Simple Three-pin Is Also Attractive Three Elegant Men’s Watches Recommended

A watch is a decoration on the wrist. When you stare at it, you can feel the traces of time passing, and you can also feel the charm of watchmaking. The simple design of the watch is simple and clear when read, and the uncomplicated dial surface makes people feel clean and neat and elegant. Today, the Watch House recommends three men’s watches with simple design but charming charm.
Bvlgari LVCEA series 102411 LU40C6SLD watch


Watch model: 102411 LU40C6SLD
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic Public Price: No
Watch details:
Watch model: 431.
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 53,200
Watch details:
Watch model: 00.10908.03.13.01
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 78,000
Watch details: bucherer / 13810 /
Watch review: This 38-meter-diameter and 8.75-mm-thick case of this Bucherer watch is made of 18k rose gold, exuding glamorous luster. The built-in silver-white dial uses a simple triangular time scale on the outer edge of the dial. The middle hand is clear and easy to read; there is a date display window at three o’clock. The watch is equipped with an elegant vintage dark brown alligator leather strap, which is water-resistant to 30 meters. This Breguet watch is simple in design and elegant.
Summary: These three watches are simple in style and the simple dial design brings great convenience when reading. At the same time, whether it is from the hands to the hour markers, or from the dial to the case, the fine processing of the watch is reflected everywhere. Even the very minimalist watch design also embodies the different design concepts of the watchmaker, showing a profound and complex timepiece charm in this seemingly simple design.

Longines Title Sponsors ‘longines Hong Kong International Competition’

Longines, a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club jointly announced a cooperation agreement. Longines will sponsor the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ and become the designated timer for the conference. The race will be held on June 27. Dima Race held a grand signing ceremony. Mr. Von Kaenel, President of Longines, Mr. Ying Jiabai, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Mr. Lu Keqin, Managing Director of Swatch Group (Hong Kong), Mr. Juan, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines Carlos Capelli, Mr. Li Daxian, Executive Director of Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Jockey Affairs and Mr. Zhang Zhijie, Executive Director of Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Marketing and Customer Affairs, attended the event together.
    Longines’ passion for equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878, when the brand made a chronograph pocket watch with a jockey and horse pattern engraved on the back; since 1881, Longines has fully supported horse racing events. , Its brand watches are more eagerly loved by equestrian lovers. Today, Longines has satisfied different national borders and types of horse racing, including flat races, obstacle races and endurance races. At the same time, the brand is honored to participate in many world-renowned flat races, including Dubai. World Cup (Dubai World Cup), Longines Diana Equestrian (Prix de Diane Longines), Qatar Prix deI’Arc de Triomphe, Royal Ascot, and other equestrian events.
    This year, Longines coincides with the 180th anniversary of the brand. While celebrating the anniversary event around the world, it has also announced a cooperation agreement with the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Longines will sponsor the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ and become the designated timer for the conference. A grand signing ceremony was held at the Happy Valley Racecourse on June 27. The important ceremony was attended by Mr. Huoke Nuo, President of Longines, Mr. Lu Keqin, Managing Director of Swatch (Hong Kong), and Mr. Ying Jiabai, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ and ‘Longines International Jockey Championship’, as the designated timing of the conference, presided over the launch ceremony, marking the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ officially launched a new page. At the event, four well-known Hong Kong elegant actresses Lisa S, Ana R, Chen Minzhi and Balia Chan were also invited to put on four international competitions by Hong Kong fashion designer Bonita Cheung and hat designer Jaycow. The first-level event was the design of evening clothes and hats, and it was accompanied by the Longines Somia watch series, showing gorgeous and elegant.
    Mr. Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, Mr. Lu Keqin, Managing Director of Swatch Group (Hong Kong), Mr. Huoke Nuo, President of Longines, Mr. Ying Jiabai, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr. Li Daxian, Executive Director of Jockey Affairs, Mr. Zhang Zhijie, Executive Director of Marketing and Customer Affairs of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and four famous Hong Kong elegant actresses witnessed the signing ceremony. Longines has officially become the title sponsor of the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ and The conference specifies the timing.
    The ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ is not only the most important international race in Hong Kong, but also a world-class horse racing event, including four international races. It will be held on December 9 this year at the Sha Tin Racecourse. The prize for the Longines Hong Kong Cup (2000m) will be increased to NT $ 88 million this year (; the prize for the Longines Hong Kong Bottle (2400m) and the Longines Hong Kong Short Distance Championship (1200m) will also be increased to 6,000 NT $ 10,000; ‘Longines Hong Kong Mile Award’ (1600 meters) is already one of the highest prized grass mile races today, with a prize of NT $ 80 million. The total prizes for the four events are as high as NT $ 290 million, which is the world’s highest One of the highest prize horse racing events, attracting the world’s top horses and jockeys to Hong Kong.

