Cartier Supports China Film Directors Association 2018 Annual Commendation

[March 25, 2019, Beijing] A few days ago, the 2018 Nomination Ceremony of the China Film Directors Association was held in Beijing. Cartier, a French hall-level brand, gathered with many senior filmmakers to take ‘thinking’ The form of ‘Enjoy Foreign Exchange’ explores the origin of the spirit of film art.

As a firm pioneer of the ‘art of living’, Cartier has long represented the spirit of freedom, independence and unruly, and has always stood at the forefront of the times. At the sharing meeting, Ms. Wang Hao, Cartier China’s strategic development officer, reviewed the important position of the brand in the development of the film industry. From the silent film era to the golden age of the 20th century in Hollywood, to the current elite international production lineup, Cartier participated in art creation with endless passion, and went hand in hand with Chinese filmmakers to continuously explore new forms of cooperation, accumulating time-honored new social influence.

成长 The growth of China’s film industry is also one of the focus of the brand. Each milestone is worthy of appreciation. This year, the brand and the China Film Directors Association joined hands for the seventh time. In addition to helping the Association’s annual recognition awards, it also actively explored opportunities for diversified and in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Cartier will continue to pay attention to the China Film Directors Association and Chinese films, as always.

Movie brings inspiration. The movie looks inside. The film looks at the future of human society. Just like Cartier, it is always committed to transcending visual shock and inspiring emotions. These moving values ​​also echo the foundation stone that Mr. Cartier laid for the brand: loyal to the origin, determined to innovate, and always maintain the driving force for the unknown.

此 Here, we will provide you with wonderful live pictures for selection in related columns.

地 Cartier strongly supports the China Film Directors Association 2018 annual nomination and sharing meeting

Group photo of directors of China Film Directors Association (from left to right):
Zhang Yibai, Liu Yiwei, Li Yu, Yin Li, Li Shaohong, Wang Hongwei, Xie Fei, Feng Xiaogang

China Film Directors Association 2018 Commendation Nomination Ceremony

Chairman of the China Film Directors Association and well-known director Li Shaohong wear Panthèrede Cartier Cartier Cheetah earrings and rings

On-site display of the trophies of the annual commendation conference of the China Film Directors Association and the Cartier watch works presented to the winners