Introduction To The Patron Philippe Chronometro Gondolo Watch

Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo Watch

卡 When Cartier launched the Tonneau watch in 1906, it was aimed at women only. Gentlemen of the year also wore pocket watches. Cartier first introduced the Tonneau watch for men in 1913, and I am afraid that only fashionable men dare to wear it. To really make the barrel a mainstream choice for gentlemen, and even become a legend, Patek Philippe’s Chronometro Gondolo series contributed.
In the early years, Patek Philippe’s creativity and enthusiasm in shell shapes will not be inferior to any brand that takes the artistic route. This series was specially customized for Brazilian watchmakers from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. , Square, rectangular, keg, and pillow. From these early styles, you can see that a kind of artistic temperament does not consider the gender of men and women, but only considers the beauty itself, just like the magic realism literature that later emerged in Latin America.

Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo Watch

After many years, Patek Philippe again launched the new Chronometro Gondolo. The elegant barrel-shaped case is obviously derived from the past design.
Comparing Patek Philippe’s 1914 antique watch with the latest Ref.5098 ChronometroGondolo, there are striking similarities. What’s more amazing is that you will be unconditionally convinced by this pure beauty. Regardless of the past decades, even hundreds of years, beauty is sometimes like a truth, it does not change over time. From Patek Philippe’s retro models, you can always find an original touch.

Light Up The Elves On Your Wrist Recommended Three Jewelry Watches

Among the many watch series of each watch brand, craft watches and jewellery watches best reflect the watchmaking standards and outstanding creativity of a brand. The jewellery watch not only contains the unique ideas of the brand watchmaker, but also the extraordinary craftsmanship of the watchmaker’s carving of jewelry. The watch is ingenious and at the same time has a clear history of the brand.
Cartier High Jewellery Watch TRAIT D’ÉCLAT

Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Watch details: D’ÉCLAT is a new high-end jewelry watch launched by Cartier this year. This evening watch features an 18K white gold case with 15 bright red oval Mozambican rubies and baguette-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut round diamonds set on the case and bracelet. The flames of precious rubies and the brilliance of gorgeous diamonds complement each other, making this watch like an elven wrist. The watch is equipped with a Cartier 101 manual winding mechanical movement.
Piaget LIMELIGHT G0A40161 watch

Domestic public price: 455,000 RMB
Watch diameter: 32 mm
Watch thickness: 7.4 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Details of the watch: The 32 mm diameter Gala watch features an 18K rose gold case with a bezel set with 62 round diamonds and extending to the lugs. The extended lug curve is naturally smooth and elegantly presents a feminine gesture. The dial of the watch is made of natural pink opal, exuding a slight golden light. The watch features a white satin strap with an 18K rose gold pin buckle set with a single round diamond. This watch is equipped with Piaget 690P quartz movement, limited to 18 pieces, each of which is individually numbered.
Breguet High Jewellery Watch GJ29BB8924 / 5D58

Domestic public price: 898,000 RMB
Watch diameter: 34.4 * 28.7 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Watch details: White gold, 24 brilliant-cut diamonds on the outer edge, 23 brilliant-cut diamonds on the periphery, and a Japanese Akoya sea pearl just below the watch dial. The dial of the watch is engraved with mother-of-pearl, the Breguet nameplate is set at 12 o’clock, and the eccentric hour scale ring is set below. Diamond hour markers are set at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. The center is Breguet. Classic needlepoint cutout blue-steel hands. The watch is equipped with a cal.586 / 1 self-winding movement.
Summary: The sparkle of diamonds, the flames of Mozambique ruby, the delicate colors of pink opal, the pure luster of Akoya sea pearls … High jewelry watches embody the full heart of the brand and the watchmaker, they choose the most precious Jewelry is used to decorate ingenious watches, each watch will become a unique orphan.

