Month: June 2021

Gp Girard Perregaux Andrea Bocelli Foundation Was Grandly Established

Girard-Perregaux, the famous Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, is pleased to announce that it has reached a partnership with the tenor singer Andrea Bocelli, who has the highest record sales record in the history of classical music. A charity fundraising evening will be held on December 9 to witness the foundation’s official charity work.

    The fund-raising evening was held at the Bevely Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. It was produced by Studiomusica and Jo Champa on behalf of the Grammy Museum Foundation for the foundation. The proceeds were used for international poverty alleviation, promotion of poverty alleviation, and for patients with disabilities and disabilities who face life problems. Assistance.
    Michele Sofisti, CEO of Sowind Group, said: ‘We are extremely honored to co-found the foundation with Andrea Bocelli; Andrea Bocelli has achieved outstanding achievements in the art of singing and philanthropy, as a model we admire and able to work together to achieve its ambitious goals Deeply rejoiced. ‘

    Andrea Bocelli said: ‘Help others to realize their potential, improve their quality of life, and be my heart. I had poor eyesight at birth and I was completely blind by the age of 12. I have worked hard to overcome the barriers of blindness over the years. The restrictions imposed on people by external environmental factors have prompted me to think about how I can help people facing life challenges and embarrassment; everyone has the right to live a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life, so I hope I can do my best to help people in distress to reach their full potential. ‘
    In addition to Andrea Bocelli singing and performing in the fundraising evening, other performing guests include David Foster, Heather Headley and Anna Maria Martinez.

About Andrea Bocelli Foundation
    The operating model of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation is mainly through grants to support the poor, the sick and the disabled, develop their inherent potential, and improve the quality of life. The foundation mainly supports international poverty alleviation and assists both the sick and the disabled. Type organization, and is committed to proactively identify and support organizations that promote creative charity programs.

Homemade Movement Brand Inventory

Movement is an important factor in determining watch quality. Many people ask when they buy a watch, which brands make their own movements? Which brands only use their own movements? Next, I will share with you a watch brand with a self-made movement.
 Blancpain-currently the world’s most complex and versatile fully manual mechanical watch. To this day, every Blancpain timepiece is inspected by the watchmaker, engraved with a number and signed as a record. Its strict quality control is no different from that of many years ago.
Blancpain Calibre. 5235DF
 BLANCPAIN launched the first VILLERET series of the first half-time zone 8-day power reserve watch. The watch is equipped with Calibre. 5235DF movement specially developed by Blancpain Hasselblad movement factory. This self-winding movement consists of 324 parts with three barrels, which guarantees stable release of power within 8 days. The oscillating weight is made of titanium, which improves the energy efficiency and reduces the effect of temperature changes on the oscillating weight to ensure accurate timing. With Blancpain’s unique fine-tuning screw system, the adjustment is accurate and convenient. The button at the top of the crown is used to switch between quick proof time and half-time zone adjustment. Adjusting the reference time automatically adjusts the time in the second time zone accordingly. Moreover, the wearer can rest assured that the date can be adjusted at any time without worrying about causing damage to the movement.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre invented a total of 1,231 movements, and enjoyed 398 registered patents. It continuously surpassed itself and made great achievements, which is a model in the fine watchmaking industry.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre 101
 In 1929, Jaeger-LeCoultre created the 101 movement, which is still the smallest mechanical movement in the world. This movement is not only one of the greatest innovations in process technology in the world, but also one of the most famous clockwork mechanisms. Today, Calibre 101 shines in the Joaillerie 101 jewellery watch collection.
 Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 manual winding movement

 The Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch reinterprets the red dial of the 1930s. It is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 manual winding movement. The case is atmospheric and thin. It combines passion, classicism and creativity. Just like the models of the 1930s, it also expresses a firm and free style.
 Zenith El Primero Movement
 Zenith’s legendary Swiss watch movement, El Primero, is the most famous movement in watchmaking history, and it is also the world’s most accurate series of production movements. Every watch lover can call his name first, and the secret lies in the frequency of the balance wheel. Other movements can only vibrate 8 times per second at the fastest, while El Primero can reach 10 times. The movement also incorporated a number of breakthrough innovations during its development, including dry lubrication technology to ensure long-term excellent stability, and higher vibration frequencies require more energy. For this reason, the power reserve of the movement has been further optimized. .
 All Zenith watches are equipped with independent Zenith movements, and few brands in the world can implement such stringent standards. When you choose a Zenith watch, you can be sure that it is made in Le Locle, Switzerland from start to finish. In order to meet this basic requirement, the watchmaker needs to create 500 movements with 180 different models. It takes nine months to make a Zenith watch, during which more than 80 professional technicians take turns exerting their talents and skills on the watch and its parts.
 Stunning numbers. To make an El Primero movement: 5,500 processes, dials need 50 grinding processes, bridges need another 77 grinding processes, each part requires 5 to 50 processes, and classic watches need to be used. 18 different metals.
 Zenith Elite Movement

 Ultra-thin self-winding movement. Since its launch in 1994, this movement has been known for its perfect quality, and the international media has awarded it the title of ‘Meilleur mouvement mecanique delannee’.
 This well-known movement in the watch industry has inherited a unique tradition of excellence and is the result of five years of hard research and development. Twenty-two different metals were used in the production, which took more than 4,500 manufacturing steps to complete. The elegant Elite movement combines stability, reliability and accuracy with a variety of excellent qualities. High quality guarantees stable holdings in the market.
 Perfect integration, with a thickness of only 3.28 mm and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, which brings together all the functions and technical qualities of the Zenith movement (instant change of date, second hand stop timing device, power reserve of more than 50 hours, fine adjustment Device, etc.).
 This movement is widely appreciated by watch collectors and has expanded the ZENITH product line. Hour hand, minute hand and small seconds at 9 o’clock (one of the brand name’s marks), it can be configured with a variety of functions, such as time display or power reserve display function, style; including manual or automatic winding.
 ‘The quality of all majors is brought together, and its reliability and accuracy are fully demonstrated in a beautiful geometric composition. This is the brilliant achievement of Elite.’
 I hope the content introduced to you today can provide a reference for everyone when buying watches.