Changing Straps Is As Fast As Flipping Books | Quick-release Straps Have Their Own Clever

INFLUX Studio was founded by Laura Lan, a professional mechanical watch critic. It is engaged in professional consultants, lectures, articles and creative solutions in the field of boutiques, clocks and culture. The small world of watch straps has now been changed by more and more quick-release systems. Various quick-release systems with different structure designs are marketed one by one, with the same purpose but different ingeniousness. The watch industry has set off a trend of quick-release straps in recent years. Although it is not a difficult movement to change the strap, it is always an annoying task. In the past, most watch replacements require the assistance of tools to remove the strap. The number of quick-release systems that can change the watch band by themselves has gradually increased and is also valued by the wearer. More and more brands have incorporated the quick-release system of watch bands into the design of models. From the perspective of structure and design, the current quick-release systems on the market It can be divided into several different designs. 1. Traditional lug spring structure [Spring bolt structure ⓵-Bvlgari Serpenti series] Most of the early simple replacement straps appeared in women’s watches. The common mechanism is the lugs behind the watch. A spring device is added to the watch to easily remove and replace the strap. Many brands still use this design in watch designs. The advantage is that there are fewer simple parts, but the spring structure is prone to fatigue. Bvlgari’s Serpenti series watch with snake head shape has been added to the strap quick release device since 2017. The wearer can choose a strap with different colors and turns according to his preference. Bvlgari’s unique Serpenti series is equipped with a strap replacement spring bolt on the strap, which can be easily replaced with a different strap. [Spring Bolt Structure 宝-Blancpain Villeret Women’s Watch] In response to women’s needs for change, Blancpain has also launched the Villeret classic series date indicator moon phase set with a simple belt replacement system, which is equipped with five different materials and colors at one time. The strap is for replacement, you can wear one more and it is easy to operate. Blancpain’s strap quick release has large buttons on the traditional lug spring structure, which is easy to press and easy to operate. For women with long nails, there is no need to worry about plucking beautiful nails. A set of Blancpain Villeret date date moonphase watches comes with a total of five straps. Blancpain Villeret Classic Series Date Indicating Moon Phase Watch The simple strap replacement system is installed on the strap and is operated by pressing. [Spring bolt structure ⓷-Tiffany East West series] When Tiffany launched a new style in 2017, the East West series displayed the time in a horizontal direction. In the small size, it also adopted a spring ear strap-type strap replacement mechanism, which can be as you like. Change the color, single or double bands of different lengths. The Tiffany East West mini also has a quick-release strap structure, which can be removed and replaced by operating the protruding device next to the lug. 2. Hidden horizontal push structure [Hidden horizontal push ⓵-Baoshilong Reflet series] Baoshilong has launched the Reflet series for many years with a hidden horizontal push strap replacement system, which is fully used in men’s and women’s models. In size, it is suitable for various material straps and metal chain straps. This kind of design is intuitive and easy to operate, and it is more suitable for square cases. It is rare in the market. The Reflet series of Boucheron uses horizontal buckle as the structural design of the strap replacement. Third, the snap-in structure [Snap-in structure ⓵-Louis Vuitton Tambour series] The Tambour series of Louis Vuitton uses a more complicated structure of the snap-in type quick release system. The advantage of this structure is that The operation is simpler. The strap can be removed by simply pressing the fixed tab of the lug of the lug, and the watch can be easily replaced with a different color strap. Louis Vuitton also offers a variety of classic patterns and different leather materials for the wearer to choose . Louis Vuitton’s Tambour moon star and Tambour All Black Petite Seconde are equipped with a strap quick release system. [Matching structure ⓶-IWC marine timepiece series] As early as 2009, IWC has fully equipped its marine timepiece series models with a tenon-type strap replacement system. The case can be detached from the strap and the strap can be easily replaced. The procedure for installing a new strap is as easy as the removal process. The wearer can easily change to a metal bracelet, rubber strap or nylon strap as required. As early as 2009, IWC’s marine timepiece series has adopted a quick-release system that can change the strap by hand. The structure of the quick release system of the IWC marine timepiece series. [Match structure—Vacheron Constantin Vertical and