Four famous models show Longines style
    In the past eight years alone, more than 148 first-class champions from Australia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the United States crossed the ocean to Hong Kong. Participate in this year’s horse racing event with Hong Kong Jiayu. Longines also sponsors the intense international prelude to the ‘Longines International Jockey Championship’. The championship will be held at Happy Valley Racecourse on December 5th, at which time elite jockeys from all over the world will gather to participate in the ultimate competition known as the world’s top jockey. The total prize money for the top three jockeys of the Longines International Jockey Championships this year will be significantly increased to 3.2 million Taiwan dollars. In addition, Longines will sponsor the 2,000-meter international second-level race ‘Longines Watch Jockey Cup’. This race has always been regarded as a warm-up match for ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ with a prize of 48 million Taiwan dollars. Held at Sha Tin Racecourse on November 18 this year.

Country Watch As A Self-reliance Counting Past And Present Life Of Chinese Watch Brands

Wristwatches are not just the world of Switzerland. In the past few decades, other countries and regions in the world have also emerged very outstanding brands and watchmakers, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, etc. Countries are also focusing part of their attention on watches, and China is no exception. From a dozen years ago, Chinese watch brands entered the Basel watch exhibition for the first time. This year, China’s own watchmaker Ma Xushu was also invited to become a member of the Swiss Independent Watch Makers Association. All of this shows that the country’s performance is in progress. Enter the world market at a fast pace. Watches should be self-reliant, now please learn about our own watch brands.
Early Chinese independent watchmaker: Jiao Dayu

Jiao Yu
Mr. Jiao Dayu is the only Asian who has been included in the celebrities of modern clocks and watches in his personal creation of timepieces; he is a large-scale watch classic published in Switzerland, Germany, and France in multiple languages. ‘HISTORY OF A CENTURY OF A CENTURYS PEUELOPMENT’ The only master of oriental watchmaking introduced in the ‘; is a senior member of the Swiss, American and British antique watch collectors association, and is the vice-chairman of the Chinese National Institute of Chronograph History. He was a member of the Swiss Institute of Independent Watchmakers and then retired. Currently engaged in other related work of watches.

唯一 The only Chinese watchmaker in the Association of Independent Watchmakers: Ma Xushu

 Master Ma in his own watchmaking workshop

Thirty years ago, Ma Xushu was engaged in ore inspection at a mine in Yunnan Province. At this time, he knew nothing about clocks. Twenty years ago, Ma Xushu switched to machining, and his love of machinery led him to spend all his spare time watching and repairing watches. Fifteen years ago, Ma Xushu was still engaged in machining. However, at this time, his watch repair technology was well-known. This year, Ma Xushu was invited by the Swiss Association of Independent Watchmakers to participate in the Basel Watch Exhibition for the first time and brought his own watch creations. Mr. Ma is the only independent watchmaker from China this year. He is also the second independent watchmaker from China after Jiao Dayu to publicly display his watch works at the watch exhibition, not only the tourbillon, but also A newly designed vertical wheel watch.

