Month: September 2020

Parmigiani Fibonacci Pocket Watch: The Survival Of Extreme Crafts

As if a poetic chant of the beauty of nature and creation, the Fibonacci pocket watch is a tribute to the rich creative source of Parmigiani: superb artistic performance, excellent technical performance and five senses harmony. From the aesthetic and mechanical accomplishments that reflect each other and reflect the realm of completely controlling the ultimate craftsmanship, this pocket watch glorifies the origin of Parmigiani’s birth history and the restoration of watches and clocks, which is the soul of the brand since its establishment. Ultra-complex functions, enamel art, gem setting, and engraving techniques are all the treasures revealed by Fibonacci pocket watches for the world. The unique Fibonacci pocket watch is a masterpiece respected by the greatest mathematicians of the Middle Ages: he is Leonardo Pisano, nicknamed Fibonacci, and is famous for bringing Arabic numbers to Europe, inventing the ‘Fibonacci’ Fischer series, and the 1,618 golden ratio Through the ages. For many people, this sacred value exists in the mysterious nature of nature; when we look at the growth and arrangement of nautilus spirals or petals, we often find specific connections between the two. For this reason, Parmigiani chose the decorative pattern of water lilies for Fibonacci pocket watches to convey the symbol of the beauty of life. The petals that unfold one by one on the floating lotus leaves are the reproduction of the Fibonacci spiral. Fibonacci pocket watches are carved antisymmetrically. The front and back double watch covers are decorated with the same pattern of water lilies, but when the double-sided watch covers are opened, the water lilies on both sides can be seen to look at each other, demonstrating the symmetrical beauty. Made of large open fire semi-transparent enamel technology and inlaid with precious stones, the lotus on the double case cover is flashing with unparalleled light and deep depth, and the 288 ladder diamonds inlaid with the bezel are even more impressive. The dial also has the theme of water lilies. The subtle thing is that the pattern is composed of carefully cut semi-precious stones. The flower part is rose pyroxene, the emerald is transformed into lotus leaves, and the pond is interpreted with black agate. The low-key bright diamonds of diamonds on the lotus leaves are the time markers, and the subtle design ensures that the time is not disturbed. The material of the timer is pink or green mother-of-pearl. The mechanism of the Fibonacci pocket watch is the crystallization of Parmigiani’s advanced watchmaking technology. Its movement with the functions of three questions, perpetual calendar and moon phase is also engraved with delicate patterns on the bridge, echoing the lotus theme of the pocket watch. The bracelet connected to the pocket watch with a spring buckle is itself a high jewelry craftsmanship. Shaped with a series of blooming waterlily petals, the platinum link on the bracelet is set with a total of 2,309 brilliant turning diamonds, 12 emeralds, 14 rubies and 1 sapphire. The Fibonacci platinum pocket watch, which was first published in 1996, was set with more than 50 carats of diamonds; it took more than three years for each craftsman to fully utilize the essence of his craftsmanship.

Casio Launches G-shock Hero Theme Watch

The Casio G-Shock series, which has always been famous for its cool fashion, has launched a new ‘Men in Rescue Orange’ G-Shock series. The color of the rescue team uniform is orange, which pays tribute to the rescue heroes and realizes the heroic dream in everyone’s heart.

This series includes GULFMAN (G-9100R-4DR), MUDMAN (G-9000R-4DR) and RISEMAN (G-9200R-4DR).

     The three models are divided in color by the combination of the orange part of the strap and the black part of the dial, giving a safe and reliable sense of toughness. Since the design of this series of theme colors is inspired by lifesaving uniforms, the backlight design is an axe for lifesaving, which is very memorable.

Rust-proof and waterproof
G-9100R-4DR, because it bears the name of GULFMAN, is the most basic guarantee for its lightness without rust, and the rust-proof structure is better. The design of the special groove strap can keep the gap between the wrist and the strap, allow the water to fully evaporate, prevent sweat from staying, and prevent the watch from rusting. In addition, its water resistance has reached 200 meters, so it can easily cope with daily life.

Back carved turtle
In order to implement the concept of GULFMAN, the watch is engraved with auspicious patterns of sea turtles on the back, just like the real portrayal of the ocean. In addition, it also has powerful functions like moon data, tide chart, stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 second), countdown, multi-function alarm, intermittent alarm, full-automatic calendar, 12 / 24-hour clock, operation tone switch and other powerful functions.

