Praising The True Meaning Of Happiness, Blooming Roses Life-‘piaget Rose Day’ Grand Ceremony Will Be Unveiled

Piaget, the prestigious Swiss top brand, is not only a watchmaker and jeweller, but also an admirer of all beautiful things and lifestyle. Mr. Yves Piaget, the fourth generation of Earl Piaget, has a passion for roses, and his extraordinary enthusiasm has spawned a new variety named after him, Yves Piaget Rose. To pay tribute to this real rose and its exclusive jewellery and watch collection, Piaget unveiled a global annual celebration, Piaget Rose Day, to convey the beauty of the flower and its beauty to the world. The happiness of Yu Yu. On June 5th, Piaget will join hands with the young dancer Liu Yan to make this exotic rose bloom elegantly in China and interpret the rose’s life together.

Piaget rose from real flowers

 The fourth generation of Earl Piaget, Eve Earl, is not only an avid fan of roses, but also a discerning connoisseur. Since 1976, he has supported and sponsored the Geneva International Competition of New Roses and served as a jury member. The earl’s unwavering enthusiasm for the rose received a generous return in 1982: the rose breeding master who won the gold medal of the year dedicated his new variety including three international awards to him and named this unique rose as Yi Yves Piaget Rose. A true legend begins.
Since then, Piaget Rose has become the muse of Piaget’s jewelry creation. The talented artisans use their expertise to create a jewelry watch series exclusively for her-Piaget Rose. Regardless of whether it is a dazzling flower or a brilliant jewellery watch, Piaget Rose brings not only wonderful visual enjoyment to each woman, but also a magnificent posture and a sense of happiness in the chest.

Annual Ceremony Tribute to Legendary Flower

 To pay tribute to this true legendary flower and its exclusive jewellery and watch collection, Piaget launched Piaget Rose Day for the first time in 2013. It is a global annual event, an important date for Piaget brand lovers and rose lovers. On this day, various events and celebrations will be launched around the world. Through the dazzling flowers and dazzling jewelry and watch art, viewers can directly feel Piaget’s passion for a better life.
At the first Earl Rose Festival, jazz melody Melody Gardot gave a lively singing voice. The woman who has suffered fatal injuries has completed a new transformation in the influence of music. She sang the beauty of life by singing, so that the audience also shared happiness. On June 5 this year, this exotic rose is about to bloom in China. Earl Piaget joined hands with young dance artist Liu Yan. The dancer who dances with her fingertips will interpret the unique fragrance belonging to the East with her story.

Adversarial thorns spawn immortal dancing souls

 Dance artist Liu Yan once fell from the apex of the stage due to an accident, and the original dance life came to an abrupt end. Despite being on the counter-travel, the dancer’s soul in her heart never stopped.

 After the injury, Liu Yan actively recovered and turned to study the dance on his fingertips. After a lapse of six years, she re-entered the stage and presented a beautiful ‘hand dance’ performance, which made the audience fall over again. The creation of each Earl’s Rose is just like the birth of ‘Hand Dance’, which has experienced a long grinding behind it: from a sketch that is alive, a vermiculite still in the dust, and an uncut gold Until the creation of a perfect Piaget jewellery watch, it takes at least three years to settle, and even hundreds of processes are repeatedly polished. In order to create the best works, Piaget and Liu Yan both dedicated a lot of time and energy.

Inspiring dance

 However, Liu Yan was not satisfied with the applause and beautiful words of the audience. Today, she is a guide in the art world, leading a group of children living in adversity to the temple of beauty.
For many years of practicing dance, Liu Yan knows the influence of art, the spiritual abundance is as important as material abundance. This will become an indispensable spiritual force for children who have birth defects and children who have lost their parents the day after tomorrow. As a result, Liu Yan established the ‘Liu Yan Literature and Art Fund’, which has been dedicated to providing dance education for orphans and disabled children in China for many years. She taught the children to dance their bodies and explore their more potentials; and then motivated them to dance to their hearts, to find the source of happiness in the process of learning, and to discover the true meaning of happiness. Liu Yan’s charity coincides with Piaget’s original intention to create the Piaget Rose series: Piaget has been pursuing the ultimate craftsmanship and creating beautiful works for many years, that is, he hopes that these blooming “Earl’s Roses” will lead viewers to discover life. Those beautiful moments convey more happiness.

Smiling angel praising the true meaning of happiness

 Based on the common praise of happiness, Piaget will also join Liu Yan’s plan in this ‘Earl Rose Day’. In the coming year, Piaget will fund 162 children with hearing impairment or loss of parents to cover all their dance teaching expenses so that they can enjoy the joy of learning dance. At the same time, Piaget and Liu Yan jointly launched the ‘Angel’s Smile’ charity photography exhibition to show the children the angelic smiles from the heart during the practice of dance to more people from Liu Yan and the children. Feel the bloom of beauty and the meaning of happiness on your body.

 Count Piaget invited well-known photographer Chen Mingsheng to take the mirror, go deep into the welfare institution funded by the Liu Yan Literature and Art Special Fund, live with the children, and capture their real moments of smiles in daily life and dance practice. Count Piaget assembled these moments into the ‘Angel’s Smile’ charity photography exhibition, which shows people that even if flowers bloom in the soil of misery, they still have their unique fragrance as long as they grow stubbornly. Sometimes life is not perfect, but there is always a moment that makes you feel extremely happy and brilliant, that moment is either warm, emotional, or profound. Capturing that moment of movement, everyone can bloom a unique rose life.
From the end of May to the beginning of June, these photographic works will be showcased in 3 commercial centers in major cities including Beijing Oriental Xintiandi, Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza and Hangzhou Vientiane City, surrounded by many Piaget roses. On the day of ‘Earl Rose Day’ on June 5, Liu Yan and the children will also be present at the scene to witness this moment of blooming roses.

Sowing happiness and start the journey of roses

 In addition, you can join the ranks of sowing happiness with a simple interaction. Earlier Piaget will launch an ‘Angel’s Smile’ event on the WeChat platform. Please capture the smiles around you, share this happy moment, and have the opportunity to harvest the journey of European roses.