Fiyta (watch price range: 1000 yuan ~ 348000 yuan)

Astronaut wearing Fiyta watch

Shenzhen Fiyta (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and owns the famous brand ‘Fiyta’ and the commercial brand ‘Hengjili’. In 2011, Fiyta entered Hall 1 at the core of the Basel Watch Fair for the first time, becoming the only Chinese brand in Hall 1. In 2012, the first Chinese female astronaut Liu Yang wore the first Chinese female astronaut Liuyang to wear the first hand-made silk enamel aerospace female watch specially developed for the space environment. In addition, Fiyta also launched the aerospace series Shenzhou 9 commemorative watch and the Shenzhou 9 ground training work table.

In 2013, Fiyta’s ‘Tenth Anniversary of China’s First Manned Space Flight’ commemorative tourbillon watch appeared at Baselworld. Unlike previous space watches that focused on functionality, this commemorative watch focuses on aesthetic design. It has a characteristic wavy raised bezel on the outer edge of Fiyta. The crater and craters are staggered on the silver dial, which mimics the surface of the universe planet and fits the universe theme of the watch. In addition, the tourbillon device of this watch is also commendable. The tourbillon dragon frame consists of three F-shaped letters, embellished with grilled blue screws. Careful observation can also be found that the second wheel that drives the tourbillon is also polished with a radial sunburst, which increases the texture of the gear and echoes the silver dial. Finally, this watch continues the tradition of aerospace watches, made of titanium, and the bottom cover is engraved with the relief pattern of spacecraft and starry sky.

Beijing watch (watch price range: 800 yuan ~ 2 million yuan)

 A corner of Beijing Watch Factory

Beijing Watch Factory (hereinafter referred to as ‘North Watch’) was founded in June 1958. In 1995, Beibei independently developed a tourbillon watch. In 2004, Beibei first released a limited edition tourbillon gold watch in rose gold, which was the first among Chinese brands to enter the premium watch market with elements of precious metal appearance, tourbillon highly complex movements, and limited editions. In 2005, the Beibei Tourbillon was officially called ‘Chinese Tourbillon’. The Chinese tourbillon has gradually developed its unique style and completeness with its unique cardless hairspring, Chinese spirit swallow-shaped pendulum splint, hand-crafted fine grinding and assembly by masters, no external movements and a distinctive Chinese cultural theme. Intellectual property. In 2006, the Chinese tourbillon platinum diamond watch ‘You Long Xi Feng’ participated in the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland. In the same year, the watch was collected for 1 million yuan, which is unprecedented in Chinese watches. On December 6, 2010, at the 5th Anniversary Autumn Auction in Beijing Poly, the ‘Butterfly Love’ enamel tourbillon watch was sold for 896,000 yuan.

So far, Beibei has mastered the design and manufacturing capabilities of tourbillon, double tourbillon, tourbillon three minute, enamel, micro-engraving, deep relief, hollow out and other advanced watches. Watch manufacturer with fully independent intellectual property rights and core technology of advanced watches.

In 2013, Beibei successfully developed the new watch ‘Wuji’ as a gift to the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the factory. The ‘Wuji’ movement is improved from the technology of the ‘Tai Chi’ dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon in 2009. It also has two sets of structures, including an eccentric tourbillon and a dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon. works.

Swiss Amy Long Watch Summer Fun Summer

Summer is approaching. In the hot sun in July and August, the Swiss Emilon watchband brings you a colorful summer. A variety of activities to eliminate the hot and scorching sticky feeling of summer. Also you a fun and pleasant summer. This summer, I followed the Swiss Amy Long watch to participate in colorful activities.

On hot summer days, there are many activities that can dispel the stagnation of summer heat. You can go surfing by the seaside to be an outdoor sportsman and experience the coolness of the sea tapping on your body. You can also go to the forest and experience the freshness emitted by photosynthesis of green leaves. Oxygen, feel the fresh and natural charm of summer; maybe you can also choose to learn more skills to make life more interesting.

