Iwc Pilot Series New Tour Tour Unveiled In Beijing Feeling The Charm Of Precision Machinery

September 5, 2019, Beijing-IWC pilot series of national tour exhibition opened a new chapter in the Beijing International Trade Mall today, shining the silver spitfire model of the fuselage internal structure It also made its debut, and the endless charm of fine watchmaking and precision machinery roared here. The new products of the 2019 pilot series are also unveiled in the entire series, originating from classic legends, creating a dream of flying things.

Exhibition hall panorama
   Longest flight
   In 1936, the first Spitfire Spitfire took off and took off, marking the glorious journey of this legendary British fighter. In the same year, IWC pilot watches were also introduced for the first time. In August this year, with the full support of IWC as an official timepiece and major partners, the restored ‘Silver Wing Spitfire’ officially set sail in Goodwood, England, and launched a 43,000 km global adventure. trip. Just as it interprets its own ups and downs legendary history, the journey of ‘Silver Wing Spitfire-Longest Flight’ will become a ‘lively carrier of time’, arousing people’s thinking about time and the highest respect for mechanical classics.

Hall details
   Spitfire debuts internal structure
   In the exhibition hall, a model of the ‘Silver Wing Spitfire’ stood up, the core mechanical components of the fuselage were clearly visible, and the extraordinary charm and passionate flying dream of the precision model were displayed. In order to allow guests to fully explore the new timepieces, IWC designed the exhibition hall as an open space, with a futuristic silver luster and Spitfire-themed olive green. It is immersive in the cockpit, mechanical The texture is coming.

Hall details
   A chic watch showcase is set up on the side of the exhibition hall. The exquisite timepiece display overlaps with the light. The tough appearance reflects the classic immortal edge under the light. Guests can taste the innovative watchmaking charm of IWC here.

Hall details
   Hardcore mechanical aesthetics
   IWC has released a new Spitfire series of pilot watches this year. To pay tribute to the outstanding engineering design skills of the designers of this legendary British fighter, all Spitfire series watches are equipped with IWC’s homemade movements, which are inspired by the instrumental style of the Mark 11 watch. Simple style. Derived from classics, outstanding strength.
   Spitfire series watches come in two different designs. The stainless steel case, black dial, and green fabric strap are inspired by the color of the cockpit of the Spitfire Spitfire. The other bronze case, olive green dial and brown calfskin strap are also unique. Over time, the bronze surface will gradually produce a special coating-patina, which makes each watch unique.

   In addition to the new pilots’ favorite products this year, IWC also brought six classic watch families and 150th anniversary models to the road show, continued to write mechanical legends, pay tribute to watchmaking technology, and invite you to experience the two precision machinery engines. roar.
IWC Pilot Series New Tour in Beijing
When: September 5-September 15, 2019
Venue: Atrium at the basement of the first floor of Beijing International Trade Center South · IWC Exhibition Area
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