 You only need to follow Piaget’s official WeChat, click to enter the event page, upload a smile photo around you and enter a message, you will receive an electronic seed of Piaget Rose, and an invitation to the ‘Angel Smile’ charity photography exhibition. From June 5th to June 8th, the charity photography exhibition sites in the above 3 cities and 22 counts of Piaget nationwide will be transformed into backyards of Piaget roses: many Piaget roses will build a strong, fragrant and colorful The flower arcade is attractive, and there is an expansive flower field composed of LED screens, waiting for you to plant. You just need to bring ‘rose seed’ and invitation with you to the scene, link it with ‘flower field’, and the seed will germinate. At that time, your photos will accompany the Piaget Rose blooming on the LED “Flower Field” on the spot. Among the photos uploaded by many netizens, we will select ten ‘the most beautiful smiling angels’ and vote publicly online. The ‘Angel’ with the highest votes will be invited by Piaget to travel to Europe to take part in the ‘Five Senses’ rose tour and meet her intimately.
For the exhibition schedule and more details, please search for ‘Count Piaget’ to follow the official WeChat.

Parmigiani Fibonacci Pocket Watch: The Survival Of Extreme Crafts

As if a poetic chant of the beauty of nature and creation, the Fibonacci pocket watch is a tribute to the rich creative source of Parmigiani: superb artistic performance, excellent technical performance and five senses harmony. From the aesthetic and mechanical accomplishments that reflect each other and reflect the realm of completely controlling the ultimate craftsmanship, this pocket watch glorifies the origin of Parmigiani’s birth history and the restoration of watches and clocks, which is the soul of the brand since its establishment. Ultra-complex functions, enamel art, gem setting, and engraving techniques are all the treasures revealed by Fibonacci pocket watches for the world. The unique Fibonacci pocket watch is a masterpiece respected by the greatest mathematicians of the Middle Ages: he is Leonardo Pisano, nicknamed Fibonacci, and is famous for bringing Arabic numbers to Europe, inventing the ‘Fibonacci’ Fischer series, and the 1,618 golden ratio Through the ages. For many people, this sacred value exists in the mysterious nature of nature; when we look at the growth and arrangement of nautilus spirals or petals, we often find specific connections between the two. For this reason, Parmigiani chose the decorative pattern of water lilies for Fibonacci pocket watches to convey the symbol of the beauty of life. The petals that unfold one by one on the floating lotus leaves are the reproduction of the Fibonacci spiral. Fibonacci pocket watches are carved antisymmetrically. The front and back double watch covers are decorated with the same pattern of water lilies, but when the double-sided watch covers are opened, the water lilies on both sides can be seen to look at each other, demonstrating the symmetrical beauty. Made of large open fire semi-transparent enamel technology and inlaid with precious stones, the lotus on the double case cover is flashing with unparalleled light and deep depth, and the 288 ladder diamonds inlaid with the bezel are even more impressive. The dial also has the theme of water lilies. The subtle thing is that the pattern is composed of carefully cut semi-precious stones. The flower part is rose pyroxene, the emerald is transformed into lotus leaves, and the pond is interpreted with black agate. The low-key bright diamonds of diamonds on the lotus leaves are the time markers, and the subtle design ensures that the time is not disturbed. The material of the timer is pink or green mother-of-pearl. The mechanism of the Fibonacci pocket watch is the crystallization of Parmigiani’s advanced watchmaking technology. Its movement with the functions of three questions, perpetual calendar and moon phase is also engraved with delicate patterns on the bridge, echoing the lotus theme of the pocket watch. The bracelet connected to the pocket watch with a spring buckle is itself a high jewelry craftsmanship. Shaped with a series of blooming waterlily petals, the platinum link on the bracelet is set with a total of 2,309 brilliant turning diamonds, 12 emeralds, 14 rubies and 1 sapphire. The Fibonacci platinum pocket watch, which was first published in 1996, was set with more than 50 carats of diamonds; it took more than three years for each craftsman to fully utilize the essence of his craftsmanship.

Casio Launches G-shock Hero Theme Watch

The Casio G-Shock series, which has always been famous for its cool fashion, has launched a new ‘Men in Rescue Orange’ G-Shock series. The color of the rescue team uniform is orange, which pays tribute to the rescue heroes and realizes the heroic dream in everyone’s heart.

This series includes GULFMAN (G-9100R-4DR), MUDMAN (G-9000R-4DR) and RISEMAN (G-9200R-4DR).

     The three models are divided in color by the combination of the orange part of the strap and the black part of the dial, giving a safe and reliable sense of toughness. Since the design of this series of theme colors is inspired by lifesaving uniforms, the backlight design is an axe for lifesaving, which is very memorable.

Rust-proof and waterproof
G-9100R-4DR, because it bears the name of GULFMAN, is the most basic guarantee for its lightness without rust, and the rust-proof structure is better. The design of the special groove strap can keep the gap between the wrist and the strap, allow the water to fully evaporate, prevent sweat from staying, and prevent the watch from rusting. In addition, its water resistance has reached 200 meters, so it can easily cope with daily life.

Back carved turtle
In order to implement the concept of GULFMAN, the watch is engraved with auspicious patterns of sea turtles on the back, just like the real portrayal of the ocean. In addition, it also has powerful functions like moon data, tide chart, stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 second), countdown, multi-function alarm, intermittent alarm, full-automatic calendar, 12 / 24-hour clock, operation tone switch and other powerful functions.

Mud proof, low temperature resistant
The clay figure G-9000R-4DR naturally achieves the ultimate in mud and dust resistance. The body of the watch body and the major buttons are molded at one time using a variety of different resin materials, thereby preventing the erosion of mud and dust during sports. Its ability to withstand low temperatures has also reached minus 20 degrees, and it can operate normally even in harsh environmental conditions.

Waterproof Mole
Like the G-9100R-4DR, the water resistance of the G-9000R-4DR has reached 200 meters. In addition, the mole mascot engraved on the back of the watch is equal to the concept of land.


