Brilliant Real Diamonds To Protect The Beauty Of Time

Emotional warmth in May, motherly affection. Mother’s love is like a brilliant diamond, condensing the beautiful beauty, and always illuminating the stormy voyage of life. Glittering and glorious years, time is no longer kind, and the mother has carried every wonderful time in our lives with the supreme selfless dedication. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, let’s turn our full gratitude into blessings and praises, and turn our extraordinary heart into a shining diamond worthy of long-term collection. Swiss Mido carefully selects a gift that is presented to the most important people in life, guards the beauty of time with the gift of time, and praises the great motherly love as clear and warm as sunlight.
Gorgeous real diamonds
   Diamonds will always be women’s love, symbolizing hot and long-lasting love. True diamonds bloom like a magical light, explaining the mother’s great selfless dedication and sincerity without asking for returns. When the diamond and the watch are ingeniously combined, the Ambilight appearance and practical functions are condensed on the square inch wrist, interpreting the magic charm of the diamond watch, just like the mother’s rich posture.

Swiss beauty watch BARONCELLI series of beautiful long kinetic mother of pearl mother of pearl watch

   Another new masterpiece of the Swiss Mido classic series, through the subtle reference to the rounded lines and delicate curved design of the Rennes Opera House, it created the Belem Celige long kinetic mother-of-pearl real diamond ladies watch, showing the great mother Elegant temperament. The center of the dial is surrounded by mother-of-pearl with diamonds, just like us who grew up under the protection of mothers. These 25 pieces of white mother-of-pearl are hand-stitched in the center of the silver dial with superb craftsmanship under the ingenuity of the master watchmakers of Mido , Glittering under the cluster of 51 dazzling diamonds. At the same time, the polished stainless steel strap adds a touch of splendor to this extraordinary watch. In addition to marveling at the exquisite craftsmanship, it is also equipped with Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, which can store up to 80 hours of long-term kinetic energy. Just as we have exhausted all our mothers, we use the purest and natural love to nurture us to grow. The light illuminates the way forward in our lives.
Fritillary Fritillaria engraved forever
   Maternal love is the warm sun that warms the soul. It seems ordinary, but it has remained unchanged forever. Even as the years passed, their love remained as long and quiet as the sea, waving the broadness of the sea, exuding the tenderness of the gentle wind and rain. The mother’s love cannot be repaid, so I offer warm praise when their holiday is approaching, and engraved every wonderful time in the mother’s life with a wonderful wrist watch, and silently confided her eternal love With blessing.

Swiss Meto watch BARONCELLI Collection commemorative ultra-thin mother-of-pearl watch

   The design inspiration comes from Milan’s neoclassical architecture, the arcade of Emmanuel II, the Swiss Mido Berencelli Collection series of ultra-thin mother-of-pearl watches, combining mother-of-pearl and diamond materials, bright and unique, perfect The feminine noble and restrained temperament is interpreted; the PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case highlights the gentle and bright, and the brown calfskin rolled crocodile pattern strap is sincere and pure. The models reveal the deep thoughts and nostalgia for the mother. Shows the mother’s glory and elegance; the diamonds set on the dial deeply convey the promise of eternal companionship of the children; the dial at six o’clock positions is engraved with the Heritage logo of the Berencelle Collection, a beautiful moment in their lives Leaving an eternal imprint, elegant time, rhyme from heaven, will record every precious moment spent with the mother like a poem.
It is also ‘steel’ and soft
   For mothers, an exquisite ingenious timepiece is not only a tool for timing, but also a perfect interpretation of taste and personality. Whether it is a housewife who supports Half the Sky at home, or a professional woman with a prosperous career, playing multiple roles at the same time, she always shows a tough female glory.

Swiss Meto watch BARONCELLI

   The design of the Belem Celli series silicon spring hairspring long kinetic watch is pure and smooth, and the overall shape is chic and elegant. It will bloom the mother’s love that has persisted through the ages. The 8 real diamonds in the center of the dial shine with a subtle and dazzling light. Against the white decorative dial, the holiness and brilliance of mother’s love are sprinkled on the diamond-cut hands and graduated surfaces. The 316L stainless steel strap with folding buckle brings a fresh breath in the bright. With the ticking of time, the heart’s introverted and implicit love for the mother is surging, and the eternity of this era is different from the wrist.
Magnificent and soft ‘gold’ shows a graceful style
   Mother’s love has lasted for many days, but in the past, her mother also enjoyed the extravagant time and pursued the realization of her ideal. Tenderness in May. In this season of praising mother’s love, a real diamond ladies watch is selected, symbolizing pure and long-lasting mother’s love like diamonds, and precious and touching as time.

Swiss Mido DONNA series long kinetic mother of pearl mother of pearl watch

   The Rennes Opera House, built in the 18th century classic style, is a classic in the history of architecture. The designer infused the simple and beautiful classic beauty into the wrist as the essence of inspiration, and carefully created the Swiss beauty watch Donna. It inherits the graceful and smooth outline of the Rennes Opera House. The dial and brown calfskin strap are integrated into one body, which is light and soft, perfectly interpreting the gentle and touching elegance of women. The rose gold case and 28 diamonds shine brightly, condensing the mother’s most precious years. The round silhouette is poured with golden light, like the silent motherly moment of the moisturizing material that grows with us. The diamond-cut rose-gold hands and the mother-of-pearl dial with dazzling light seem to portray the mother’s loving face, and her heart loves every minute.