You can try the making of cocktails, the charming colors of the cocktails, the mysterious taste, and the magical magic in the tall glasses. After a busy summer night, I prepared a refreshing cocktail by myself and looked at the tall buildings elegantly, not only the cocktail in my hand, but also the touch of the stars in the city after busy.

Enjoying romance has always been a privilege given to independent women in the city. They can complete their work autonomously and efficiently, take care of their children and their families tenderly, and of course, they can also enjoy the delicate and delicate life. Flowers have always been one of the important sources of romance for women. Buy a handful of flowers on your way home and dress up delicately in every corner of the house. Elegant and independent women treat themselves well in all aspects of life.

Cultivating an interest can be either a technique or a fun craft. Do your own mobile phone case, or use embossing and flowers to complete a painting. As a family activity, parents bring their children to complete. Not only cultivate the bond between the child and the family, but also a good opportunity to cultivate the child’s practical ability.

Swiss Amy Long watch has prepared a wealth of activities on this hot summer day to bring a more colorful experience; there are DIY cocktails, bouquet packaging, creative mobile phone cases and flowers painting. Bring a richer and more interesting handmade experience to independent urbanites, and add a touch of color to life. The customers who participated in the event were full of loads, and the summer fun event received praise from customers.

Beijing, Xi’an, Yinchuan, Huizhou, Chongqing, Hengyang, Changsha and many other cities have launched colorful summer-themed customer experience activities, and other cities will also be launched one after another.

Piaget Piaget Beijing International Trade Mall’s New Salon Store Unveiled Brightly

On June 12, 2019, Beijing-Swiss High Jewellery and Watch Master PIAGET’s new salon shop was unveiled in Beijing International Trade Center. The new store is inspired by the unique private salon in the history of the brand, interpreting the unique charm of Piaget and SunnySideofLife’s brand philosophy. On the day of the event, the actor Mr. Duan Yihong was invited to the scene to join the opening reception with Mr. MathieuDELMAS, the chief executive officer of Earl China, toasting this shining moment.

Piaget China CEO Mr. MathieuDELMAS and actor Mr. Duan Yihong at the opening ceremony of the Beijing International Trade Center’s new salon store

   On the day of the opening reception, Mr. Duan Yihong appeared at the scene wearing the Piaget Altiplano Meteorite watch, showing a mature and wise gentleman. Low-key and restrained, he has successfully shaped many different types of screen images and popular characters, constantly challenged himself, and broke through the boundaries of the entertaining career. At the event, Mr. Mathieu DELMAS, CEO of Piaget China, and Mr. Duan Yihong toasted the opening of the new salon store. In the new store full of sunshine and vitality, Duan Yihong and the guests present tasted Piaget’s brilliant and charming jewellery and watches, and spent a good afternoon together. Mr. Duan Yihong said: ‘It is a great honor to participate in the opening of the new salon boutique of Piaget Beijing International Trade Mall. I have always been impressed by Piaget’s brand motto ‘Always better than required’. This persistent and dedicated spirit of ingenuity Worthy of admiration. Today, in Piaget’s new salon store, I also truly feel the Piaget SunnySideofLife brand philosophy. Everyone can taste Piaget’s beautiful jewelry watches here, and at the same time, experience Piaget’s exclusive private salon Experience. ‘

Actor Duan Yihong at Piaget Piaget Beijing International Trade Salon Store Opening Reception

   Mr. MathieuDELMAS, Earl’s Chief Executive Officer of China, said: ‘It is a great honour to invite Mr. Duan Yihong to the opening reception of Earl’s new salon store. This new store follows the classic private salon concept in Earl’s history and explains the brand’s focus on art, The passion and pursuit of culture and sharing joy. At the same time, it also incorporates the SunnySideofLife brand philosophy into it, showing the brand’s bold style and distinctive luxury, hoping to bring customers a refreshing, noble and comfortable experience. ‘

Mr. Duan Yihong wears Piaget Altiplano Meteorite Watch

   Piaget’s new store is located on the second floor of Beijing International Trade Mall’s South District. It is the first store in Beijing to build a new salon concept. A variety of colorful shades are used in the salon to create a free and dynamic luxury life style. Bright lights are reflected in the clean display windows and the dazzling golden walls, as if the warm sunlight poured down, sketching a radiant world.