Dual sensor height barometric temperature measurement
G-9100R-4DR and G-9000R-4DR are slightly different from the shock-proof function, G-9200R-4DR incorporates the sensor into the newly designed G-SHOCK shock-proof system, which makes this sensor watch reach G-SHOCK Various demanding standards for shock and water resistance. In addition, a pressure sensor is added to sense the pressure at any time for accurate measurement. With these unique high-precision technology contents, even if you are in a high-altitude cloud and an undersea sky, you can know the changes in temperature and air pressure, allowing you to shuttle freely.

Solar, back carved dragon
The new solar energy is added to make the watch more power-efficient and environmentally friendly. The mascot pattern of the Chinese dragon engraved on the back, the ‘dragon’ comes from the mysterious legend of the East, soaring through the sky and in charge of weather and other weather changes. Today, RISEMAN using high-tech induction technology also makes you like the legendary ‘dragon’, knowing the changes in air pressure and temperature.

Upholding The Characteristics Of The Original Model And Presenting A Unique 21st Century Style Omega Speedmaster ’57 Watch Reissue Edition

Omega launched a replica of the original Speedmaster 1957 in 2013. The watch is a coaxial escapement movement and classic design, which combines the ultimate aesthetic appearance and mechanical performance. It was very popular. This year, Omega has again created a new watch for this timepiece. In addition to maintaining the style of the classic watch for more than half a century, it has also added several upgrade features.
   This 41.5mm stainless steel Speedmaster ’57 watch has a polished and frosted case, a matte bezel with a speedometer scale that has been closely related to the legendary Speedmaster chronograph, and a box-shaped anti-wear sapphire crystal Mirror-protected black dial and white and beige transfer dial logo. This watch differs from the 2013 model in that the recessed hour markers are filled with ‘green’ Super-LumiNova ultra-fluorescent paint.
   Another design element that is different from the previous model and makes this timepiece closer to the original Speedmaster is the appearance of the pointer: the ‘broad arrow’ style, and polishing with Super-LumiNova coating The three-dimensional oblique rhodium-plated central hour and minute hands, while the 3 o’clock, 60-minute and 12-hour counters, and the 9 o’clock small seconds counter, use Alpha-shaped hands.

   This stunning timepiece features a brown leather strap with polished and frosted stainless steel folding clasps, or Omega’s patented frosted and polished stainless steel screws and pin bracelets with butterfly clasps, and a wear-resistant sapphire crystal back The unmistakable Omega coaxial escapement 9300 movement. This outstanding movement has outstanding reliability and precision, so the Speedmaster ’57 watch has a full four-year warranty. This watch is water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet) like all Speedmaster timepieces.

Breitling And John Travolta Join Hands Again, Sailing Towards The Sky

Hollywood action superstar John. John Travolta has collaborated with aviation watch expert Breitling for eight consecutive years. John, who has a flight license and also loves flying, has the dual status of pilot and star. Travolta appeared in the latest advertisement wearing the popular Navitimer. John. Travolta’s childhood dream was to fly an airplane every day and always wear the best aviation watch recognized by aviation enthusiasts and professional pilots-Navitimer. The flying star is a veteran pilot with more than 6,000 flight hours and holds 8 different types of flight licenses. In addition, he is widely recognized as the official supplier of flight timepieces by the aviation industry. Breitling has deep feelings and brand loyalty, because John. Like the Breitling, Travolta is consistent in its constant pursuit of extreme performance! John who loves flying. Travolta’s luxury mansion in California covers a wide area. Not only can it park aircraft, but also hangars, taxiways, and runways. It is a small airport with full facilities. John. Travolta poses in the cockpit of his Boeing 707 large jet airliner.
    In 2012, John. Travolta shoots winged B ads for the brand. In this excellent visual effect, he stands next to the classic Mustang P-51 fighter jet parked at the Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert, California. Palm mirror, wearing a Breitling Cal.01 Navitimer watch with a signature flying slide and one of the world’s finest self-winding chronograph movements.

To John. As far as Travolta is concerned, the most classic legendary chronograph is the Breitling.

Historyiques Of Vacheron Constantin Welcome Three New Watches

Recently, Vacheron Constantin Historiques historical masterpiece series has ushered in three new watches, which continue the superb craftsmanship and inherit the aesthetic style.
Historiques historical masterpiece series American 1921 36.5 mm

New original design with 36.5mm diameter, ideal for slim wrists
18K 5N Pink Gold Case
Iconic tilt time display, eccentric crown
Manual winding mechanical movement

  As an elegant watch for elegant gentlemen and urban fashion women, Historiques historical masterpiece series American 1921 shows the boldness and boldness of that era, and interprets the superb skills of Vacheron Constantin’s creative works. Remodeling the classic with a 36.5 mm diameter, this iconic model inspired by the 1920s is more fashionable and attractive. 18K 5N pink gold pillow case, distinctive tilt-time reading design, and eccentric crown between 1 and 2 o’clock make Hisistiques’ historical masterpiece series AmericanUSA 1921 36.5 mm While continuing to show the retro temperament, it also continues the original aesthetic style, which is classic and interesting.

 For more than 20 years, Historiques historical masterpiece series has continued to inject new vitality into Vacheron Constantin’s superb skills and aesthetic heritage. This series of watches reinvents legendary models in a contemporary style, with a small production volume. It is a collection dedicated to collectors who love rare and vintage watch connoisseurs. Among these creative masterpieces, an American 1921 watch tailored specifically for the US market in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ is highly sought after. This avant-garde pillow-shaped timepiece is even more unique due to the tilted time reading design. This legendary model now presents a slim size of 36.5 mm for the first time.
Bold design, practical and convenient

 Read the time quickly without turning your wrist, either while driving or during a presentation. In the 1920s, Vacheron Constantin designed this watch for a car-loving American customer. The slanted time reading design made the watch extremely practical. This novel and original design rotates the movement 45 degrees counterclockwise, so the crown naturally moves between 1 and 2 o’clock, and the small seconds dial is between 4 and 5 o’clock. The silver-plated frosted dial with black drawn Arabic numerals and minute scales, slender black 18K gold anodized hands with hollowed-out needle points, and small rod-shaped second hands complement the low-key elegance and bold innovation, letting the elegance and chic shine on the wrist.
Unique ideas, higher standards

