Introduction Of Hublot Big Bang 44mm Jewelry Watch

Hublot’s new high-end jewellery watch is set with 891 gorgeous diamonds, including 440 baguette-cut diamonds and 451 brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling an amazing 28 carats!
 The white gold case is set with 88 baguette-shaped diamonds and 219 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 7.17 carats), and the white-gold strap is set with 344 baguette-shaped diamonds and 232 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 20.69 carat).

 The 18K white gold black dial is equipped with a 44mm Big Bang self-winding chronograph movement, superb diamond setting technology, and a classic, elegant and fashionable Big Bang style design that blends with sports, all giving this watch pure quality.
 The elaborate details on the watch are everywhere. The two chronograph buttons are decorated with 14 small diamonds, and the 8-hour scale is also set with baguette diamonds.