PiagetAltiplano meteorite dial watch G0A44050
   The soft Earl blue rug with shimmering golden display cabinets is like a coastline that is breezy. The grand opening of Piaget Beijing International Trade Mall’s new salon store showcases the brand’s bold style and unique luxury to the world, and invites celebrities to explore Piaget products and feel the unique brand charm.

Rejecting Successful Routines In The Workplace, Amy Long Takes You To The Hunting Grounds To Find New Tricks

Recently, following the ‘Langya List’ and ‘The Pretender’, another annual drama ‘Hunting Ground’ starring Hu Ge has been released. When I saw my ‘song’ figure in ‘Hunting Ground’, I couldn’t help thinking of Zhang Ailing’s words: ‘I always believe that those who have passed through the Pinghu Lake in the rain and rain, and the mountains and rivers, will be more vivid and clean. ‘This is exactly what Zheng Qiudong plays in Hu Ge in the play. After going through twists and turns in the commercial war, he’ transformed ‘from a rookie in the workplace to a professional headhunter. It is time to make everything meaningful!
  This ‘Hunting Ground’ is based on modern life, and the content of the whole play revolves around the workplace life that each of us has to experience. The storyline in the play is rich and exciting. I do n’t do spoilers here, but I do n’t know if you have found that a successful professional will always have a watch that matches his status. When looking at a professional, the first thing he must do is look at his watch.
 Here I come with you to see the significance of watches for people in the workplace at different stages, and may help you gain confidence in the workplace and take it to the next level.
Challenger Series Ice Peak x Workplace Explorer
  When Qin Fei, who dared to enter the Beijing CBD in the play, stood for the first time in front of these tall buildings, no matter what he had experienced, how many grievances he had suffered, and how much he had achieved, everything in front of him was full of unknown at that time. And challenges. He is full of expectations for the road ahead, and has the courage to cope with the new environment in the best state.
   The Challenger series is inspired by deep sea diving and mountaineering, and the watch design presents a more masculine and dynamic side. The dial’s blue color is just like the quiet lake water between high mountains, and its luminous scales seem to be covered with a thick layer of snow, and it also glitters in the darkness. People are always addicted to the exploration of unknown fields and the specialization of known fields. Whether you love extreme sports or simply love natural beauty, or have an ideal and pursuit of your career, we applaud you who dare to challenge.

Laimeng series mechanical female watch x independent women
   As the heroine of ‘Hunting Ground’, Roy has the same rich experience as the leading actor Zheng Qiutong. She saved the former suspect when the ex-boyfriend died, and she reminded the Valley Group CEO at a critical moment to avoid major losses. She can also use wisdom to retreat when suffering. She is clever and tough, and is comfortable in the workplace. No matter how much she experiences, she is still sunny and beautiful.
   The aesthetic trend of watches has undergone many changes, and the Emilion brand is constantly pursuing precision manufacturing in the constant change. Because of this, the quality of Emilon watches has always been recognized by consumers, and it has been well-received. The RAYMOND series continues to cater to the female consumers’ pursuit of the beauty of machinery. The RAYMOND series of mechanical female watches is introduced. The round case is integrated with the time wing design. The stretched and atmospheric wing-shaped lugs explain the simplicity of the woman . Elegant and classic, the unique design of the shell structure is more suitable for women’s soft and slender wrists, giving a more comfortable wearing experience. The new Laimeng series mechanical women’s watches will be launched in the near future. Don’t miss the ladies who love simple and elegant mechanical watches.