 Historiques historical masterpiece series American 1921 36.5 mm The watch follows the original design and still uses 18K 5N pink gold pillows Shaped case. This watch is equipped with a micro-arched sapphire crystal and is powered by Vacheron Constantin’s 4400 AS manual winding movement, which provides 65 hours of power for the hours, minutes and small seconds functions. Through the transparent case back, you can clearly appreciate this hand-polished and polished movement, which is a model of fine watchmaking. The watch features a hand-stitched dark brown square alligator leather strap with the brand’s signature semi-Malta cross buckle. The finishing touch is the perfect match. This watch also comes with an extra bright red alligator leather strap, which can add beauty to women.
Historiques Historical Calendar Triple Calendrier Triple Calendar 1942 and
Historiques Historical Calendar Triple Calendrier Triple Calendar 1948

Iconic complication from the 1940s
18K4N Pink Gold Limited Edition
Burgundy or dark blue calendar display
New manual winding movement
‘Triple embossed’ bezel and ‘claw’ lugs
 Vacheron Constantin Historiques historical masterpiece series launched two new all-calendar watches. The new timepiece features a retro look, reinterpreting the innovative design and aesthetics of classic timepieces from the 1940s.
 The new Historiques historical masterpieces Triple calendrier triple calendar 1942 and Triple calendrier triple calendar 1948 are equipped with a calendar function, a round case with triple concave and convex engraving, a two-tone dial, ‘claw’ lugs and a manual winding mechanical movement. The classic complications and design style of the Vacheron Constantin watch at that time.
One style, two classics
 Vacheron Constantin carefully selected two calendar watches born in 1942 and 1948, which interpreted their ‘practical’ complex functions and design features in a modern way. It was paired with a 40mm diameter case and was decorated with a variety of iconic features at the time, such as the unique ‘triple bump’ ring and the ‘claw’ lugs attached to it. Let a stainless steel triple calendar timepiece and another 18K 4N pink gold triple calendar moon phase timepiece return to the public eye.
 The slightly thicker box-type mirrors on the upper cases of the two watches are equipped with a slim bezel and are waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. Through the transparent case back, you can admire the new polished by the advanced watchmaking process Full calendar movement (regular version of the watch is 4400 QC movement, moon phase function watch is 4400 QCL movement (L stands for Lune, the French word ‘moon’)). This manually wound mechanical movement, developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, has a vibration frequency of 4 Hz. While retaining the original essence of the mid-century calendar watch, it has achieved a power reserve of up to 65 hours through a built-in barrel. .
Historiques Historical Calendar Triple Calendrier Triple Calendar 1942

 The first watch was made of stainless steel and was inspired by the reference number 4240, which was born in 1942 and is available in gold, pink gold and stainless steel. To continue the classic, this timepiece works in a low-key and elegant way, integrating the hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock, the pointer date indicator, and the window-type month and week indicator. The watch is presented on a two-tone silver-plated dial, which is quite iconic of that era, and is available in different red and dark blue versions. The Arabic numerals on the outer ring and the sunburst satin-brushed dial enhance the readability of different functions, while also showing the retro and elegant elegance.
Historiques Historical Calendar Triple Calendrier Triple Calendar 1948

 Similar to its historical originals, the Historiques historical masterpiece Triple Calendrier triple calendar 1948 is made of 18K 4N pink gold, highlighting the watch’s extraordinary elegance with vintage tones close to the original. The watch is issued in two styles, each limited to 200 pieces, a reinterpretation of the reference number 4240L watch launched by the brand in 1948. On the basis of the triple calendar display, the watch is equipped with exquisite astronomical complication-precision month age display (the source of L in the name), and a small seconds display at 6 o’clock. The new interpretation of contemporary perspectives highlights the subtle arrangement of the watch and its distinctive exquisite temperament. The center of the opalescent silver dial is brushed with sunburst satin. Roman numerals and triangular hour-markers dot the low-key, delicate dial, waiting for the slender rod-shaped hands to pass slowly. The calendar display and moon phase display are also available in burgundy and dark blue. The leather strap with pin buckle is also available in brown and dark blue.
Original style

 After Jean-Marc Vacheron founded Vacheron Constantin in 1755, the brand quickly launched the first timepiece with a calendar display. Throughout the 19th century, Vacheron Constantin launched a variety of full-calendar or perpetual calendar pocket watches with high-complexity functions such as the minute repeater, which also demonstrated the brand’s superb skills in producing complex functions. Vacheron Constantin’s first watch with a calendar display was born in the 1920s. This complex function ushered in its golden age in the history of the brand in the 1940s. The calendar watch of this period also made the brand famous in the global promotion. The most representative models include the reference number 4240 in 1942 and the reference number 4240L in 1948, which are also the inspiration for the design of two new watches of the Historiques historical masterpiece series.
Historiques historical masterpiece series

 In the past 20 years, Vacheron Constantin Historiques historical masterpiece series successfully reinterpreted a number of rare and highly respected legendary watches. This particularly unique collection continues to reshape the creative prototypes that have been remarkable in the history of the brand since 1755. Reinterpret historical models in a modern way, injecting vitality into Vacheron Constantin’s superb craftsmanship and aesthetic heritage.
Technical specifications

Historiques historical masterpiece American 1921 36.5 mm

Model: 1100S / 000R-B430
Geneva-Certified Timepiece
Movement: 4400 AS
Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures itself
Manual winding mechanical movement
28.6 mm diameter (12 ½ francs)
Thickness 2.8 mm
Power reserve approximately 65 hours
Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
127 parts
21 gems
Display: hours, minutes
Small seconds

Case: 18K 5N pink gold
Diameter 36.5 mm, thickness 7.25 mm
Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)

Dial: Frosted
Arabic numerals hour and minute scales drawn in black
Inlaid with polished 18K 5N pink gold maltese cross

 Strap: Double brown Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, riding stitching, large checkered
Also available is a red shiny Mississippi alligator strap, lined with alsavel calfskin, hand-stitched, and checkered

Buckle: 18K 5N pink gold buckle
Polished Half Maltese Cross
Technical specifications
Historiques Historical Calendar Triple Calendrier Triple Calendar 1942

