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The Breguet Queen Of Naples Series, The Female No. 1 Watch Of The Napoleon Family

The 200th anniversary of the birth of Breguet’s first wrist watch exhibited a refined royal home scene.
To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the first watch in the history of Breguet watchmaking, and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the ‘Queen of Naples’ series, Breguet was at the Swatch Peace Art Center in Shanghai from April 18th to May 3rd. Held the 200th anniversary exhibition of the first watch. The exhibition showcases this watchmaking story and its continuity in contemporary wrists with rich historical materials, exquisite royal home scenes and the striking ‘Queen of Naples’ series.
的 Domineering background of NO.2639
追溯 To trace the first well-documented wristwatch in the world, we must first define the ‘wristwatch’ itself: must the chronograph with the dial as the main part and the strap be called the ‘wristwatch’? Can a dial mounted on jewelry such as a bracelet count as a watch? And when the latter is mounted on an extremely professional dial, this becomes a problem. However, from another perspective, if only ‘made for wearing on the wrist’ is judged, then Breguet’s No. 2639 for the Queen of Naples, Carolina, took the first place.
It is well known that Breguet has a good relationship with Napoleon’s Bonaparte family. In the 18th to 19th centuries, the Napoleon family customized several watches to Breguet. In 1810, Napoleon’s younger sister, Carolina, presented an unusual order to Breguet: a large complex mechanical watch. According to Breguet’s historical archives, this watch is an ‘oval bracelet chronograph watch’, which began to be produced in 1810, took two and a half years, and was finally delivered to Carolina in the end of 1812. And Carolina was the queen of Naples.
Breguet has always been very good at drawing inspiration from its long history to make new models worthy of fun, so in 2002 it launched the ‘Reine de Naples’ series (Reine de Naples) with a replica nature. This is Breguet The first collection of watches exclusively for women.
Unlike ordinary replica watches, the ‘Queen of Naples Series’ does not have the actual object or sketch or picture of No. 2639 for reference. Its true appearance has always been hidden in a certain corner of the long river of history and has never been seen by today See you. No matter the shape or movement, you can only look for it in the vast historical data. It was not until 1849 in the maintenance memo that people got some more detailed information: ‘Ultra-thin, silver dial, Arabic numerals, thermometer, fast / slow indication on the dial, bracelets mounted on gold thread On the simple gold key, the second bracelet comes with a braided gold-red leather case.
Oval logo and unique egg-shaped case
Such alternative reproductions are undoubtedly exciting and challenging. Lu Keqin, Vice President of Breguet China, said: ‘The Breguet is a combination of inspiration from history and new fields under the leadership of new leaders. We do not copy the founders as they are. The design and watchmaking process are traditional, but the materials and technology are new. ” The Queen of Naples ‘series has created a unique egg-shaped case under the premise of following the iconic characteristics of’ oval ‘, At the same time, the dial’s aesthetic understanding of “honor and elegance” is fully exerted. In this series we can see delicate shell carvings on different models, moon phase indicators, convex round sapphire set on the crown, sapphire crystal transparent case back, and leather straps and pearls different from bracelets. Straps, diamond straps … and the hour-sponsoring spring mechanism and self-winding movement are also unequivocal.
However, for today’s people, the greater significance of NO. 2639 and the ‘Queen of Naples’ series does not stop with the creation of the watch concept in the era of pocket watches, it is more about restoring history and raising some possibilities for modern concepts : Women’s watches are not born as ‘reduced men’s watches’ status; women’s watches are not a special series whose appearance needs are greater than the quality of the movement; and the watches are either born of men or the world of men. At the beginning, and as early as the early 19th century, there was a watch for women, No. 2639. This complicated watch with a thermometer and a bracelet inlaid tells us that sometimes changes in history are just a convenience. Plus a little bit of beauty.

①Reine de Naples 18K white gold watch, natural mother-of-pearl dial, topaz mirror, sapphire crystal case back, waterproof function.

② Reine de Naples 18K white gold watch. The bezel and dial flange are set with 139 diamonds, weighing approximately 1.32 carats.

③ The REINE DE NAPLES Cammea watch is proud of its long tradition of shell relief craftsmanship.

Medium Perfect Series Automatic Helium Valve Diving Watch Appreciation

The ocean is a ‘blue territory’ covering three-quarters of the earth’s surface; it is the natural original charm shown to us by the film of French director Jacques Behan; Gentle waves, but also the raging and raging waves. Diving gives us the opportunity to delve deep into the deep blue sea. A real diving adventure is far more exciting than the feeling in a feature film, and a reliable watch is the first prerequisite and guarantee of safety.