Horizontal Series] The similar structure to IWC is also visible in the new horizontal and vertical series launched by Vacheron Constantin in 2016. The horizontal and vertical series is the representative style of sports and leisure under Vacheron Constantin. At the same time, the practicality of wearing the watch was also included in this series of development directions. Not only did the case lines be fine-tuned to be thinner, rounder and more suitable for wearing, but the functions were also in line with contemporary daily practicality. Vacheron Constantin’s vertical and horizontal series is not only equipped with a quick release system, the steel material also comes with a total of three different material straps for the wearer to change. For the first time, the new vertical and horizontal series adopts a quick-release system for the strap, which can be freely changed between rubber, belt and chain, and taking into account the interoperability between the belt and the chain buckle, including the folding buckle, it can be easily rotated and removed. Mounted on a strap made of another material. Vertical and horizontal series remove the strap. Vertical and horizontal series strap installation action. The quick release system of the vertical and horizontal series can also replace the folding buckle by itself. 4. Hidden dowel structure [Hidden dowel tenon-Panerai Luminor Due series] In 2018, Panerai launched a thinner and smaller Luminor Due 38 mm model, and also put a convenient quick-release system into the strap Inside, you do n’t need to press the round button on the back of the lug with a tool to change the strap. Instead, the pressing structure is cleverly hidden under the leather behind the strap. The operation mode can be removed by pushing and pulling more easily. Moreover, Panerai also offers more diversified choices in the material and color of the strap, which is convenient for changing the mood at any time. Even the neutral size of 38 mm, as long as the strap is changed in color, it is suitable for men and women to exchange and wear . Panerai’s new small Luminor Due 38mm model also introduces a tool-less strap quick release system. Panerai’s quick-release strap. [Hidden button-mortgage-Cartier Santos series] As mentioned earlier, IWC has adopted a strap quick-release system as early as 2009. This quick-release system was authorized by Cartier’s patent for IWC. Similar strap quick release system. Cartier installed the patented QuickSwitch system on the new Santos series in 2018. The snap-in tenon and other structures of the quick release system are completely hidden on the edges of the case and the strap. The quick release system of the vertical and horizontal series can also replace the folding buckle by itself. Cartier’s unique feature is that the chain links can be disassembled by themselves. This system called SmartLink can remove the fixed bolt as long as the chain link is pressed, and easily remove the bracelet link to change the length of the chain. Such designs are quite rare outside of similar structures. Cartier QuickSwich quick release strap action. Cartier SmartLink system can quickly remove the bracelet link. [Hidden button tenon-Roger Dubuis Excalibur series] The trend of quick-release straps has set off a wave of SIHH in 2018, and many brands within Richemont have followed suit, except for the aforementioned Vacheron Constantin, IWC and Cartier In addition, the same group including Roger Dubuis, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Baume & Mercier and Panerai can all see the use of the quick release strap system. After Roger Dubuy opened a new partnership with Lamborghin late last year, the quick-release system also adopted in the new Excalibur Aventador S watch launched in 2018. Its features include that the strap can be replaced by itself, and the buckle can be simple. The disassembly and quick-release procedure is as accurate and fast as the F1 car entering the Pit tire change. Roger Dubuis’ new 2018 watch also uses a strap quick release system. Roger Dubuis’ straps and buckles can be removed and replaced by the wearer. Fifth, the buckle structure [Buckle type ⓵-Baishi Lingni series] The Baishi Lingni series has been used for many years. The quick release structure is quite different. The design of the chain buckle is integrated into the lugs and the straps, and the watch is replaced. The operation of the strap is the same as that of unlocking the bracelet. This design is relatively simpler than the tenon or spring. It can also achieve the purpose of quickly changing the strap, and it can also be used for the sharing of the strap and the metal chain. It is a quick release strap with a very flexible strain. The bracelet quick release of Baume & Mercier series is a structural design with a chain buckle. Regardless of the quick-release design of the strap, no matter what kind of structure, more and more brands attach great importance to the quick change of small bands that seem to be the smallest, and continue to refine and improve the ease of use. Many beneficiaries Changing wearer. 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