Gu Tianle, Gao Yuanyuan’s Romantic Encounter With Fei Yada Time Travel

Buddha said: 500 times in the past, I had to pass in this life. I am willing to look back ten thousand times in exchange for meeting you in this life! He is a talented watch designer, Gu Tianle; she is a beautiful and intellectual traveler, Gao Yuanyuan. The magic of life always happens innumerable possibilities, the next second you and I can’t predict, unexpectedly the fate of the third life has been engraved in time!

 Let Fiyta take you there and explore this passing fate. The story begins in an old-fashioned station hidden in nature, quiet and unmanned, with flowers and birds. Gu Tianle was wearing a suit, and thoughtfully seemed to be going to a faraway place. The whistle of the incoming train interrupted his thoughts and brought him back to reality, and the train slowly drove towards the station.

 Gao Yuanyuan, who had short hair, sat next to the window and carefully read the map in her hand to plan the next trip. The focus was very charming. Raising a hand to hoop a few wisps of playful hair, backhand to determine the travel time, a blue watch flickering on the wrist looks particularly elegant and agile. And this scene happened to be seen by Gu Tianle, who was waiting for the train, but this moment, she was attracted by Yuanyuan and confused by her.

 Good times are always short, no matter how beautiful the picture can’t be still and preserved. The sound of banging rumbling wheels broke the silence, and the train went to the next station. Everything returns to quietness, leaving Gu Tianle alone to look at the direction the beauty is going away. The focused eyes revealed a little sadness and expectation.

 Time condenses, making love drunk in this non-stop time. The time container bears the wish of love and wonders if it can lead the two in the dim world to meet again. Will the Fiyta watch quietly blooming between the round wrists become the red line of the old age, and whether passing by in this life will be instant and eternal.

 The next stop is happiness?