Marc Gläser Takes Over As General Manager Of Le Méridien

December 21, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland-After DKSH acquired a majority stake in Le Méridien Group in the summer of 2011, performance has grown significantly as expected, especially in Asia. In order to assist Le Méridien brand and product development to be closer to the market and meet the needs of the rapidly growing customer base, DKSH has added the post of Le Méridien General Manager, whose work does not involve the manufacture of the long-established case in Saignelégier Vendor Queloz and movement parts maker La Manufacture des Franches-Montagnes. Le Méridien’s general manager effective January 1, 2012, will be held by Marc Gläser, who has held various management positions at Le Méridien for the past seven years.
    DKSH President and CEO Joerg Wolle said: ‘Our results have grown significantly as expected, especially in the Asian market. As the number of middle classes in the emerging Asia region is rapidly increasing, and they love high-quality luxury and lifestyle products We benefit from this. Through this new organizational structure and strengthening Le Méridien’s focus on diversification of core competitive advantages, we are convinced that we can more quickly meet customer needs and accelerate our growth. ‘
    Gonpo Tsering, a member of the DKSH Group Board and Chairman of the Le Méridien Council, said: ‘I am very pleased to take this opportunity to once again thank Martin Bachmann, long-time CEO of Le Méridien, for his outstanding development in the past few years Performance. After the successful integration of Le Méridien into the DKSH Group, he decided to leave the company at the end of February 2012, and we sincerely wish him all the best.
    As a market development service provider, DKSH’s business covers the marketing, sales, logistics, and after-sales service of high-quality luxury and lifestyle products, and through a comprehensive network of markets across Asia, Harry Winston, Graham, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fortis, etc. Top brands.
About DKSH Group
    DKSH is a leading market development services group focused on the Asian region. As the term ‘market development services’ states, DKSH helps other companies and brands expand into new or old markets.
    DKSH has 610 branches in 35 countries-590 of which are located in Asia-and employs more than 23,000 professionals. DKSH ranks among the top 20 Swiss companies in terms of turnover and number of employees, with a turnover of 10 billion Swiss francs in 2010.
    The company’s business covers procurement, marketing, sales, logistics and after-sales service, and provides business partners with professional knowledge and local logistics services with a large-scale and extensive network. DCH Huajia divides its business into four major business units according to their professional fields: consumer goods, medical care, special raw materials and technology business units.
    Although DKSH is a Swiss company headquartered in Zurich, it is deeply rooted in the Asia-Pacific region because the company has nearly 150 years of operating history in the Asia-Pacific region.
About Le Méridien
    Since the introduction of its first watch in 1975, Le Méridien has grown into a popular watchmaking brand. At the end of 2006, Le Méridien’s workshops began producing complex precision parts for mechanical movements, and became a member of the distinguished Swiss watchmaker. Le Méridien continues to research and develop innovations in technology and design, and has registered a number of patents and trademarks. Le Méridien is one of the few independent watch factories in the world, employing more than 200 employees worldwide.

Distribution Agreement Between Glam Rock And Binda Group

Glam Rock granted the distribution rights of his watches in the Italian and North American markets to the Binda Group (subordinate Breil, D & G Time, Wyler Genève and other brands).
The distribution agreement reflects the development strategy of the Glam Rock brand, which is to achieve internationalization of the market through collaboration with local distributors, and to integrate brands in the fashion luxury market segment through strategic agreements in the markets that have entered.
Glam Rock watches will be distributed from Binda’s US branch to major department stores and high-end specialty stores in the United States and Canada from September. These channels are consistent with the brand’s market positioning.
In Italy, Glam Rock has been sold in nearly two hundred fine jewelry and watch stores. Under the agreement, these distribution channels (to date, directly managed by Glam Rock) will be delegated to the Binda Group for management starting in September.
‘Glam Rock is a product of Italian-style innovation, but he was born in the United States. He quickly became one of the global brands after he went public,’ said Enrico Margaritelli, president of Glam Rock. ‘From the beginning, our Unwaveringly, we are targeting discerning consumers and distributing through certain channels. This positioning emphasizes the brand’s fashion-luxury identity. The Binda Group is our invaluable ally. For the promotion of Glam Rock watches in Italy and Growth in certain markets, such as North America, is very beneficial. I believe his ability and enthusiasm is a weapon to help us face the most powerful opponents and the toughest market challenges. ‘
“The current distribution agreement represents another important step for us, and we are implementing a strategy to strengthen our presence in Italy and the global market.” Said Marcello Binda, CEO of Binda Group, “We chose Glam Rock because we Both sides have the same ideas, and we all believe that innovation is the most important force for the success of the brand. Glam Rock, like other brands in the group, is full of energy and creativity, so it has great appeal in Italy and globally. The product can be Satisfied consumers who are looking for fashion can be attributed to his advanced technology and attention to detail. Moreover, he is an ideal complement to our product line, which has enriched our product line in the high-end watch market, although we have already With Wyler Genève. ‘

