Earl Grey Tourbillon With Relative Satellite Operation

The relative tourbillon device was proposed by Carole Forestier-Kasapi, and the final practice model was completed by Piaget’s research and development team. This also opened a new page for the watch tourbillon, so it was equipped on the hands. The tourbillon device has become one of the most unique changes in the appearance of the tourbillon. Piaget Tourbillon Relatif
In addition to the satellite-type tourbillon device rotating in place, it must be mounted on another bearing in order to set the revolution mode. For example, the Tourbillon Relatif of Piaget [weibo] relative to the tourbillon, the tourbillon frame On the minute hand, under the hour hand like a dagger, there is an hour dial, which is used as a hand to read the hour. In addition to the role of the hour dial in the center of the tourbillon, Piaget can also hide the center wheel shaft underneath it. The center wheel shaft transmits power to the time wheel train hidden under the face plate, and is interlocked with the central pinion, which in turn drives The escapement wheel, which rotates around the fixed fourth wheel, provides power for the horse and drives the balance wheel. It also provides the power for the tourbillon bridge and device to operate for one week per hour.
According to this design, the rotation of Piaget’s relative to the tourbillon frame is to rotate the dial with the minute hand at both ends of the balance. This design is very clever so that the tourbillon can float in the air and spin, and this and the pointer at the other end It must be balanced in weight to achieve smooth operation. Therefore, the weight of the two must be accurately calculated. If the specific gravity is unbalanced and the weight is too heavy, it will hinder the axis of the support pointer and the movement of the movement. Smooth transfer of kinetic energy and no indication of time. Fortunately, Piaget is best at making tourbillon with titanium frame, which can overcome the technical difficulties of weight balance.
Piaget’s power transmission system for tourbillon watches adopts the traditional mode. While transmitting power, it also drives the balance wheel, which in turn drives the escapement bridge rotation. This is very different from the Freak fantasy watch of Athens. Many people regarded Piaget’s relative tourbillon watch as a Carrousel device, because its appearance is very similar to the Athens Freak fantasy watch released many years ago. But if you compare it with the Freak Carrousel watch, the power of Freak is output from the sun gear to the escapement bridge (also the minute hand) fixed to it. When the gear rotates, the escapement bridge is linked to the fixed track. The connected center wheel receives power from the fixed track and transmits it to the escape wheel and balance wheel. The relative tourbillon device was proposed by Carole Forestier-Kasapi, and the Piaget’s research and development team completed the final practice of the watch. This also opened a new page for the watch tourbillon, so the tourbillon device on the pointer became a tourbillon. One of the most unique changes to the appearance of a flywheel.