Dignified And Dreamy Hublot Booths At Baselworld 2015

Basel Watch Fair 2015 has been grandly opened at the Basel Exhibition Center. In the next few days, we will present the biggest watch and jewelry exhibition of the year. Everyone who loves fashion is looking forward to the future. Report. The Watch House Reporting Group has returned the information of the exhibition hall. The following is the appearance of the Hublot brand booth. Let’s take a look together:

   The Hublot booth still adopts a dignified and dreamy design style. The mysterious black tone takes us on a magical journey, which is dotted with dazzling decorative lights, like the stars in the vast night sky, dreamy and full of expectations .

Summary: Baselworld 2015 will present us a beautiful and unique visual feast. What kind of works will Hublot bring in this exhibition? Let us look forward to more exciting content brought back by the watch group in front of the Watch House. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event: