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Glashuti Opens First German Boutique In Dresden

Glashütte Original, a German luxury watch manufacturer, opened its first direct-operated boutique in Germany in Dresden. The boutique is located in the QF Passage mall, in the heart of Dresden’s most culturally rich old town. This brand new boutique with an area of ​​100 square meters fully showcases Glashütte’s brand concept. It attracts visitors in a unique way, inviting them to explore the art of watchmaking in Glashütte through multimedia.

The boutique on Topferstraße 4 is made transparent and hospitable. The transparent glass wall provides visitors with a clear view, giving a glimpse of the delicate furnishings inside the boutique, and visitors can enter the boutique from both sides at the same time. The globally unified style reflects the values ​​of this German watchmaker: excellence in technology, modern design and timeless elegance. Carefully selected materials, classic and stylish decorative styles, and obvious modern design concepts all highlight the essence of Glashütte’s brand.

The boutique’s design is remarkably minimalist, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere through a combination of dark oak, beige enamel furniture and light leather sofas. The soft and smooth lines perfectly define the space of the boutique.

Compared to traditional boutiques, this new Dresden boutique is more like an interactive exhibition hall for German watchmaking. Because the location of the boutique is close to the headquarters of Glashütte, it is even more significant as a concept store that showcases the Glashütte brand culture and conveys the brand concept. ‘Made in Germany’ is one of Glashütte’s most cherished brand traits. Glashütte conveys this concept to visitors through this vivid way of brand boutiques. As a result, an interactive ‘factory wall’ specially created for the boutique on Topferstraße came into being. Visitors can see Glashütte’s masterpieces of watchmaking through a large magnifying glass-everything from the smallest parts to simple modules. Wonderful short films give visitors a detailed introduction to the watch making process, so that visitors can further explore the micro world of watches.

In the luxurious lounge, the interior designer showcases an innovative presentation system with two plasma displays. This interactive system is controlled via a touch screen mounted on the lounge table. Visitors can choose from a variety of themes, including pictures of Glashütte’s watch series and videos introducing the brand and the production process.

Boutique services are provided by a capable multilingual team. To ensure the best customer service, team members have completed several weeks of training courses in the Glashütte watchmaking factory. In the future, a watchmaker will join this team to provide after-sales services.

After the opening of the brand-operated boutiques in Dresden, Glashütte has six directly-operated boutiques around the world, and the other five are located in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Panerai And Triennale Design Museum Hold ‘time-time Design, Design Time’ Exhibition

Beijing, March 8, 2013 – Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts opened the door of Time Tunnel today, jointly with the Italian Embassy Cultural Office and Triennale Design Museum in Beijing to hold an exhibition ‘Time-Time Design, Design time’. The exhibition is planned by Silvana Annicchiarico and Jan van Rossem. The design and layout are led by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, and Italian high-end watch brand Panerai is a partner. In this exhibition, Panerai exhibits a set of layouts designed by Patricia Urquiola to highlight the brand’s unique watch design.

The exhibition will continue to be open to the public until April 10, 2013. Professor Angelo Bonati, global CEO of Panerai, Professor Wang Yisheng, director of the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Stefania Stafutti, Counsellor of the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy in China, Triennale Design Museum curator and curator Silvana Annicchiarico, Patricia Urquiola, Professor Wang Chunchen of the Academic Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and curator of the Chinese exhibits, and Alberto Bradanini, Italian Ambassador to Beijing co-hosted the opening ceremony. A number of well-known art collectors, business partners, international and local media representatives also attended the event, and many VIP guests came to the show.

Mr. Angelo Bonati, Global CEO of Panerai, said, ‘I am delighted and honored to be here in Beijing to participate in the opening ceremony of the exhibition. We are confident that visitors can appreciate many outstanding modern designers through the exhibition. ‘It’s amazing creativity, and travels through space and time to explore the wonderful world of space and time, at least spiritually.’

The exhibition allows visitors to explore the relationship between time and design by themselves with wonderful works of plastic art, photos, videos and other categories. About 70 artists participated in the exhibition. They came from various countries around the world, including Damien Hirst, Marcel Wanders, and Maarten Baas. They jointly explored multiple answers to the question of time, including: ‘How is time measured?’, ‘ How to express the passage of time? ‘,’ How to feel the existence of time? ‘And so on. Each exhibit exhibits the passage of time and the evolution of time in innovative ways, sometimes ironically, sometimes poetically, and even critically and thought-provoking.

