Airspeed Watch Miniature On The Wrist Bell & Ross Aviation Watch Br 01 Airspeed Brief Comment

Airspeed indicator (airspeed indicator) is one of the important flight instruments in the cockpit of the aircraft. Its purpose is to measure and display the speed of the aircraft relative to the surrounding air. It is of great significance to ensure safe flight and prevent stall. , Especially during takeoff and landing. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch designed by Bell & Ross based on the flat shape of the airspeed indicator. The reference model is: BR01AIRSPEED.

This watch is based on the flat shape of the airspeed indicator, and cleverly integrates the chronograph function into it. The use of bold and vivid colors, while restoring the classic airspeed styling, also has a unique aesthetic sense of technology.

The 46mm square large diameter is the hallmark of Bell & Ross AVIATION series. The four corners of the case are designed with locking screws, which is Bellex’s distinctive classic design, which adds a tough industrial design to the watch. The bezel adopts the traditional airspeed color matching, and adjusts the color to four moments evenly distributed on the bezel to facilitate viewing of time.

The screw-down crown enhances the water resistance of this watch. The top of the crown is printed with the ‘&’ logo, symbolizing its brand identity. The simple design continues the simple and elegant design style of Bell & Ross.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The case back has a dense bottom design, which is simple and generous. The label on the bottom of the table indicates that its waterproof depth is 100 meters, which can meet most daily waterproofing needs in life such as car washing and showering.

The black rubber strap is soft and smooth and very close to the hand, which adds a touch of fashion to the watch and is completely waterproof for sports.

This watch is of medium thickness and sandblasted black carbon-coated stainless steel case. The luster is restrained and the texture is exquisite, yet it is low-key but elegant.

The buckle uses a matte black PVD steel pin buckle, which is easy to use, with sharp edges and corners, and simple and generous.

The dial uses anti-glare sapphire crystal. The dial is divided into two inner and outer rings. The inner ring is an hour scale. The tip of the sword-shaped pointer rotates closely along the scale. The minute and second hands share the outer scale. This watch Creatively separating the dial of the hour hand from the dial of the minute and second hands on the basis of the traditional junior hand, greatly increasing the legibility of the watch.

Summary: This watch inherits the brand concept of the Bell & Ross AVIATION series inspired by a clear and easy-to-read space dashboard. While adhering to the reduction of high-tech instruments, scientific improvements have been made to make the display perfectly fit the watch. The bright color not only respects the classic design of the airspeed indicator, but also imbues it with a youthful sporty atmosphere. It is a good choice for aviation enthusiasts and watch collectors who love military watches. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 41,000 yuan, with a limit of 999 pieces worldwide. (Photo / Wen Watch House Xiao Sen)

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