Jacques Dero ‘magician’ Visits Chengdu

A few days ago, Chengdu Xinyu Sambo Store greeted a special friend, Swiss haute horlogerie brand Jaquet Droz, a new automatic doll ‘Magician’. This mechanical puppet is made of gold, ebony, fine mahogany, etc., it is 50cm high. It is a mechanical device composed of 1437 parts. The production process took 6 months and was completed by 11 professionals, including designers, robotics experts, sculptors, painters, micromechanical engineers, jewelry inlayers, and watchmakers.
The reporter took a close look at the ‘magician’ and saw that the ‘magician’ could blink flexibly. When the arm moved, the machine would move his hands and let the ‘magician’ take out the bell. Not only that, the ‘magician’ can transform a spinning bird from the table.
It is reported that as early as the Enlightenment, Pierre Jacques Dro’s watchmaking workshop was born with three robot puppets named musicians, writers, and painters that swept the European royal family. This year marks the 275th anniversary of the brand. In order to revive this exquisite mechanical craftsmanship, Jacques Droau produced this piece of the world’s only automatic puppet ‘Magic’ art work. ยท Mr. Drow pays tribute to the superb mechanical craftsmanship.