Model: 3110V / 000A-B425
   3110V / 000A-B426
Geneva-Certified Timepiece

Movement: 4400 QC
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Manual winding mechanical movement
Diameter 29 mm (12 1/2 French minutes)
Thickness 4.6 mm
Power reserve approximately 65 hours
Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
225 parts
21 gems

Display function: hours, minutes
  Small seconds at 6 o’clock
Full calendar (months and days are displayed in windows, dates are indicated by hands)

Case: stainless steel
40 mm diameter, 10.35 mm thickness
Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Water resistance factor tested at 3 bar atmospheric pressure (about 30 meters)

Dial: Silver tone, sunburst satin-brushed dial
Arabic numbers drawn on black
Wine red / blue draw date track

Strap: Double brown / dark blue Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched by riding stitching, large checkered

Buckle: Stainless steel
   Polished Half Maltese Cross
Technical specifications
Historiques historical masterpiece series Triple calendrier triple calendar 1948

Model: 3100V / 000R-B359
   3100V / 000R-B422
Geneva-Certified Timepiece

Movement: 4400 QCL
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Manual winding mechanical movement
29 mm diameter (12 French minutes)
Thickness 4.6 mm
Power reserve approximately 65 hours
Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
253 parts
21 gems

Display function: hours, minutes
Full calendar (month, week and date indicated by hands)
Moon phase

Case: 18K 4N pink gold
40 mm diameter, 10.35 mm thickness
Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Water resistance factor tested at 3 bar atmospheric pressure (about 30 meters)

Dial: matte silver with brushed satin bezel
18K 4N gold coated hour markers
Red / blue draw date track

Strap: Double brown / dark blue Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched by riding stitching, large checkered

Buckle: 18K 4N pink gold
   Polished Half Maltese Cross

Each is limited to 200 pieces and has a unique number
The case back is engraved with ‘N ° X / 200’

Because Winter Is So Cold, We Need Love And Warmth More

This is a season of joy and thanksgiving. Although the wind is cold and the temperature is approaching the freezing point, when you send the old to the new, you should still give some gifts for yourself who have worked hard for a whole year. Come on in the new year. Whether it is a finely crafted watch, a coat with both style and temperature, a streamlined sports car, or a private and romantic island vacation with his / her beloved. Give yourself a gift, and don’t forget to give a carefully selected gift to those who we love and love. But even more warm, would you like to give a love gift to strangers who need help? And if there is such a way, buying a gift for yourself or your loved one can help others, it would be better. Here are some of the best of both worlds. Give your child hope that IWC has always supported the Anthony Saint Exupery Foundation through limited edition watch sales and auctions. You may not know who Anthony Saint Exupery is, but you definitely know The Little Prince. He is the author of this household story. Born in Saint-Exupéry, Lyon, France, in 1900, he is a pioneer pilot and a humanitarian writer. He has authored many works. Later generations continued his spiritual heritage. In 2008, he established a foundation under his name, focusing on literacy, and launching a series of educational programs for disadvantaged children and young people. The little prince has appeared on IWC special edition watches many times. For example, this large pilot’s calendar watch Little Prince special edition. The pure gold automatic winding pendulum on the bottom of the watch has been transformed into the appearance of the little prince standing on the mini planet. The watch was sold for 38,000 Swiss francs at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in November 2017. In addition to the Anthony Saint Exupery Foundation, IWC also cooperates with the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation. Each year, a theme is set, an international children’s drawing competition is held, and then the winning works are engraved on the special edition case back, and sales are allocated to support the foundation’s projects for vulnerable children and young people. The special edition of the Mark 18 Pilot’s Watch Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation launched in 2018 is the twelfth model of cooperation between the two sides. The back pattern is drawn by a 11-year-old Brazilian girl named Anna Claudia. Time to be Healthy. ‘ Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ Special Edition and just on the 25th ‘Lawrence Charity Night’ in Zurich, Switzerland on November 25, a IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar tourbillon watch Lawrence Sports The special edition of the Public Welfare Foundation was sold at a high price of CHF 215,000. A total of CHF 1,111,111 was raised during this charity night and will be fully invested and used in projects to improve the future development of children and adolescents. Montblanc, who started with writing instruments, believes that “writing is a precious gift for everyone”, and has been cooperating with UNICEF since 2004 to help more children receive fair and inclusive education and improve poverty and disadvantage for generations. Vicious circle. The UNICEF products launched at the end of 2017, including limited edition writing instruments, watches, accessories and leather goods, have raised more than one million US dollars through sales. So far, Montblanc has raised more than 10 million US dollars for UNICEF. . Recent work has focused on helping China, Djibouti and Brazil improve the quality of education. Montblanc Heritage Collection Universal World Timepieces UNICEF Special Edition Montblanc Master Class ‘Zhen Li Writing’ Series Sapphire Writing Instruments Every October, the ‘Swiss Mido Charity Charity Tour’ starts as scheduled, which is also Mido The eleventh year of this charity event in China. But this year is particularly commemorative for Mido, because this year is the 100th anniversary of the brand. Mido joined hands with the Chongqing Youth Development Foundation this year, following the tradition of 10 years, bringing sports equipment to children in impoverished mountain areas, and building a library. I hope this temple of knowledge can help children open the door to exploration and plug in Dream wings. In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand, Mido launched the Commander Series Anniversary Watch. Let life show dignity World-renowned tenor Jose Carreras set up a foundation to support leukemia-related research after defeating leukemia, and more hospitals are equipped with bone marrow transplantation facilities. Founded in 1991 with the support of Chopard, the Swiss Foundation in Geneva, followed by the establishment of a second foundation in Munich in 1995, and was co-founded by Chopard’s co-president Carl-Frieder Schaefer as Swiss Fund Meeting chairman. In 1996, the brand launched the Jose Carreras series of watches, which were engraved with the designs of opera houses around the world on the case back. This partnership has continued through the sale of designated products. In addition, Chopard also supports the Elton John AIDS Foundation, launches Elton John watches, donates a certain percentage of the sales proceeds to the foundation, and raises more funds for the foundation through the Oscar Charity Party. Chopard’s Elton John series watches around 40 million blind people around the world, one blind every 5 seconds, and one child blind every minute. The point is that 80% of these blindness diseases can be prevented Or cured. Eye protection is urgent. Since 2011, Omega has collaborated with Orbis International to launch various models of Orbis special edition watches, and donated part of the sales proceeds to support this humanitarian cause. The International Orbis Organization was founded in 1982 and is committed to restoring vision for blind and eye disease patients all over the world. An aircraft converted into an eye hospital, carrying volunteer ophthalmologists to various developing countries, is important for the lives of blind patients. Burn hope. At present, the organization has launched projects in more than 90 countries, providing medical training, equipment and technical support to local partners. More than 250,000 ophthalmic medical staff have received professional training, and more than 23 million patients have been treated, dimming them. Your life restarts with light and color. Omega Speedmaster 38mm Orbis watch, whether it is the red carpet of the opening ceremony of the film festival or the track of antique vintage cars, whether it is the launch of haute couture clothes or the auction of art auctions, every appearance of these watches is always Bright and dazzling. But when we buy these luxury goods, we find that we can also support charity, help medical groups, and send warmth to children in need … because of love, they are the most beautiful. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for authorization.