Wings of Time Series Sun God x Workplace Bole
   There is also a heavyweight actor in ‘Hunting Ground’-Sun Honglei. He has not played much in the play, but he is loved by the audience. He played Zheng Qiudong’s life mentor and guide in the play and taught him a lot in prison. Especially when discussing the philosophy of life with Zheng Qiutong, the seriousness of the book is really not enough. Such people in the workplace are rare. They are the light in the workplace, selflessly illuminating the gold trapped in the dark, helping to fly their dreams.
   The Wings of Time series 06.2188.L. watch uses a three-dimensional solar radiation dial. The exquisite craftsmanship shows both exquisiteness and perseverance; the toothed ring mouth shows a fine metal cutting process, which is an extension of the radiation pattern on the disk surface. The name of this watch, Soleos, is derived from the meaning of the sun. It contains infinite light and power, just like the hot heart of Bole in the workplace. The wings of time have always adhered to the brand’s DNA, showing superb craftsmanship and simple lines to show freedom. Flying dreams, such as Bole’s dedication to dreams in the workplace, are such attachments that make them emit light, illuminate every dream chaser, give them strength, and help them fly.

Jingya series mechanical ballet watch x temperament
   Jia Jingwen, everyone should be familiar with her, and she must have seen a lot of her works after 80/90. In the play, although she only has one bridge with Zheng Qiudong about her love, she is full of inner drama, even the red eyes make people feel love. Such people in the workplace are exquisite in emotions, flesh and blood, and are devoted to work and life. They will be full of energy because they are lucky.
   The recently released ballet mechanical watch of the Amy Longjingya series also has delicate feelings. The delicate and elegant wave pattern design of the dial captures the skirt that rises with the wind when the ballet dancer jumps lightly. For the beautiful dedication, the mechanical watch movement also reflects the rich emotions of the wearer’s heart. Whether such a delicate watch will make your emotions exquisite.

   Different roles in the workplace are our choices, and also our personality charm. Choose a watch that suits you, it will become a part of you and represent your unique endorsement. There are more series of Emilion brand. Each series has different characteristics and stories. Welcome to the Emilion counters, and Tmall stores to find a watch that belongs to you.

Breitling Elegant Aviation Flight

Breitling BREITLING was a ‘popular supplier in the global aviation industry’ during the 1950s and 1960s. Today, it is launching its new Chronoliner watch with a style from that year as the source of inspiration. Like all Breitling chronograph watches, this model is also certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), it has both modern and timeless temperament, and continues the brand’s long aerospace tradition. Extraordinary features: large scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic bezel with star-cut lines for easy operation, and white ceramic numbers for the best contrast. The second time zone is clear and easy to read, thanks to the red end of the hands and a rotating bezel with a 24-hour scale and an ultra-precise slotting system. The white luminous hour markers and the black dial complement each other, giving the dial an outstanding time reading effect, ultra-large hour / minute luminous hands and counter luminous hands. The woven stainless steel strap combines comfort and distinctive personality, perfecting the overall design of the watch.

Chronoliner aviation chronograph watch, black ceramic two-way rotating bezel with star-cut lines for easy operation

Chronoliner aviation chronograph with Breitling 24 mechanical movement certified by the Swiss official observatory

Enjoying The Passion Of Xia You Need A Good Sports Watch

Midsummer is always enthusiastic and fiery, but it is still cloudy, but it is also its complexity and change, and the irritation of humanity that makes it so different. We can enjoy the water in summer, we can stroll along the river in the evening, we can watch the city wake up in the morning, and taste the taste of ice cream at noon. Of course, if you want this moment to be controlled by you, you need a good sports watch.
Tissot T116.617.36.057.00 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 2700
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel black plated
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Domestic public price: RMB 3600
Watch diameter: ——
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details:
Domestic public price: RMB 3950
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel black plated
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: certina / 43941 /
Watch comments: If you still have a little art, then come to this Certina. Certina is a very high-priced brand with a low price and outstanding quality. This watch is also a stainless steel case with PVD black plating, which is cool and fashionable. There is a speedometer on the bezel, which is very professional. The hands and scales are treated with gold plating, and the large scales are eye-catching. The dial is designed with three compact large functional sub-discs, which is not as clear as the reading. With the buttons on both sides of the crown, the time can be stopped and reset to zero. Comes with a brown strap. Compared to the Tissot model, this watch has a compact dial and a vintage strap that can be sporty and casual.
Summary: To enjoy Xia’s enthusiasm, you need to make some preparations, a good watch, let you control the time at any time. What is sophisticated, accurate travel time, able to cope with complex environments. All three watches are water and dust resistant, and two quartz chronographs are even more precise. The leather strap only needs to be rinsed with water, and it can also be used for a long time if it is properly maintained.

