Fearless Speed ​​vs. Time Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis And Pirelli Tires For A New Superb Timepiece

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis galloped at a high speed in 2017, with the mission of surpassing innovation, and the Pirelli tire perfection-oriented perfect alliance to enter the race, without fear of speed, and time. In August 2017, Roger Dubuis and Pirelli tire brands came to China together, bringing a new interpretation to the newly launched Excalibur Spider Pirelli watch series, and announced its official launch in China. At this event, three Excalibur Spider Pirelli limited timepieces were unveiled together. The event was located in high-end art living communities in Beijing and Shanghai, pursuing a high comfort lifestyle and spiritual cultural experience. Like Roger Dubuis, the track spirit Incorporating watch models is the brand’s pursuit of a deeper cultural appeal in contemporary watch design.

    This new product launch invited many media, watch collectors and brand enthusiasts to not only appreciate the limited timepieces of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli, but also set up a wonderful interactive experience link on the site, allowing guests to deeply appreciate the ‘Fearless Speed ‘Brand spirit.

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Limited Pirelli Limited Timepiece New Product Launch Entrance

Event scene at a glance

A wonderful interactive session was set up at the event site
Disruptive materials and advanced complications

    Roger Dubuis The alliance between Roger Dubuis and Pirelli started at SIHH Geneva in January this year. The first ‘Perfect Fit’ made by the Union included two limited timepieces: Excalibur Spider Pirelli Hollow Blue flying tourbillon and Excalibur Spider Pirelli skeleton automatic winding blue. The emergence of such a relationship between high-end watches and tire brands is a precious possibility, and is compatible with business and art. Pirelli is a pioneer of innovation in technology and industry, and the only supplier of premium tires in world-class motorsport competitions. For Roger Dubuis, who has long been involved in the field of motorsports, this alliance not only perfectly explains the combination of disruptive materials and advanced complications, but also the best way to connect a watch with an extraordinary racing experience. : The timepiece is equipped with a strap inlaid with Pirelli tire rubber, which is also the most iconic expression of the track spirit.
Excalibur Spider Pirelli Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon
    Then in May of this year, Roger Dubuis and Pirelli jointly unveiled a series of exclusive Excalibur Spider Pirelli-Automatic Skeleton automatic skeletonized watches in this year’s ‘Run to Monaco’ Super Rally. The latest masterpiece is shown in two brightly colored timepieces, the Excalibur Spider Pirelli watch, yellow and red, proudly showing the iconic color of Pirelli, the iconic tire brand, and expanding the lineup of the Excalibur King series.
Run to Monaco Rally

    The new Excalibur Spider Pirelli-Automatic Skeleton, a self-winding skeleton watch, fuses vibrant dazzling blue, red, and yellow, and reproduces the speed of the race on the wrist. This limited timepiece is made of Pirelli’s rubber tires that won the race. The inner surface is decorated with a unique tread pattern that exudes the winner’s grandeur. Pirelli has long-term experience in the field, knowing that the color of the tire plays a role in functional recognition, so it draws inspiration from it and highlights the characteristics of the watch.
    Hard work never stops on the track. The spirit of bravery is the best help on the road of life. In their respective professional fields, they firmly control the compass of life, insist on themselves and continue to surpass themselves, create extraordinary and spirited. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis, with an unstoppable momentum, pursues eternity in speed, moves forward at a fast speed, and controls everything with great power. Fearless enough to travel far.