German Boutique Tasting Glashütte Original Perpetual Calendar Series Watch

Glashütte Original, a German top brand reborn after the war, is also one of the world’s leading high-end mechanical watch brands with 100% self-made movements of its entire series of watches. After the devastation of World War II, the reborn Glashütte original continues the long German watchmaking tradition and continues to write the legend of German fine watchmaking. Today, the Watch House brings you a tasting of Glashütte’s original perpetual calendar series. The official model of the watch is: 100-02-25-12-05.

  Glashütte Original is one of the representative brands of German watches. German technology and manufacturing excellence have a worldwide reputation. Since 1845, the original watchmaker in Glashütte, Saxony has contributed to this reputation, designing and building precision mechanical timepieces, which has become the essence of the watchmaking tradition.

   The one I brought to you today is the Glashütte Original Art and Craft Series Perpetual Calendar Watch. The watch is designed with a 42 mm diameter and is made of a stainless steel case. The strap is a black alligator leather strap. Simple and generous.

   The watch case is polished, bright in color, beautiful and stylish. The crown of the watch is also made of stainless steel, with a pit pattern design, which is convenient for the watch to tune. Classic double G logo.

   The strap of the watch is matched with a black alligator leather strap, which is sewn with black silk thread, which is soft and comfortable to wear.

   Through the anti-glare sapphire crystal, all displays of the senator’s perpetual calendar are configured to be clear and easy to read, creating extreme visual harmony. It displays the week, month, and Glashütte’s original large calendar window, all in black Arabic numerals on a white background. The low-key and clear leap year indicator is indicated by a red dot, and the non-leap year is indicated by yellow, black, and white dots in order.

   The highlight of the watch is the combination of art and watchmaking technology, which automatically recognizes the leap year and month length. People who wear it often need not adjust the watch for life. Until March 1, 2100, day and night, date, month, year, and leap year can be accurately displayed; only 2100 is the next century of the Gregorian calendar-logically, this year is a leap year, but it does not have February 29.

   The micro-Glashütte original 100-22 self-winding movement inside the watch is equipped with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour to ensure that the watch moves accurately, and a 55-hour power reserve ensures sufficient kinetic energy. Glashütte original ribbed three-quarter main splint, intelligent automatic winding by one-way / two-way automatic winding, gooseneck fine adjustment, 21 open pendulum, chamfered edges, blue steel screws, polished steel parts .

Summary: Glashütte original watches are the result of excellence in complex mechanical structures, and they are the exploration of the limits of mechanical watches-what can and cannot be done, and ultimately, the few who choose to wear Glashütte original watches The pursuit of perfection brings wonderful feelings. The current domestic price of this watch is RMB 180,500.

Changing Straps Is As Fast As Flipping Books | Quick-release Straps Have Their Own Clever