Glam Rock’s price range is between 400 and 3,000 euros. It is positioned in the fashion and luxury market. He targets customers with high requirements, unique tastes, attention to details, and the pursuit of fashion trends, providing them with some watch options. The brand’s appeal is a unique and bold lifestyle, and some of the collections they are launching will soon include many new products.
The GLAM ROCK concept was born in Miami in 2005 and was created by Enrico Margaritelli and Isabelle Maujean. He combines elements of exquisite design, lean technology, complication and perfect appearance to target the trend of luxury watches.
In the process of producing Glam Rock watches, it is extremely delicate, ensuring that the finest quality technology and materials are used in every detail, which can highlight the personality of each watch. The beautiful appearance can also be changed by changing the strap or bezel, so that this watch can keep up with the popular changes of the season, and at the same time the tradition of the watch can continue.
The first collection of Glam Rock watches was inspired by the colorful lifestyle of Miami. His exquisite neutral models created a detailed and elegant tone for the watch.
In June 2006, Glam Rock opened offices in Italy and the United States, and Glam Rock watches were introduced to Italy, the first time the brand tried it in Europe. Expansion of the Swiss and Spanish markets will come soon.
Just nine months after the start of the distribution agreement, Glam Rock participated in the famous Baselworld. After the show, Glam Rock entered some important markets such as the Middle East and the Far East, Latin America, and his position in Europe has also been consolidated.
Binda, a company with a century-old history in Milan (owned by brands including Breil Milano, Breil Tribe and Wyler Genève). He was founded in 1906 in a small town on Lake Maggiore, where Binda, a 20-year-old company, opened a small watch store in Besozzo.
In 1932, he began to produce and sell Wyler Vetta watches, and from then on began his first step in the history of watch management.
In 1935, the Breil brand was launched. In 1994, the brand was re-launched again, and due to the unprecedented success of his famous advertising strategy, he became a leader in this market in one fell swoop. In 1997, Binda became a distributor of Seiko and Lorus, two world-renowned brands. In 1999, Binda became the distributor of Nike Timing in Italy, which made him further success in the field of sports watches.
In 2000, they obtained a license agreement to produce and sell the world-famous brand D & G Dolce & Gabbana Time. In 2001, the first Breil jewellery watch was launched. This is the first step towards creating a Breil lifestyle, and it is also important. step.
In 2003, this Breil leather series was launched. Then in 2005, D & G jewelry watches and Trudi jewelry began to be produced. In addition, branches were opened in Miami, Germany, and China. In 2006, the Breil Milano perfume line was launched. In 2007, the successive listing of Breil Milano glasses and Paris Hilton watches further enriched the brand’s product line.
Binda Group currently sells its products in more than 50 countries, and has its branches or production plants in the United States, Spain, Poland, Germany, China, Switzerland, Hong Kong and other places. He has a total of 350 employees. Total sales in 2006 reached 253 million euros.
Source: Glam Rock

Pierre Nine Wears Montblanc 4810 Series Automatic Calendar Watch At 73rd Venice Film Festival Franz Premiere

(September 3, 2016, Venice, Italy) On September 3, the 73rd Venice Film Festival held the premiere of the film ‘Frantz’, starring Pierre Nine wears the Montblanc 4810 series automatic self-winding watch to bring the handsome appearance of the masters.

Pierre Nine wears Montblanc 4810 calendar automatic watch at the 73rd Venice Film Festival ‘Fraz’ premiere

    In 2015, Nine won the 40th Caesar Award for Best Actor for his movie ‘Yves Saint Laurent’. At the Venice Film Festival, ‘Franz’ starred by him will compete with the other 19 films for the Golden Lion Award. ‘Franz’ is a feature film produced by French television 4, directed by the famous ghost director François Ou Rong, with the bold black and white film tone has evoked the curiosity of the audience. On the day of the premiere of ‘Fraz’, Nine appeared in a black suit and wore a Montblanc 4810 series automatic calendar watch, which was simple and elegant, showing his confidence. The deep dial of the Montblanc 4810 date automatic watch perfectly matches the silver-white Roman numerals and hands. The black alligator leather strap is elegant and timeless, which fully illustrates Montblanc’s unremitting pursuit of traditional craftsmanship and excellent quality.

Breitling Second Generation Emergency Help Watch-world’s First Dual Frequency Positioning Beacon Emergency Help Watch

The Emergency II emergency watch II was developed by Breitling in cooperation with large scientific research institutions. It has attracted much attention for its many innovations in the field of microelectronics and microtechnology, including The watch was developed with three configurations: a revolutionary rechargeable battery, a miniature dual-band transmitter, and a new built-in antenna system.
In 1995, Breitling launched the first watch with a built-in miniature emergency distress signal transmitter, which caused a strong response. The emergency help watch (Emergency) is fixed on the international aviation distress emergency call frequency of 121.5 MHz, which can guide rescuers to determine the pilot or passenger’s call for help in the event of an aircraft crash. This watch is designed to be worn on the wrist for a long time and complements the standard configuration on board the aircraft.