The Beijing station of the ‘Time-Time Design, Design Time’ exhibition is the only exhibition that has moved overseas after its exhibition of the same name was held in Milan in 2011. While expanding the content, it has also added works selected from China’s cutting-edge design talents. Their design talents are already revealed. Six outstanding Chinese designers were invited to participate for the first time to explain the meaning of time in their minds, including ‘The Big Dipper’ by Pak Kung, ‘7 Minutes, 7 Years’ by Jia Shanguo, ‘A Week’ by Wu Xiaohai, and ‘Week by Wang Yuhong’ 30 ”, Yang Xinguang’s ‘Counting Sand’ and Zhang Enli’s ‘Four nails holes’.

To celebrate the opening of this much-anticipated exhibition, the historic Beijing Temple was carefully selected as the venue for the dinner. Many VIPs who participated in the event during the day and Mr. Lu Siqing, a famous Chinese violin player, attended the congratulations.

The Taimiao Temple was the royal ancestral temple of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) and the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). It is now the theater and the venue for other important events. It was transformed into a perfect Italian dinner venue that night. The famous Michelin Samsung chef Umberto Bombana personally customizes the menu and cooks star-level cuisine to bring a feast for the guests.

Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Edition Gold Edition
     As the first watch on the moon in human history, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch still has the status that other watches are difficult to replace. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Speedmaster Moonwatch, Omega has launched a series of limited edition models, including a limited edition of 57 18K gold models with coaxial escapement worthy of collection. Equipped with 3201 manual winding coaxial escapement movement, giving the watch higher precision and modern watch life. The coaxial escapement system can greatly reduce the friction between parts, and improve the long-term stability and accuracy of the movement. , Stop and return to zero. Power reserve is 55 hours and waterproof to 100 meters. In order to highlight the value of the limited edition, the noble black enamel surface is specially decorated with extreme craftsmanship.

Constant Only Watch 2013 Watch Preview

Every year, an average of 3,500 newborns worldwide suffer from a very rare disease-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which gradually degenerates and changes the body muscles of patients. It’s extremely fragile. The Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies or the Monaco Association against Myopathies Foundation was established. This organization uses scientific research to combat this terrible torture and try to change destiny for countless lives.

 Frederique Constant has spared no effort in philanthropy, with a special focus on child-related organizations. For the past seven years, Frederique Constant has actively participated in a charity auction called “Only Watch”, the sole purpose of which is to assist the above-mentioned organizations to raise funds and continue to develop their necessary research projects.

 Frederique Constant is pleased to announce that in 2013, we will continue to support this very meaningful charitable project and let this enthusiasm continue. We will donate a unique collection of watches and diamonds specially designed for the ‘Only Watch’ to raise money at auction.

 This year’s auction will be held on September 28th at the luxury hotel Hôtel Hermitage in Monaco. As always, Frederique Constant will participate in this event.

 Our watch specially designed for Only Watch 2013, its design concept is based on the brand’s signature double heartbeat watch and jewelry series, exuding its only beauty.

 The Double Heart Woman Set donated by Frederique Constant includes a double heartbeat automatic watch, the case is made of unusually striking 18 carat rose gold, and it is more densely set with sparkling diamonds. Makes the watch more beautiful. The watch’s bottom cover is engraved with ‘Only Watch 2013′, highlighting the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship. This watch will be carried in a special leather gift box, showing its nobility and uniqueness.

 In order to complement this noble and touching ladies’ watch, Frederique Constant designed a three-piece jewelry set to make the auction project more perfect. In addition to obtaining a refined watch, the successful bidder can also own a delicate and exquisite necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings, also made of 18-carat rose gold, adding infinite beauty to this evening, and it is uniquely collectible.