     The Perfect Series Automatic Helium Exhaust Dive Watch incorporates the leading automatic Helium Exhaust technology into the exquisite traditional watchmaking technology, and dives deep into the perfect world. In this mysterious blue world, it exerts its outstanding potential without fear.
     Diving is known as a brave sport that coexists with beauty and danger, with strong characteristics. When a person dives into the bottom of the water and is affected by water pressure, the rhythm of life is constantly slowing down. Gravity, downward acceleration, and increasing color levels all continue to issue new challenges to divers. A reliable watch is the first prerequisite and guarantee of safety. Excellent water resistance, luminous hands and scales that are easy to read at the bottom of the dark sea are all necessary conditions for an excellent diving watch. Swiss Mido meets the challenge once again, launching a high-performance diving watch-the perfect series of automatic helium valve diving watch, in the premise of maintaining all the characteristics of the perfect series, more integrated into the elements of sports and technology, so that divers in Become an explorer in the gorgeous underwater world, feel and explore this deep and rich mysterious world.
    Adhering to the consistent design philosophy of the perfect series, this model subtly blends high technology and rough appearance, but also gives the watch a more sporty fashion element, ensuring that you can enjoy unlimited sports fun. Super-LumiNova® scale markers and palm-shaped hands under the dazzling sapphire surface make it easy to read even at night. The unique automatic helium valve design of this watch ensures that the watch is absolutely safe and reliable even if it is placed in a submarine for a long time. In deep-water environments, the built-in valve automatically releases helium that has penetrated into the inside of the watch. In this way, the watch mirror is protected from returning to the water surface and will not pop out due to a sharp water pressure difference. The water-resistant depth of up to 300 meters is not afraid of environmental challenges. The anti-corrosion rubber strap is equipped with a folding buckle and a diving safety buckle to protect your deep blue diving.