Mud proof, low temperature resistant
The clay figure G-9000R-4DR naturally achieves the ultimate in mud and dust resistance. The body of the watch body and the major buttons are molded at one time using a variety of different resin materials, thereby preventing the erosion of mud and dust during sports. Its ability to withstand low temperatures has also reached minus 20 degrees, and it can operate normally even in harsh environmental conditions.

Waterproof Mole
Like the G-9100R-4DR, the water resistance of the G-9000R-4DR has reached 200 meters. In addition, the mole mascot engraved on the back of the watch is equal to the concept of land.


Dual sensor height barometric temperature measurement
G-9100R-4DR and G-9000R-4DR are slightly different from the shock-proof function, G-9200R-4DR incorporates the sensor into the newly designed G-SHOCK shock-proof system, which makes this sensor watch reach G-SHOCK Various demanding standards for shock and water resistance. In addition, a pressure sensor is added to sense the pressure at any time for accurate measurement. With these unique high-precision technology contents, even if you are in a high-altitude cloud and an undersea sky, you can know the changes in temperature and air pressure, allowing you to shuttle freely.

Solar, back carved dragon
The new solar energy is added to make the watch more power-efficient and environmentally friendly. The mascot pattern of the Chinese dragon engraved on the back, the ‘dragon’ comes from the mysterious legend of the East, soaring through the sky and in charge of weather and other weather changes. Today, RISEMAN using high-tech induction technology also makes you like the legendary ‘dragon’, knowing the changes in air pressure and temperature.

Upholding The Characteristics Of The Original Model And Presenting A Unique 21st Century Style Omega Speedmaster ’57 Watch Reissue Edition

Omega launched a replica of the original Speedmaster 1957 in 2013. The watch is a coaxial escapement movement and classic design, which combines the ultimate aesthetic appearance and mechanical performance. It was very popular. This year, Omega has again created a new watch for this timepiece. In addition to maintaining the style of the classic watch for more than half a century, it has also added several upgrade features.
   This 41.5mm stainless steel Speedmaster ’57 watch has a polished and frosted case, a matte bezel with a speedometer scale that has been closely related to the legendary Speedmaster chronograph, and a box-shaped anti-wear sapphire crystal Mirror-protected black dial and white and beige transfer dial logo. This watch differs from the 2013 model in that the recessed hour markers are filled with ‘green’ Super-LumiNova ultra-fluorescent paint.
   Another design element that is different from the previous model and makes this timepiece closer to the original Speedmaster is the appearance of the pointer: the ‘broad arrow’ style, and polishing with Super-LumiNova coating The three-dimensional oblique rhodium-plated central hour and minute hands, while the 3 o’clock, 60-minute and 12-hour counters, and the 9 o’clock small seconds counter, use Alpha-shaped hands.

   This stunning timepiece features a brown leather strap with polished and frosted stainless steel folding clasps, or Omega’s patented frosted and polished stainless steel screws and pin bracelets with butterfly clasps, and a wear-resistant sapphire crystal back The unmistakable Omega coaxial escapement 9300 movement. This outstanding movement has outstanding reliability and precision, so the Speedmaster ’57 watch has a full four-year warranty. This watch is water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet) like all Speedmaster timepieces.

Breitling And John Travolta Join Hands Again, Sailing Towards The Sky

Hollywood action superstar John. John Travolta has collaborated with aviation watch expert Breitling for eight consecutive years. John, who has a flight license and also loves flying, has the dual status of pilot and star. Travolta appeared in the latest advertisement wearing the popular Navitimer. John. Travolta’s childhood dream was to fly an airplane every day and always wear the best aviation watch recognized by aviation enthusiasts and professional pilots-Navitimer. The flying star is a veteran pilot with more than 6,000 flight hours and holds 8 different types of flight licenses. In addition, he is widely recognized as the official supplier of flight timepieces by the aviation industry. Breitling has deep feelings and brand loyalty, because John. Like the Breitling, Travolta is consistent in its constant pursuit of extreme performance! John who loves flying. Travolta’s luxury mansion in California covers a wide area. Not only can it park aircraft, but also hangars, taxiways, and runways. It is a small airport with full facilities. John. Travolta poses in the cockpit of his Boeing 707 large jet airliner.
    In 2012, John. Travolta shoots winged B ads for the brand. In this excellent visual effect, he stands next to the classic Mustang P-51 fighter jet parked at the Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert, California. Palm mirror, wearing a Breitling Cal.01 Navitimer watch with a signature flying slide and one of the world’s finest self-winding chronograph movements.

To John. As far as Travolta is concerned, the most classic legendary chronograph is the Breitling.