Breitling emergency help watch II

The Emergency II watch uses the Global Satellite Search and Rescue System satellite network, which also includes a ground receiving station and a control and coordination center. Its mission is to provide accurate and reliable distress signals and positioning data to assist search and rescue (SAR) agencies in rescuing people in distress. The Cospas-Sarsat Global Satellite Search and Rescue System has saved more than 26,000 lives since it began operations in 1985.
The innovative dual-frequency transmitter means that the second-generation emergency watch is based on the special requirements of the Cospas-Sarsat global satellite search and rescue system. It is equipped with a miniature transmitter that can send two different frequency signals for 24 hours. It can first send a digital alarm signal to the satellite at a frequency of 406 MHz with a duration of 0.44 seconds and an interval of 50 seconds; then it can send an analog signal that can guide positioning and rescue at a frequency of 121.5 MHz with a duration of 0.75 seconds and an interval of 2.25 seconds.

The wearer only needs to unscrew and pull out the main antenna protection cover on the right side of the case to activate the system. Once the two antennas are deployed, simply place the watch in a suitable place to ensure the best transmission performance. A compact device with a built-in new antenna system, the transmitter can use part of the antenna, or both antennas. This is an unprecedented technology in the area of ​​distress beacons. The new rechargeable battery specifically designed for this emergency watch is also a technological miracle.
Energy supply is crucial in the development of the second-generation emergency watch. The Cospas-Sarsat global satellite search and rescue system requires beacons to ensure that signals are transmitted for 24 hours. In addition to the duration requirement, the particularity of the dual-frequency transmitter must be considered, and the power levels of its alternate operation are very different (the power at 121.5 MHz is 30 mW, and the power at 406 MHz is 3.2 W, which is the former 100 times), this feature requires a certain current consumption. Not to mention that all components must be fully built into small watches. Therefore, Breitling designed a new rechargeable battery for this emergency watch. In order to ensure the reliable performance of the second-generation emergency watch, Breitling also developed a charger tester that can periodically charge the battery and automatically check whether the transmitter is operating normally.
The case of this watch is made of titanium, the preferred aerospace industry, and is equipped with an observatory-certified super quartz movement.
Source: Breitling

Gu Tianle, Gao Yuanyuan’s Romantic Encounter With Fei Yada Time Travel

Buddha said: 500 times in the past, I had to pass in this life. I am willing to look back ten thousand times in exchange for meeting you in this life! He is a talented watch designer, Gu Tianle; she is a beautiful and intellectual traveler, Gao Yuanyuan. The magic of life always happens innumerable possibilities, the next second you and I can’t predict, unexpectedly the fate of the third life has been engraved in time!

 Let Fiyta take you there and explore this passing fate. The story begins in an old-fashioned station hidden in nature, quiet and unmanned, with flowers and birds. Gu Tianle was wearing a suit, and thoughtfully seemed to be going to a faraway place. The whistle of the incoming train interrupted his thoughts and brought him back to reality, and the train slowly drove towards the station.

 Gao Yuanyuan, who had short hair, sat next to the window and carefully read the map in her hand to plan the next trip. The focus was very charming. Raising a hand to hoop a few wisps of playful hair, backhand to determine the travel time, a blue watch flickering on the wrist looks particularly elegant and agile. And this scene happened to be seen by Gu Tianle, who was waiting for the train, but this moment, she was attracted by Yuanyuan and confused by her.

 Good times are always short, no matter how beautiful the picture can’t be still and preserved. The sound of banging rumbling wheels broke the silence, and the train went to the next station. Everything returns to quietness, leaving Gu Tianle alone to look at the direction the beauty is going away. The focused eyes revealed a little sadness and expectation.

 Time condenses, making love drunk in this non-stop time. The time container bears the wish of love and wonders if it can lead the two in the dim world to meet again. Will the Fiyta watch quietly blooming between the round wrists become the red line of the old age, and whether passing by in this life will be instant and eternal.

 The next stop is happiness?