Model: FC-310DHB2PPV9, 1.504 ct full cut diamond
Movement: FC-310 automatic movement
Double heartbeat cutout window, balance wheel bridge decorated with ‘Perlage’ ripple 38-hour power reserve
Case: 18K stainless steel case, rose gold case, bezel set with 193 full-cut diamonds, VS clarity, H color diamond (1.424 carats)
Curved sapphire crystal, see-through case back
Amber stone crown
34 mm diameter
Waterproof 3 ATM
The bottom case is uniquely carved with ‘Only Watch 2013’
Face plate: beige face plate, mother-of-pearl trim
8 diamond scales (0.08ct)
Heart-shaped ‘guilloché’ relief
Double heartbeat building buckle window at 12 o’clock
Strap: Off-white silk band
Waterproof inner lining

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For The Dream In My Heart Guo Ming, An Independent Watchmaker In Switzerland, Study And Work In Switzerland (#)

Connect to the episode. At the AHCI Swiss Independent Watch Makers Association meeting, Guo Ming volunteered to translate the independent watchmaker Ma Xushu to help him pass the defense smoothly and obtain an alternate membership of the Chinese Swiss Independent Watch makers Association. Here, he met his future teacher, which is now the teacher, a member of the Swiss Independent Watch Makers Association and the watch master Frank Jutzi.

Frank Jutzi and Guo Ming.
   Frank Jutzi is Swiss and was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1963. In 2000, he became a member of AHCI. The brand FrankJutzi was founded in Wichtrach, Switzerland. Frank Jutzi was heavily influenced by decorative arts, geometry and antique clocks.
 Frank Jutzi was famous when he was still in school. He was able to make simple repairs to the clock, and even if he couldn’t do it himself, he pointed out the problem. After finishing his studies, Jutzi started studying watchmaking, and in the first year he started making his first clock, a clock with a skeleton movement and a sun and moon display.

 After his studies in 1985, Jutzi opened his own repair studio. In 1989, he produced the Sonnen-Monduhr clock, which was inspired by the house of Spanish architect Gaudi. Jutzi’s early works are highly original, including large pendulum clocks, which he transformed from a three-day power movement to increase power to two months. He also started using a combination of geometric shapes to make Dreieck clocks, which consisted of circles, triangles and squares.

 Jutzi’s table clock is very sensory and has clean geometric lines. He sometimes brings some ‘secrets’ into the mechanical structure, especially some ‘mysterious’ indicating functions, which are subtly hidden or camouflaged. The flexible use of lines and cutouts has attracted attention.

Some of FrankJutzi’s works
 Frank Jutzi is a very famous independent clockmaker. His best work is a pendulum clock with a perspective function. However, he has also shown great strength in the field of watch making, and has introduced his own unique tourbillon watch .
 Frank Jutzi graduated from the RudolfSteiner watchmaking school, after which he spent another two years as an apprentice, during which he accumulated a wealth of experience in watchmaking and clockmaking. Established his own watch repair factory, he devoted all his enthusiasm to the repair of antique clocks. As soon as you enter the JUTZI studio in Wichtbach, a suburb of Bern, you will hear the melody emanating from the bell puppet.
 The miniature tourbillon watch he made for orders from the Goldpeil brand was modified with an antique rectangular movement. A subtle moon watch from the JutziGoldpfeil collection, made of 18K white gold. The hands in the center of the dial indicate the minutes, the hours can be read from the attached dial at 2 o’clock, and the minute dial at 6 o’clock. This elegant lunar function watch also has a window on the silver dial at 10 o’clock, for a symmetrical beauty display.
 At the World Watch and Jewellery Show held in Basel in 1990, Jutzi showed off a large watch with a three-day power reserve. This watch was inspired by a collector’s collection, and this time he The success of his watch display led him to develop his own watch creations.
 One-of-a-kindTourbillon, made by Frank Jutzi, is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and complex watchmaking arts. The tourbillon made of stainless steel with gold and silver wire edges is housed in a solid gold case, which can be seen through the small holes on the surface To the inside of the tourbillon. In this work, in order to reduce the weight of the flywheel structure, the ‘swivel frame’ has been specially polished. These are completed strictly by hand in accordance with the processing precision. Superb skills. In the tourbillon production, FrankJutzi showed his unique design and excellent craftsmanship, occupying a very important position among independent watchmakers.
 How Guo Ming impressed the Swiss watchmaker and made him his teacher is not clear to me. But I think that being able to be favored by Master FrankJutzi and opening the door closed to foreigners in Swiss watchmaking may be the best return to heaven for this hardworking and dedicated young man.
 Frank Jutzi attaches great importance to this matter. After Guo Ming’s two trips to Switzerland, this summer, Frank Jutzi came to Shanghai and officially accepted Guo Ming as his disciple.
 This incident aroused the attention of domestic media. On July 21st, China Business Daily conducted an exclusive interview with Frank Jutzi: the happiness and sorrow of an independent watchmaker. If you are interested, you can check this article online.