Casio Fashion Brand Recently Released A New Flight Timepiece

Casio recently released the new G-Shock Gravity Defier GWA1100 flight timepiece, with a black exterior showing a powerful style. The case is made of carbon fiber, and its precise structure is sufficient to withstand impact forces, strong vibration forces, and centrifugal forces due to high-speed rotation.

In addition, the watch is equipped with an electronic compass function and uses Tough Solar to operate. As for the surface, it is made of sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, which is clear and easy to read. It is waterproof to 200 meters. It doesn’t matter if you go to sea or sea. Gravity Defier GWA1100 is available in both green and red, and will soon land at Casio retailers worldwide.

Exquisite Workmanship And Extraordinary Creativity Cartier Libre Series New Watch Debuts At Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2019

When exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity, Cartier continues to interpret unique design elements, as well as the tradition of graphics watch styling watches. This year, the Cartier Libre collection presents new and colorful watches, which interpret the beauty of metaphor through color contrast or depth effects.


This year, Cartier is not only committed to breakthroughs in watch styling, but also pursues a distinctive feature in the watch name: Tank Chinoise. Born in 1921, this work has become Cartier’s masterpiece of rich style. Combined with Chinese-style red, it symbolizes enthusiasm and vitality.

The new Tank Chinoise watch is like a prism of color. The square case is elongated and rectangular, and the edges are set with rubies and lined with black enamel. The side of the case is set with a whole row of diamonds. Color elements and dazzling diamonds contrast each other, forming a visual tension, paying tribute to the three-dimensional style of the prototype watch. This watch is limited to 100 pieces. Continuing the tradition with styling and highlighting the aesthetic creativity are the challenges of the CartierLibre series.


18K white gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds and rubies, black enamel, black lacquered dial (164 diamonds, about 1.12 carats), black alligator strap, quartz movement.

Limited and numbered 100 pieces

Cartier DIAGONALE watch

The unique watch shape is obviously derived from Cartier’s creation. Mother-in-law’s beautiful curve breaks all rules.

The red or black enamel lines contrast with the pavé diamonds, highlighting the novel and bold harmonious beauty. The subtle dial of the Diagonale watch reflects the iconic style of the graphics card, praising the brand for daring to break through the traditional spirit of excellence.

Cartier DIAGONALE watch

18K white gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, black and burgundy enamel (70 diamonds, approximately 0.90 carats), burgundy alligator strap, quartz movement.

Limited and numbered 50 pieces


地 Cartier designers are creative and regard the watch shape as creative material. The watch is decorated with emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines, black spinels, yellow sapphires or diamonds. Each gemstone gathers light and becomes the focus of sight. At the same time, the central dial is set with bright diamonds.

腕表 This watch is limited to 50 pieces and numbered, and is available in 18k white gold or 18K yellow gold. The work breaks the rhythm through color changes, bold and unique, and at the same time exudes iconic elegance.


Medium model, 18K white gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, emerald and Paraiba tourmaline, dial set with brilliant-cut round diamonds (573 diamonds, about 2.57 carats), green alligator strap, Cartier 1917MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement.

Limited and numbered 50 pieces


Medium model, 18K yellow gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, black spinel and yellow sapphire, dial set with brilliant-cut round diamonds (473 diamonds, about 1.75 carats), black alligator strap, Cartier 1917MC work Fang refined manual winding mechanical movement.

Limited and numbered 50 pieces for sale