Preheating 2016 Basel Frederique Constant Launches New Horological Smartwatch Swiss-made Smart Watches

Swiss watchmaker Frederique Constant has always been known for its classic and sophisticated timepieces of outstanding value. Today, the brand is pleased to launch Horological Smartwatch Swiss-made smart watches equipped with the MotionX-365® technology platform as a new product preview. Hot 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show.
   5 new self-made movements and the new MotionX® technology platform Horological Smartwatch Swiss-made smart watches, 2015 is undoubtedly an important year for Frederique Constant.
   After three years of research and development, Frederique Constant became the world’s first Swiss watchmaker to launch the first traditional Swiss-made smartwatch. Over the past 6 months, incredible global demand has transformed the passion for this innovative timepiece from a concept into a reality.
   In order to meet this need, Frederique Constant decided to launch a new Horological Smartwatch Swiss-made smart watch, which combines modern and classic styles, hand-made with high-quality materials, durable, and will certainly make classic watch lovers feel pleasing.
   The highly polished stainless steel rose gold-plated case is 42 mm in diameter, with a charming navy dial, and decorated with appliqued indexes and Roman numerals. The convex sapphire crystal protects the beautiful dial. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters and has a blue alligator strap.
   The new Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Swiss-made smart watch has a built-in MMT-285 quartz movement and is powered by Fullpower Technologies’ MotionX-365® technology platform. It has a battery life of up to two and a half years and can operate continuously without charging.
   By combining innovative technology and watchmaking traditions, Frederique Constant’s Horological Smartwatch takes luxury and simplicity to a new level. The watch features hour, minute, and date functions, and can track wearer activity and sleep monitoring.
   There is a smart timer at the 6 o’clock position on the dial. The smart program will analyze the data and upload it to the MotionX-365® app (compatible with iOS and Android), displaying the wearer with a simple and easy-to-understand graphic for a day, a week or even A month of exercise and sleep.

Which Man Doesn’t Love The Beautiful ‘blue Demon Girl’?

Now sports watches are particularly favored by watch friends in the market, thief fire, especially boy paper, after all, sports watches are very good in terms of playing cool and performance. The three top sports watches in the watchmaking world, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak, Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and Vacheron Constantin, are all very clear. Today I want to talk about the vertical and horizontal directions of Vacheron Constantin. At the beginning of the Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Fair, Vacheron Constantin added new horizontal and vertical models, covering entry-level models to complex models.

  Today I want to talk about this perpetual calendar model. In 2016 and last year, Vacheron Constantin already launched the perpetual calendar models. This year, different color matching and metal straps have been added. The models basically continue the third-generation classic design that was launched in 2016. The modified Maltese cross bezel, the quick-change strap system, etc. are all features of the world.

The origins of the world

Vacheron Constantin 222

  Although Vacheron Constantin’s vertical and horizontal appearance appeared in 1996, the former model of the horizontal and vertical appearance is “222”. After the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series came out in the 1970s, although it began to be questioned, time proved its importance. Vacheron Constantin’s ‘222’ was also born at that time, but in the 1980s, this Vacheron Constantin 222 was born because of Unsatisfactory sales led to the suspension of production.

Vacheron Constantin first generation

  In 1996, Vacheron Constantin took the essence of the previous ‘222’, the later ‘333’ and ‘Phidias’ and merged them into the first generation. In the first generation, we can already see the eye-catching Maltese cross bezel. The second generation was readjusted and changed in 2004. The bracelet was made into a Maltese cross shape, which increased the diameter of the watch, and Vacheron Constantin’s iconic ‘Malta Cross’ taste was aggravated again. The third generation is familiar to everyone, and the changes are also very large. The most intuitive thing is that the bezel has changed from 8 teeth to 6 teeth. The very convenient and quick-changeable strap system is also in the third generation. Appeared on the body, the movement also switched to the brand’s own production movement. The third generation of design has continued to this day.

Perpetual calendar this year

  I have to say that this year’s blue and green colors are very hot, Vacheron Constantin has added a blue dial. The blue and white chronographs and chronographs have been released before, and this year’s perpetual calendar has also followed the blue dial (of course, the tourbillon also has a new blue dial).

  The texture of the disc surface has a semi-transparent feel, which looks more moist, and the minute scale circle is more special, which is biased towards the velvet texture. Under different light, the color of the disk will also change. For example, the color of the disk is dark when indoors, and the blue of the disk is beautiful under the conditions of sufficient outdoor light. At the same time, we can also notice that the moon phase disk and three The blue of the function plate is different from the blue of the plate. The three functional plates on the surface of the plate are actually decorated with snail patterns, forming a distinction from other parts of the plate. The arrangement of the function disk and the previous horizontal and vertical perpetual calendar models have basically remained unchanged. The display panels of the month, date, day of the week, and moon phases are all distributed at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, basically maintaining the original the design of.