INFLUX Studio was founded by Laura Lan, a professional mechanical watch critic. It is engaged in professional consultants, lectures, articles and creative solutions in the field of boutiques, clocks and culture. The small world of watch straps has now been changed by more and more quick-release systems. Various quick-release systems with different structure designs are marketed one by one, with the same purpose but different ingeniousness. The watch industry has set off a trend of quick-release straps in recent years. Although it is not a difficult movement to change the strap, it is always an annoying task. In the past, most watch replacements require the assistance of tools to remove the strap. The number of quick-release systems that can change the watch band by themselves has gradually increased and is also valued by the wearer. More and more brands have incorporated the quick-release system of watch bands into the design of models. From the perspective of structure and design, the current quick-release systems on the market It can be divided into several different designs. 1. Traditional lug spring structure [Spring bolt structure ⓵-Bvlgari Serpenti series] Most of the early simple replacement straps appeared in women’s watches. The common mechanism is the lugs behind the watch. A spring device is added to the watch to easily remove and replace the strap. Many brands still use this design in watch designs. The advantage is that there are fewer simple parts, but the spring structure is prone to fatigue. Bvlgari’s Serpenti series watch with snake head shape has been added to the strap quick release device since 2017. The wearer can choose a strap with different colors and turns according to his preference. Bvlgari’s unique Serpenti series is equipped with a strap replacement spring bolt on the strap, which can be easily replaced with a different strap. [Spring Bolt Structure 宝-Blancpain Villeret Women’s Watch] In response to women’s needs for change, Blancpain has also launched the Villeret classic series date indicator moon phase set with a simple belt replacement system, which is equipped with five different materials and colors at one time. The strap is for replacement, you can wear one more and it is easy to operate. Blancpain’s strap quick release has large buttons on the traditional lug spring structure, which is easy to press and easy to operate. For women with long nails, there is no need to worry about plucking beautiful nails. A set of Blancpain Villeret date date moonphase watches comes with a total of five straps. Blancpain Villeret Classic Series Date Indicating Moon Phase Watch The simple strap replacement system is installed on the strap and is operated by pressing. [Spring bolt structure ⓷-Tiffany East West series] When Tiffany launched a new style in 2017, the East West series displayed the time in a horizontal direction. In the small size, it also adopted a spring ear strap-type strap replacement mechanism, which can be as you like. Change the color, single or double bands of different lengths. The Tiffany East West mini also has a quick-release strap structure, which can be removed and replaced by operating the protruding device next to the lug. 2. Hidden horizontal push structure [Hidden horizontal push ⓵-Baoshilong Reflet series] Baoshilong has launched the Reflet series for many years with a hidden horizontal push strap replacement system, which is fully used in men’s and women’s models. In size, it is suitable for various material straps and metal chain straps. This kind of design is intuitive and easy to operate, and it is more suitable for square cases. It is rare in the market. The Reflet series of Boucheron uses horizontal buckle as the structural design of the strap replacement. Third, the snap-in structure [Snap-in structure ⓵-Louis Vuitton Tambour series] The Tambour series of Louis Vuitton uses a more complicated structure of the snap-in type quick release system. The advantage of this structure is that The operation is simpler. The strap can be removed by simply pressing the fixed tab of the lug of the lug, and the watch can be easily replaced with a different color strap. Louis Vuitton also offers a variety of classic patterns and different leather materials for the wearer to choose . Louis Vuitton’s Tambour moon star and Tambour All Black Petite Seconde are equipped with a strap quick release system. [Matching structure ⓶-IWC marine timepiece series] As early as 2009, IWC has fully equipped its marine timepiece series models with a tenon-type strap replacement system. The case can be detached from the strap and the strap can be easily replaced. The procedure for installing a new strap is as easy as the removal process. The wearer can easily change to a metal bracelet, rubber strap or nylon strap as required. As early as 2009, IWC’s marine timepiece series has adopted a quick-release system that can change the strap by hand. The structure of the quick release system of the IWC marine timepiece series. [Match structure—Vacheron Constantin Vertical and Horizontal Series] The similar structure to IWC is also visible in the new horizontal and vertical series launched by Vacheron Constantin in 2016. The horizontal and vertical series is the representative style of sports and leisure under Vacheron Constantin. At the same time, the practicality of wearing the watch was also included in this series of development directions. Not only did the case lines be fine-tuned to be thinner, rounder and more suitable for wearing, but the functions were also in line with contemporary daily practicality. Vacheron Constantin’s vertical and horizontal series is not only equipped with a quick release system, the steel material also comes with a total of three different material straps for the wearer to change. For the first time, the new vertical and horizontal series adopts a quick-release system for the strap, which can be freely changed between rubber, belt and chain, and taking into account the interoperability between the belt and the chain buckle, including the folding buckle, it can be easily rotated and removed. Mounted on a strap made of another material. Vertical and horizontal series remove the strap. Vertical and horizontal series strap installation action. The quick release system of the vertical and horizontal series can also replace the folding buckle by itself. 4. Hidden dowel structure [Hidden dowel tenon-Panerai Luminor Due series] In 2018, Panerai launched a thinner and smaller Luminor Due 38 mm model, and also put a convenient quick-release system into the strap Inside, you do n’t need to press the round button on the back of the lug with a tool to change the strap. Instead, the pressing structure is cleverly hidden under the leather behind the strap. The operation mode can be removed by pushing and pulling more easily. Moreover, Panerai also offers more diversified choices in the material and color of the strap, which is convenient for changing the mood at any time. Even the neutral size of 38 mm, as long as the strap is changed in color, it is suitable for men and women to exchange and wear . Panerai’s new small Luminor Due 38mm model also introduces a tool-less strap quick release system. Panerai’s quick-release strap. [Hidden button-mortgage-Cartier Santos series] As mentioned earlier, IWC has adopted a strap quick-release system as early as 2009. This quick-release system was authorized by Cartier’s patent for IWC. Similar strap quick release system. Cartier installed the patented QuickSwitch system on the new Santos series in 2018. The snap-in tenon and other structures of the quick release system are completely hidden on the edges of the case and the strap. The quick release system of the vertical and horizontal series can also replace the folding buckle by itself. Cartier’s unique feature is that the chain links can be disassembled by themselves. This system called SmartLink can remove the fixed bolt as long as the chain link is pressed, and easily remove the bracelet link to change the length of the chain. Such designs are quite rare outside of similar structures. Cartier QuickSwich quick release strap action. Cartier SmartLink system can quickly remove the bracelet link. [Hidden button tenon-Roger Dubuis Excalibur series] The trend of quick-release straps has set off a wave of SIHH in 2018, and many brands within Richemont have followed suit, except for the aforementioned Vacheron Constantin, IWC and Cartier In addition, the same group including Roger Dubuis, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Baume & Mercier and Panerai can all see the use of the quick release strap system. After Roger Dubuy opened a new partnership with Lamborghin late last year, the quick-release system also adopted in the new Excalibur Aventador S watch launched in 2018. Its features include that the strap can be replaced by itself, and the buckle can be simple. The disassembly and quick-release procedure is as accurate and fast as the F1 car entering the Pit tire change. Roger Dubuis’ new 2018 watch also uses a strap quick release system. Roger Dubuis’ straps and buckles can be removed and replaced by the wearer. Fifth, the buckle structure [Buckle type ⓵-Baishi Lingni series] The Baishi Lingni series has been used for many years. The quick release structure is quite different. The design of the chain buckle is integrated into the lugs and the straps, and the watch is replaced. The operation of the strap is the same as that of unlocking the bracelet. This design is relatively simpler than the tenon or spring. It can also achieve the purpose of quickly changing the strap, and it can also be used for the sharing of the strap and the metal chain. It is a quick release strap with a very flexible strain. The bracelet quick release of Baume & Mercier series is a structural design with a chain buckle. Regardless of the quick-release design of the strap, no matter what kind of structure, more and more brands attach great importance to the quick change of small bands that seem to be the smallest, and continue to refine and improve the ease of use. Many beneficiaries Changing wearer. Search for daxiedeluola Liao Wei WeChat, label your identity and own / loved watches, and you can chat with Liao Li directly in the watch group.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak’s Next ‘explosion’

This year, Audemars Piguet introduced the new Royal Oak 15500. As a replacement model for 15400, 15500 is a new generation of Royal Oak, and it is also destined to be the hottest and hottest watch of the year.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500
 Since the release of Royal Oak 15500 at the beginning of the year, because 15500 is the latest model and has not yet entered the country in large numbers (in other words, it has not yet been fired), so in the past a period of time, 15500 has remained ‘smooth.’ A while back, I was lucky to run into a 15500 in advance. After getting the real table, I found that there is still a big difference between the real object and the picture. The effect of Royal Oak 15500 is much better than that seen in the picture. The improvement of 15500 compared to 15400 is very good on the real table, and you can feel the improvement compared to the old 15400. So I will briefly talk about the changes of the new generation Royal Oak 15500 and the market situation that may appear in the future.