Swiss Watch Brands, Swiss Watch Brand Ranking

Top Brands
   Among the Swiss watches, the top brands are: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Athens, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, Parmigiani, Frank Muller, Jacques Dro, Richard Miller.
   Patek Philippe: Swiss Patek Philippe is the only family-owned independent watchmaker in Geneva with a long history and superb craftsmanship. It has always been committed to designing, developing, refining and assembling the world’s most perfect timepieces. For more information about Patek Philippe, please visit Patek Philippe’s channel: Audemars Piguet is a national brand of Swiss watches and clocks. It has won the respect of watch connoisseurs and collectors, and is one of the top ten watches in the world. For more information about Audemars Piguet, please visit Audemars Piguet Channel: Blancpain: Blancpain-currently the world’s most complex and versatile fully manual mechanical watch. To this day, every Blancpain timepiece is inspected by the watchmaker, engraved with a number and signed as a record. Its strict quality control is no different from that of many years ago. For more information on Blancpain, please visit the Blancpain channel: Athens: The manufacture of each Athenian watch adheres to the fine tradition of quality and mechanical innovation. Athens’ Marine Observatory is listed as one of the most reliable and accurate timepieces in history, and it is still collected by collectors all over the world. For more information about Athens, please visit the Athens Channel: Vacheron Constantin: Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch factory and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. It inherits the essence of Swiss traditional watchmaking without interruption. For more information about Vacheron Constantin, please go to the Vacheron Constantin Channel: Jaeger-LeCoultre: As the spokesperson for fine watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches have 40 full-time divisions of labor and 20 cutting-edge technologies, taking into account every production detail to develop outstanding watches. For more information about Jaeger-LeCoultre, please go to the Jaeger-LeCoultre channel: Piaget: Even today, Piaget is still one of the few brands in the world that has only been awarded the highest honor of ‘comprehensive manufacturer’, that is, from design, research, development to manufacturing All production processes are done by the brand itself. For more information on Piaget, please visit Piaget’s channel: Parmigiani: Today’s contending Swiss watch industry, independent brand Parmigiani has established its image as a pioneer in watchmaking with a unique style. For more information about Parmigiani, please visit Parmigioni’s channel: Frank Muller: The vintage emotion of the barrel-shaped watch body has made Franck worldwide
Muller’s reputation rose. Even now, although the brand is only ten years old, it has become a classic of watch brands. For more information about Frank Muller, please visit Frank Muller’s channel: Jacques Dro: Jaquet Droz is widely praised for its exquisite watchmaking and luxury craftsmanship, especially known for its ‘Grand Feu’ Grand Fire Enamel craftsmanship. For more information about Jacques Dro, please visit the Jacques Dro channel: Richard Mille: Richard Mille, the world’s top mechanical watch brand, has developed the most sophisticated tourbillon watch with revolutionary watchmaking technology. world. For more information about Richard Miller, please visit the Richard Miller channel: In Swiss watches, the luxury brands are: IWC, Girard Perregaux, Rolex, Zenith, Omega, Breitling, Chopard, Yu Ship, Zun Huang, Kunlun, Bell & Ross.
   IWC: IWC is known as a ‘high-end watch engineer’ and specializes in manufacturing men’s watches. The classic style combined with clever design is elegant and exquisite. For more information about IWC, please visit the IWC channel: Girard Perregaux: Girard Perregaux is one of the few Swiss manufacturers that can design and produce movements. Known as the world of watchmaking with Sanjinqiao Tourbillon, and good at manufacturing top-level complicated functions (high-end watches). For more information on Girard Perregaux, please visit the Girard Perregaux channel: Rolex: Rolex is widely loved by successful people for its solemn, practical, and not flashy style. For more Rolex information, please visit the Rolex Channel: Zenith: Since 1903, the ZENITH series has been the winner of the official Observatory Accuracy Award, and it is also the watchmaking factory that has won the most Observatory Accuracy awards in Swiss watch history. Become synonymous with precision. For more Zenith information, please go to Zenith Channel: Omega: For over 150 years, Omega has been a pioneer in the world’s watchmaking industry. In space, the Speedmaster Professional series is not only the only watch worn on the moon, but also assisted in the rescue of the Astronaut on the 13th, winning the Snoopy Award from the Space Agency. For more information about Omega, please go to the Omega Channel: Breitling: the only watch brand in the world whose full range of products meets the Chronometer standard. For more Breitling information, please visit the Breitling Channel: Chopard: Chopard has always advertised the unique design and craftsmanship of the top and unique taste, providing unique high-quality products, becoming the most meticulous choice of high society. For more information about Chopard, please visit the Chopard Channel: Hublot: HUBLOT is a cutting-edge brand that for the first time combines a precious cast gold watch body with a natural rubber strap to become the founder of this style. For more information about Hublot, please visit Hublot Channel: Kunlun: Since its establishment in 1955, it has taken the courage to break through the tradition, innovate and strive for perfection. It has been recognized as the world’s most energetic in just over 40 years. Manufacturer of designer watches. For more information about Kunlun, please visit the Kunlun channel: Bell & Ross: Bell & Ross Timepieces embodies the brand’s passion and dedication, and strives to provide professional users with the clearest, most legible and reliable wrist-worn partners. For more information about Bell & Ross, please visit Bell & Ross Channel: In the Swiss watch, the luxury brands are: Tudor, Baume & Mercier, Tag Heuer, Le Méridien, Raymond Weil, Oris, Longines, Radar.
   Tudor: With its own graceful elegance and noble style, it brings you precise time indication. For more information about Tudor, please go to the Tudor channel: Baume & Mercier: Every product of the Baume & Mercier factory, whether it is a chronograph device, a gemstone-set bracelet-shaped watch or an elegant classic or novel timepiece, is extraordinary, Fully revealing the production of the wearer’s different personalities, these have made Baume & Mercier a large number of loyal supporters around the world. For more information about Baume & Mercier, please go to Baume & Mercier channel: Tag Heuer: Tag Heuer, with a history of 144 years, adhering to the original concept, manufactures precise, reliable, and beautiful watches. It has been called ‘Since 1860, the Swiss avant-garde Representative of style. ‘ For more information on TAG Heuer, please visit the TAG Heuer channel: heuer /
   Le Méridien: Le Méridien is one of the few independent Swiss watch makers. She not only holds a leading position in the German mid-to-high-end watch market, but is also extremely popular in the United States. For more information on Le Méridien, please visit Le Méridien’s channel: Raymond Weil: The brand’s unique personality is positioned in the perfect combination of modern fashion and traditional classics to meet the needs of young customers who pursue traditional classic designs. For more information about Raymond Weil, please visit the Raymond Weil channel: Oris: Oris adheres to the traditional Swiss craftsmanship to create truly perfect mechanical watches, loved by the younger generation. For more information about Oris, please visit Oris channel: Longines: In addition to pursuing the precise watchmaking technology of Longines, Longines is still working hard to research and develop new areas, and focuses more on noble and elegant design and Innovative ideas, every detail in the design is of a high standard. For more information about Longines, please go to the Longines channel: Radar: Exquisite workmanship, tight and flexible seams, smooth corners and no corners, uniform and bright plating. Text on the front and back is clear. For more radar information, please go to the radar channel: In the Swiss watch, the people-friendly brands are: Mido, Tissot, Plum Blossom, Movado, Certina.
   Mido: Mido’s watchmaking philosophy is a combination of timeless design and practical functions rather than following the trend. The real design is more durable than the trend. For more Mido information, please go to Mido Channel: Tissot: Tissot combines more than 150 years of creativity and traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, and is the leader in Swiss watchmaking. Its goal is to provide the public with gold- and silver-priced watches. For more information about Tissot, please go to Tissot Channel: Plum Blossoms: Plum blossom watches have always adhered to the ‘quality first’ attitude, focusing on the production of sophisticated, reliable and durable mechanical watches. ‘Image. For more information about plum blossoms, please visit the plum blossom channel: Movado: Always renowned for its unique aesthetics and watch design that travels through time and space. For more information about Movado, please visit the Movado channel: Certina: As the leader in Swiss mid-range sports watches, Certina always strives to provide the best quality products at affordable prices. For more information on Certina, please visit the Certina channel:
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