Distribution Agreement Between Glam Rock And Binda Group

Glam Rock granted the distribution rights of his watches in the Italian and North American markets to the Binda Group (subordinate Breil, D & G Time, Wyler Genève and other brands).
The distribution agreement reflects the development strategy of the Glam Rock brand, which is to achieve internationalization of the market through collaboration with local distributors, and to integrate brands in the fashion luxury market segment through strategic agreements in the markets that have entered.
Glam Rock watches will be distributed from Binda’s US branch to major department stores and high-end specialty stores in the United States and Canada from September. These channels are consistent with the brand’s market positioning.
In Italy, Glam Rock has been sold in nearly two hundred fine jewelry and watch stores. Under the agreement, these distribution channels (to date, directly managed by Glam Rock) will be delegated to the Binda Group for management starting in September.
‘Glam Rock is a product of Italian-style innovation, but he was born in the United States. He quickly became one of the global brands after he went public,’ said Enrico Margaritelli, president of Glam Rock. ‘From the beginning, our Unwaveringly, we are targeting discerning consumers and distributing through certain channels. This positioning emphasizes the brand’s fashion-luxury identity. The Binda Group is our invaluable ally. For the promotion of Glam Rock watches in Italy and Growth in certain markets, such as North America, is very beneficial. I believe his ability and enthusiasm is a weapon to help us face the most powerful opponents and the toughest market challenges. ‘
“The current distribution agreement represents another important step for us, and we are implementing a strategy to strengthen our presence in Italy and the global market.” Said Marcello Binda, CEO of Binda Group, “We chose Glam Rock because we Both sides have the same ideas, and we all believe that innovation is the most important force for the success of the brand. Glam Rock, like other brands in the group, is full of energy and creativity, so it has great appeal in Italy and globally. The product can be Satisfied consumers who are looking for fashion can be attributed to his advanced technology and attention to detail. Moreover, he is an ideal complement to our product line, which has enriched our product line in the high-end watch market, although we have already With Wyler Genève. ‘

Glam Rock’s price range is between 400 and 3,000 euros. It is positioned in the fashion and luxury market. He targets customers with high requirements, unique tastes, attention to details, and the pursuit of fashion trends, providing them with some watch options. The brand’s appeal is a unique and bold lifestyle, and some of the collections they are launching will soon include many new products.
The GLAM ROCK concept was born in Miami in 2005 and was created by Enrico Margaritelli and Isabelle Maujean. He combines elements of exquisite design, lean technology, complication and perfect appearance to target the trend of luxury watches.
In the process of producing Glam Rock watches, it is extremely delicate, ensuring that the finest quality technology and materials are used in every detail, which can highlight the personality of each watch. The beautiful appearance can also be changed by changing the strap or bezel, so that this watch can keep up with the popular changes of the season, and at the same time the tradition of the watch can continue.
The first collection of Glam Rock watches was inspired by the colorful lifestyle of Miami. His exquisite neutral models created a detailed and elegant tone for the watch.
In June 2006, Glam Rock opened offices in Italy and the United States, and Glam Rock watches were introduced to Italy, the first time the brand tried it in Europe. Expansion of the Swiss and Spanish markets will come soon.
Just nine months after the start of the distribution agreement, Glam Rock participated in the famous Baselworld. After the show, Glam Rock entered some important markets such as the Middle East and the Far East, Latin America, and his position in Europe has also been consolidated.
Binda, a company with a century-old history in Milan (owned by brands including Breil Milano, Breil Tribe and Wyler Genève). He was founded in 1906 in a small town on Lake Maggiore, where Binda, a 20-year-old company, opened a small watch store in Besozzo.
In 1932, he began to produce and sell Wyler Vetta watches, and from then on began his first step in the history of watch management.
In 1935, the Breil brand was launched. In 1994, the brand was re-launched again, and due to the unprecedented success of his famous advertising strategy, he became a leader in this market in one fell swoop. In 1997, Binda became a distributor of Seiko and Lorus, two world-renowned brands. In 1999, Binda became the distributor of Nike Timing in Italy, which made him further success in the field of sports watches.
In 2000, they obtained a license agreement to produce and sell the world-famous brand D & G Dolce & Gabbana Time. In 2001, the first Breil jewellery watch was launched. This is the first step towards creating a Breil lifestyle, and it is also important. step.
In 2003, this Breil leather series was launched. Then in 2005, D & G jewelry watches and Trudi jewelry began to be produced. In addition, branches were opened in Miami, Germany, and China. In 2006, the Breil Milano perfume line was launched. In 2007, the successive listing of Breil Milano glasses and Paris Hilton watches further enriched the brand’s product line.
Binda Group currently sells its products in more than 50 countries, and has its branches or production plants in the United States, Spain, Poland, Germany, China, Switzerland, Hong Kong and other places. He has a total of 350 employees. Total sales in 2006 reached 253 million euros.
Source: Glam Rock