Audemars Piguet’s new Royal Oak includes steel, gold and different color versions.
Let me briefly talk about the changes from 15500 to 15400.
 The difference between the new 15500 and the old 15400, I have written before, and here is a brief summary. The 15500 and 15400 are both 41 mm with no change in size. The main changes of the new 15500 are as follows:
 1. The calendar is at 3 o’clock, and the time mark is cancelled at 3 o’clock.
 2. The luminous time scale is thickened (the length is slightly shortened).
 3. The scale is changed from the top of the checkered pattern to the outermost edge of the dial.
 4. Cancel the words AUTOMATIC on the panel.
 The AP logo at 5 and 12 o’clock is larger, and the distance between the letters A and P is increased.
   6. The end of the second hand is thickened and hollowed out.
   7, replace the new 4302 automatic winding movement.

New 15500 (left) and old 15400 (right)
 These changes on the new Royal Oak 15500 are written in false, and the effect of wearing on the hands is tangible. After the new 15500 got started, my first feeling was that the size had become ‘larger’. We mentioned earlier that the new 15500 is 41 mm like the 15400, so why does the 15500 feel big? I think one is that the scale on the watch dial is moved to the outer edge of the dial, the other is that the 3 o’clock calendar of the watch is moved to the edge of the dial, and the third is that the time scale has become shorter. These changes have visually increased the size of the watch dial. Although the size of the case has not changed, the dial is ‘larger’, so it is significantly larger. The same example is like many IWC watches (such as Bo Tao, Portuguese meter, Portuguese 7), which are actually normal size, but the dial is large, the bezel is narrow, and it appears to be large.

The new 15500 has a good start, and it is inferior to the 15400.
 My second feeling is that the new Royal Oak 15500 has become ‘stronger’. I think the main reason is that the 15500 time scale and pointer have become thicker. The previous 15400 hands are relatively slender, the hours are closer to the center of the dial, and the watch looks slimmer. In addition to the sturdier hour markers on the new 15500, the thickness of the case has also increased (because of the replacement of a larger and thicker movement), which makes the watch stronger.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500
 After getting started with the new Royal Oak 15500, I think it works well and really looks better than the pictures. After getting started, there is no feeling that 15500 is inferior to the previous 15400. The actual effect of 15500 is inferior to that of 15400.
Let’s talk about the new 4302 movement used by the 15500.
 When Audemars Piguet introduced the 3120 movement (that is, the movement used by 15400), because the movement was well polished and decorated, and the automatic top was very beautiful, it was known as the most beautiful automatic movement at the time. Audemars Piguet’s new Royal Oak 15500 uses a new 4302 automatic movement. As the new generation of automatic movement of Audemars Piguet, it must surpass the ‘most beautiful automatic movement’ 3120 in terms of beauty and performance. From the real watch movement of 15500, 4302 can completely surpass 3120. 4302 has the following upgrades:

Calibre 4302 used in the new Royal Oak 15500.
 1. The size of Audemars Piguet’s new 4302 movement has been increased to 32 mm, and the 3120 movement is larger than 26 mm.
 2. Audemars Piguet’s new 4302 movement has a swing frequency of 28800 times / hour, which is greater than the 3120 movement of 21600 times / hour.
 3. The power of Audemars Piguet’s new 4302 movement is increased to 70 hours, and the 3120 movement is greater than 60 hours.
 Among the above three changes, the movement size has become larger. The 32 mm caliber 4302 is housed in a 41 mm case of 15500, with a suitable size ratio. Before the 3120 movement was relatively small, it was housed in a 41mm case of 15400. The bottom of the movement seemed to be relatively small.

A new 4302 movement used by Audemars Piguet’s new Royal Oak 15500.
 In this year’s decoration, the circuit of the new 4302 movement is obviously different from the 3120. The 4302 movement has more independent plywood, which makes the circuit more complicated than the 3120. The upper plywood of the 4302 movement is decorated with Geneva stripes, and the splints are chamfered, and the decoration level is in line with Audemars Piguet’s positioning. At the same time, in order to show the movement, 4302 used a huge hollowed-out gold tudor. Compared with the previous gold torch engraved with the 3120 movement, the hollow gold torch of the 4302 has the same effect.
Finally, I want to talk about the market situation.
 Audemars Piguet is now one of the most popular watches in China (the other is Law and PP). The regular version of the steel shell Royal Oak has always been a hot spot for Audemars Piguet, and it has also maintained a strong market. The price of steel shell Royal Oak 15400 is 132,000. The actual value is above the public price. The blue dial of the new watch has the highest value, and the black and white gray is lower (depending on the year). The successor model 15500 now appears. As far as I know now, the situation of domestic specialty stores is also lining up and increasing prices. Because 15500 just launched this year, there have not been a large number of appearing on the market. The 15500 public price is 143,000. The first batch of 15500 that appears on the secondary market now has an actual value of 180,000 and is extremely rare. After this popular color like blue disk, the actual price may be higher.

The blue plate version of the new Royal Oak 15500 will be a hit in the future.
 Since the 15500 currently on the market is still very rare, at this stage, the old 15400 will still remain strong. But as the new 15500 gradually circulates on the market, the old 15400 year (guarantee card date) gradually gets older, and the value of 15400 will slowly decrease. Even if 15400 is replaced by 15500, the old model 15400 will still maintain a relatively strong stored value capacity because the steel shell imperial oak is too hot and the overall amount is small. By then, the unused 15400 and the good-looking used 15400 will not fall too much and will be relatively hard. The new 15500 is the main force.