Pan Bo, The General Manager Of The Brand, Talk About The 30 Years Of Fiyta’s Success

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Fiyta brand. There is no doubt that Fiyta is also the best watch brand in China. Mutual success factors. At the Baselworld Watch House in 2017, he interviewed Mr. Pan Bo, the general manager of Fiyta. He was very sincere and approachable and shared with us the most important main products in 2017, as well as the brand’s future expectations and plans The Swiss watch can highlight the siege. Let’s see where Fiyta’s successful experience is.

Mr. Pan Bo, general manager of Fiyta brand
Watch House: When we just came in, we saw the new changes in the Fiyta showroom. Could you tell us about it?
Pan Bo: This year is the 30th anniversary of Fiyta, so we have made some changes for this. The overall layout of the exhibition hall appears to be more open. Around the walls are embedded trophies from various media and institutions that have supported and helped each other for many years. Each of them is individually produced by Fiyta. Show as light effects. As a small milestone, we hope to use some ways to commemorate, and we hope Fiyta will continue to work hard, and it will get better and better in the future.

Art Series Limited Year of the Rooster Limited Edition ‘Golden Rooster’ Watch

Art Series Micro-Carved Collection Watch ‘Ruyi Double Carp’ Watch

Watch House: What are the highlights of Fiyta’s new products this year?
Pan Bo: It can be seen from two directions. One is a professional line. There are two re-launched products of precious craftsmanship-the special series of the Year of the Rooster limited edition ‘Golden Rooster’ and the series of finely engraved collector’s watches ‘Ruyi Double Carp’. It has embroidery and miniature carving crafts, and it means auspiciousness. In fact, since last year we cooperated with national treasure embroidery master Zhao Hongyu, the year of the monkey embroidery watch, the market acceptance is very high, so this year continue to cooperate with master Zhao Hongyu, this is a limited edition of five. The ‘Ruyi Double Carp’ is inspired by China’s roundness and gossip, and embodies the golden mean ‘harmony’ to create a vivid picture of the golden carp passing through the stream. Three different versions will be launched, each limited to one Pieces.
   The other is the fashion line. This year we launched the 30-year limited edition of the Clover Series, and for the first time used green malachite to make the clover on the dial. There have been purple, white, and red before, so we thought about the four-leaf The grass is green. Why not try it? The reason for using malachite is that it has the meaning of amulet in Europe, so whether it is bought by his wife or his wife, it is a good choice. In addition, we also launched a new Young + series, an unlimited DIY strap design, showing young people to be their own attitude.

Fiyta’s new Young + series, unlimited DIY strap design, you can choose from a variety of steel belts, belts, scarves and belts, showing young people to be their own attitude

Watch House: Fiyta’s spokesperson has always been very popular, what other cooperation plans with Gu Tianle and Gao Yuanyuan? What are the criteria for brands when selecting spokespersons?
Pan Bo: We are also very happy to have worked with Gu Tsai and Yuanyuan for so many years. It has been loved by many people and received a lot of positive reviews. At present, we will continue to cooperate. When it comes to spokesperson standards, there are several aspects. First of all, the matching of values ​​is definitely the most important. Whether the values ​​they want to convey to fans are consistent with Fiyta, this is what we value most. Our attitude is positive, so Guzi and Yuanyuan are also like this in life. You can see that until now, they have kept a constant filming rate and have been active on the screen. The second is the market appeal. Fiyta is a watch brand with a broad consumer base. Of course, it is also necessary to see if the people who cooperate with the brand are strong enough. The last is the consistency of style. Although we are fashionable, we are also orthodox, so we will not choose an image that is too avant-garde and rebellious.
Home of Watches: Fiyta is one of the earliest brands that cooperated with e-commerce in the watch circle. Now more and more high-end watch brands and jewelry brands have begun to have more interaction with e-commerce. What do you think of this phenomenon?
Pan Bo: From the initial sales to the current integration of sales and marketing-marketing can be sold at the same time, and the tone of the brand is brought out at the same time. This is the biggest change. Therefore, e-commerce, as a very fast-changing industry, now also needs branding. At this stage today, Swiss watch has also entered this field one after another, and the era of e-commerce branding has really arrived. E-commerce requires innovation and continuous learning of new operating methods. Watches are actually a relatively traditional and conservative industry. The collision of these two contradictions is very interesting in the future, and it will be worthy of each brand to study and explore.
Watch House: What are your expectations and predictions for the watch industry in the next two to three years? What plans does Fiyta have?
Pan Bo: This is a relatively large proposition, but we might as well judge it boldly. I personally think there will be several aspects, one is that the potential of high-end watches is great. Although high-end consumption is currently restrained to some extent, in the future, a new wave of consumer groups that are very different from the past may be ushered in. They are people who really buy because they like it, and before, people may be more to prove Identities, or have other reasons to buy watches, but the younger generation has grown up with a good education and a certain economic foundation, so they will be a relatively personal and rational behavior in the future.
The other is the opportunity for fashion brands, which I also call ‘buy on the go’ behavior. This behavior will happen online and offline, the price will not be too expensive, but there is quality assurance, the frequency of behavior will not be low. I think this is also an important development direction in the next two or three years.
Finally, the importance of the female consumer market. In fact, it can be seen from Fiyta’s product line that we have a rich female watch product line from the classic heartstring, clover, flower language launched in 2016, and this year’s Young + series, from high-end to entry models, that is, Hope every woman has her own choice. The female consumer market must be a position that all brands cannot ignore.
Fiyta will continue to strengthen the brand elements in 2017, and there will be major changes and improvements in terms of consistency, brand visual effects, consumer marketing integration, and digitalization.