep partnership between the Parmigiani brand and the Bugatti brand-a relationship built on dialogue and creativity. At the same time, this customized service reflects the potential of independent manufacturing and the added value unique to its core of excellence. Finally, through its extraordinary movement, it embodies Parmigiani’s creativity in watchmaking. Parmigiani constantly innovates, breaks the rules and moves towards extraordinary.
Unique watches match unique models-Geneva International Auto Show 2018
   To celebrate the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, the Bugatti brand has launched a new version of the Bugatti Chiron. This Chiron sports car has been significantly improved in operation, has more flexibility, power or performance parameters have not changed, or an amazing supercar class. The models displayed at the Geneva Motor Show are simply charming, with a two-color scheme from the outside to the inside: the exterior is Italian red with prominent gray carbon fiber, and the interior is caviar black with red embellishment.

Bugatti launches new version of BUGATTI CHIRON supercar at 2018 Geneva International Auto Show
   At the same time, Parmigiani also created a new version of the Bugatti Type 390 watch, paired with the aesthetic characteristics of the new version of the Chiron model and the same contrasting color design to commemorate the unique model and show the vitality of cooperation with the Bugatti brand . The new Bugatti Type 390 white gold case with black synthetic carbon fiber elements maps the body and gives the watch a streamlined look. The black nickel dial flange has red luminous numerals, while the hands are also coated with a luminous coating. The red strap with black stitching continues the contrast design of the Bugatti Chiron throughout the wrist.