Looking For The ‘v’ Structure In The Louis Vuitton Acte V’s Top Jewelry Collection

V, representing the number 5 in Roman numerals, under this name Louis Vuitton launched the brand’s fifth top jewelry series, ‘V’ is still Gaston-Louis Vuitton in the Art Deco period The designed Louis Vuitton brand identity symbol, therefore, ‘V’ is the theme of the fifth high-end jewelry series launched by the Louis Vuitton brand.

Designer sketches gouache for Acte V’s top jewelry collection
   In the jewellery series of Acte V series I, each jewellery is based on this ‘V’. The geometric shape of ‘V’ reproduces the abstract beauty and avant-garde vitality derived from building structure, speed and mechanics. Louis Vuitton has created a series of beautiful top-level jewellery with smooth lines, free breathing and travel experience for contemporary women.

   This Acte V series high jewelry necklace fully demonstrates the aesthetic style of ArtDeco Art Deco design with simple lines, combining precise lines, perfect proportions and harmonious geometric beauty.

   A simple ‘V’ shape fits harmoniously into the simple metal collar.

   In the Louis Vuitton Jewelry Workshop at No. 23 Fangdeng, the master craftsman used diamond-set collars and a ‘V’ notch design to be precise and angular. A rare drop-shaped Paraiba tourmaline perfectly matches the gap of the ‘V’ collar, and a rich emerald in the middle enriches the overall color and layering of the necklace.

Louis Vuitton Acte V Fine Jewelry Necklace with Paraiba Tourmaline, Emerald, Diamonds
   The overall design blends the V letter style with the curvy beauty of the necklace.