 It is reported that during the study and work with the master, it is expected to take about a year to jointly develop a new self-produced movement (said to be a tourbillon). After Mr. FrankJutzi returned to China, Lao Guo made full preparations for long-term study in Switzerland and arranged all matters in Shanghai. The table friends are very concerned, and they all send their sincere blessings, looking forward to seeing the outstanding works of China’s independent watchmakers as soon as possible.
 On November 2, 2014, after a long flight, Guo Ming finally came to the holy place in his mind and began a long study and work life.
  Mr. FrankJutzi’s residence is in Wichtrach, a suburb of Bern. It has beautiful scenery, plenty of sunshine, quiet and peaceful. Looking at the cows on the grass through the window, the blue sky makes people feel calm and peaceful. That said, this environment is the best. Being able to calm down and immerse yourself in the world of watches and clocks is the greatest happiness for Lao Guo and those who love watches!

View from the window
 When I first got off the plane and arrived here, some domestic cousins ​​called Lao Guo to greet him, but because it was in a valley, the signal was not good. Although roaming was opened, sometimes Lao Guo could not be contacted. At present, most people use WeChat and QQ to make contact. The above is an introduction to Guo Ming’s path to study. The next issue will cover Guo Ming’s daily life in Swiss watchmaking. To be continued in the next episode.

Airspeed Watch Miniature On The Wrist Bell & Ross Aviation Watch Br 01 Airspeed Brief Comment

Airspeed indicator (airspeed indicator) is one of the important flight instruments in the cockpit of the aircraft. Its purpose is to measure and display the speed of the aircraft relative to the surrounding air. It is of great significance to ensure safe flight and prevent stall. , Especially during takeoff and landing. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch designed by Bell & Ross based on the flat shape of the airspeed indicator. The reference model is: BR01AIRSPEED.

This watch is based on the flat shape of the airspeed indicator, and cleverly integrates the chronograph function into it. The use of bold and vivid colors, while restoring the classic airspeed styling, also has a unique aesthetic sense of technology.

The 46mm square large diameter is the hallmark of Bell & Ross AVIATION series. The four corners of the case are designed with locking screws, which is Bellex’s distinctive classic design, which adds a tough industrial design to the watch. The bezel adopts the traditional airspeed color matching, and adjusts the color to four moments evenly distributed on the bezel to facilitate viewing of time.

The screw-down crown enhances the water resistance of this watch. The top of the crown is printed with the ‘&’ logo, symbolizing its brand identity. The simple design continues the simple and elegant design style of Bell & Ross.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The case back has a dense bottom design, which is simple and generous. The label on the bottom of the table indicates that its waterproof depth is 100 meters, which can meet most daily waterproofing needs in life such as car washing and showering.

The black rubber strap is soft and smooth and very close to the hand, which adds a touch of fashion to the watch and is completely waterproof for sports.

This watch is of medium thickness and sandblasted black carbon-coated stainless steel case. The luster is restrained and the texture is exquisite, yet it is low-key but elegant.

The buckle uses a matte black PVD steel pin buckle, which is easy to use, with sharp edges and corners, and simple and generous.

The dial uses anti-glare sapphire crystal. The dial is divided into two inner and outer rings. The inner ring is an hour scale. The tip of the sword-shaped pointer rotates closely along the scale. The minute and second hands share the outer scale. This watch Creatively separating the dial of the hour hand from the dial of the minute and second hands on the basis of the traditional junior hand, greatly increasing the legibility of the watch.

Summary: This watch inherits the brand concept of the Bell & Ross AVIATION series inspired by a clear and easy-to-read space dashboard. While adhering to the reduction of high-tech instruments, scientific improvements have been made to make the display perfectly fit the watch. The bright color not only respects the classic design of the airspeed indicator, but also imbues it with a youthful sporty atmosphere. It is a good choice for aviation enthusiasts and watch collectors who love military watches. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 41,000 yuan, with a limit of 999 pieces worldwide. (Photo / Wen Watch House Xiao Sen)

More watch details: bellross / 33252 /