Medium Perfect Series Automatic Helium Valve Diving Watch Appreciation

The ocean is a ‘blue territory’ covering three-quarters of the earth’s surface; it is the natural original charm shown to us by the film of French director Jacques Behan; Gentle waves, but also the raging and raging waves. Diving gives us the opportunity to delve deep into the deep blue sea. A real diving adventure is far more exciting than the feeling in a feature film, and a reliable watch is the first prerequisite and guarantee of safety.

     The Perfect Series Automatic Helium Exhaust Dive Watch incorporates the leading automatic Helium Exhaust technology into the exquisite traditional watchmaking technology, and dives deep into the perfect world. In this mysterious blue world, it exerts its outstanding potential without fear.
     Diving is known as a brave sport that coexists with beauty and danger, with strong characteristics. When a person dives into the bottom of the water and is affected by water pressure, the rhythm of life is constantly slowing down. Gravity, downward acceleration, and increasing color levels all continue to issue new challenges to divers. A reliable watch is the first prerequisite and guarantee of safety. Excellent water resistance, luminous hands and scales that are easy to read at the bottom of the dark sea are all necessary conditions for an excellent diving watch. Swiss Mido meets the challenge once again, launching a high-performance diving watch-the perfect series of automatic helium valve diving watch, in the premise of maintaining all the characteristics of the perfect series, more integrated into the elements of sports and technology, so that divers in Become an explorer in the gorgeous underwater world, feel and explore this deep and rich mysterious world.
    Adhering to the consistent design philosophy of the perfect series, this model subtly blends high technology and rough appearance, but also gives the watch a more sporty fashion element, ensuring that you can enjoy unlimited sports fun. Super-LumiNova® scale markers and palm-shaped hands under the dazzling sapphire surface make it easy to read even at night. The unique automatic helium valve design of this watch ensures that the watch is absolutely safe and reliable even if it is placed in a submarine for a long time. In deep-water environments, the built-in valve automatically releases helium that has penetrated into the inside of the watch. In this way, the watch mirror is protected from returning to the water surface and will not pop out due to a sharp water pressure difference. The water-resistant depth of up to 300 meters is not afraid of environmental challenges. The anti-corrosion rubber strap is equipped with a folding buckle and a diving safety buckle to protect your deep blue diving.