  The horizontal and vertical sea is essentially a luxury sports watch, but since the launch of the perpetual calendar models have been made of precious metal materials, the 41.5 mm diameter is relatively common in sports watches, but the thickness of the vertical and horizontal sea is very thin, only 8.1 mm This is the thinnest of the brand’s perpetual calendar models. The slim model reduces the sense of weight.

  There is also a very user-friendly feature of the horizontal and vertical seas. After making adjustments in 2016, a quick-replaceable strap system was added. Although this design is not uncommon now, Vacheron Constantin is the first time to use the horizontal and vertical seas. We do n’t need any tools to switch between different material straps, such as steel chains, belts, and rubber straps. This design allows the watch to have a different style, and a watch can Get a different style.

  As for the caliber perpetual calendar, the previous two generations did not use the self-produced movement. It was not until the third generation that the self-produced movement was used. Still using the VC1120 movement. This movement was jointly developed by Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Previously, the ultra-thin perpetual calendar of Audemars Piguet and this movement of Vacheron Constantin were the same basic movement. This movement is very thin, only 4.05 mm, creating an ultra-thin and lightweight watch, certified by the Geneva mark, and has a power reserve of 40 hours.

  Previous Vacheron Constantin 5XXX series movements, such as 5100, 5200, 5500 movements, have been used in chronograph, junior hand, two places and other watches, this time although there is no perpetual calendar version, but think about it, popular It can be said that the perpetual calendar is a matter of time. However, there is a problem here. The movement of this series is too large compared to the VC1120 movement. If it is placed on a perpetual calendar, the thickness is estimated to be more than 10 mm. In this case, the ultra-thin effect may not be achieved. Like this watch, even if the perpetual calendar is added, the thickness is controlled at 8.1 mm. Therefore, ultra-thin perpetual calendar models may still use the VC1120 movement, whether the 5XXX series is necessary to add a perpetual calendar version is hard to say.

  When it comes to prices, you may want to look at your deposit and calm down. The public price of the 18K5N pink gold blue disc model is 59W, and the price of the platinum model is of course higher, 73W. After calming down, by the way, look at Vacheron Constantin this year also released another particularly powerful Traditionnelle series dual core rate perpetual calendar watch, I wanted to write it before, but it is really complicated, this watch, can be said A perpetual calendar watch that is closer to ‘permanent use’, this well-crafted ‘dazzling technique’! Vacheron Constantin also launched a new model of Wu Luzhi this year. The entry-level junior needle uses a stainless steel case, and the public price is controlled within 100,000. If you want to start, you can start with Wu Lu. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Remember The Pioneers And Create A Classic Glashütte Launches The Pilot’s World Watch

The 1920s flight was in the enlightenment stage. Europe and the world are aware of the importance of this revolutionary change in transportation. Flying makes the world smaller, making the impossible before possible. Inventors and pioneers continue to test and challenge the limits of technology, hoping to apply the results to exploration and commercial use. Due to the limited functions of technology and instruments, the pilots at the time had to perform multiple duties such as maintenance technicians, navigators, and photographers. You even need to draw your own map to record the flight path. It can be said that the pilot at that time was an out-and-out explorer.

 Watches were one of the most important tools for pilots of the time. The primary requirement for a watch designed for pilots is its size, which must be able to be worn outside a heavy flight jacket. Second, it must be highly legible, easy to read day and night. Of course, the accuracy of the travel time is also very important.

 With the Pilot’s Watch World Time, Glashütte pays tribute to the adventurous explorers and their adventurous spirit. The Pilot’s World Time watch looks the same as the other models of the 20th century vintage series. The case has a rotatable ring marked with the world city name, which can easily define the time in different time zones. The oversized hour markers provide ideal legibility, and Glashütte’s proud calendar window is located at 6 o’clock, giving the wearer complete control of the world.

 The sapphire crystal case back reveals the beauty of the 39-47 movement, the skeleton pendant in 21K gold, the gooseneck fine-tuning device, and the finely polished Glashütte 3/4 splint bring you visual enjoyment. It is also an excellent Glashütte production A model of table craft. With its sporty and tough exterior design, the Pilot’s World Time watch is the ideal equipment for adventurers-you can have the whole world at a glance at your wrist.

 Although flying has become a part of our daily lives, the excitement that adventure brings us is something we will never lose!