Boll Ambassador – Aris Hannold, The Free Solo Climber

Alex Honnold

As a pioneer of precise timepiece standards, BALL Watch also has deep roots with the American Railways. It has contributed its watchmaking expertise to all explorers, athletes, and major pillars of society. The Bol Explorers will bring together this group of the most representative contemporary elites. Just as the American railway continually conquered the new world and pushed the boundaries forward, these elites are also constantly accepting the most difficult challenges and exploring new realms. .

Alex Alex Honnold has set numerous mountain climbing records, is the world’s bravest and most skilled climbing expert, is a legend in the free solo climbing industry. In 2012, he was appointed as the Ambassador of the Boll Brand, and was honored to join the Boer Explorers and meet a number of distinguished members, including today’s world constant weight free diving champion Gion. Guillaume Néry, astronaut and Virgin spacecraft pilot Brian Binnie, and the first female climber to conquer 14 peaks over 8000 meters, Aiduna. Edurne Pasaban.

 Alex Honnold

Aris Hannold was born on August 17, 1985 in Sacramento, California, USA. He has been climbing since the age of 17, initially climbing indoors only, and then climbing natural stone walls near his hometown. As he climbed higher and higher, challenging more and more difficult peaks, he gradually turned to the ultimate challenge in sport climbing-free solo climbing. This sport originates from free climbing, but the climber must give up all the ropes, safety belts and protective devices, and climb purely with both legs and hands. There is no room for error. Only a few of the most skilled and talented men Only mountain climbers dare to participate in this sport.

汉 Aris Hannover majored in engineering at the University of California Berkeley, but he dropped out of school at the age of 18 and dedicated himself to climbing. Yosemite National Park in California has the world-famous peculiar granite dome, which is where Aris Hannold achieves his best personal results. There he climbed more than 2130 meters / 7000 feet in less than 24 hours, of which more than 90% were free solo climbers, conquering the highest three stone walls in this national park-Mount Watkins ), El Capitan and Half Dome. Among his many summits are the towering ‘Astroman’ and ‘Rostrum’ stone walls in Yosemite Park.

Aris Hannold is not only extremely flexible, but also has unparalleled physical conditions, so that he can achieve such delicate and accurate performance; this constant pursuit of accuracy is exactly what Aris Hannold and watchmaking have in common One. Just as the Pol watch established the most highly accurate timepiece at the end of the 19th century, Aris Hannold alone set a new standard for this climbing sport. His climbing performance has attracted the attention of the media and his reputation is growing. Mountain circles are widely spread.

 Alex Honnold

Aris Hannold focuses on outdoor activities, often driving his light truck to different places and climbing freely. He often said, ‘I yearn very much for my life because it is simple.’ He sees the simplicity of the sport as an absolute pursuit-‘I like the simplicity of single-person climbing. You have no equipment and no partners. There is nothing better than free solo climbing. He also believes that this sport is in line with his own psychological quality-‘if I have talent, it should be a spiritual advantage.’

Aris Hannold is very humble, and has the motivation to require continuous improvement, each climb will always push the limit of adventure forward. He often lived up his self-belief and value in his personal style. His thirst for challenge, precision, tenacity, excellence and humility are also the qualities of Bolliste. Aris Hannold has a real inspiration for the Bol brand. His extraordinary personality and brilliant achievements make him the best candidate to represent Bol watches.

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Today, Boll Watch and Aris Hannold are resolutely marching towards the path they have chosen, once again determining each other’s importance as one of the main members in the history of modern adventures.