Month: June 2020

Raymond Weil Wishes To Continue Cooperation With Vh1 ‘save Music’ Foundation

Recently, Raymond Weil held a grand event to celebrate the brand’s continued cooperation with the VH1 ‘Save Music’ Foundation. Court Yard Hounds, a country folk duo formed by members of the former ‘Southern Chicks’ group, at William Manor in the world’s top wine region & mdash; Napa Valley, brought a special performance to the event.

Emily Robison wears Raymond Weil RAYMOND WEIL Namia watch Martie Maguire wears Raymond Weil RAYMOND WEIL Passion watch

 The VH1 Save the Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to help restore instrumental education in public schools in the United States and calls on the public to recognize the importance of music education in children’s system education.
 Court Yard Hounds is composed of sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire, former members of the legendary group Southern Chicks, who have won multiple Grammy Awards. That night, the group presented a unique performance for 300 guests at the scene. While enjoying the exciting performance, guests also enjoyed a banquet dinner with a selection of fine wines from William Manor. During the event, Raymond Wey prepared a luxurious exhibition lounge to showcase the brand’s various series of watches. One of the fine watches was presented to the guests in the form of a lottery that night.

 Raymond Weil has always been committed to promoting the noble cause of music, and has made great contributions to the music industry internationally. The brand has sponsored the British Music Awards for the past five years, supports the Wired music platform, and Elle Women’s Music Festival And The Artists Den music platform. The ‘Noteworthy’ series of music videos sponsoring the ‘Save the Music’ action is another step in the brand’s deep collaboration with the music industry.

Jaeger-lecoultre Cooperates With Aston Martin

In 2013, at the 180th anniversary of the birth of the Ru Valley Workshop and the centenary of the founding of the famous British car manufacturer Aston Martin, three new timepieces were born, representing the pursuit of perfection at all times. Another historic leap between the two pioneering companies that went hand in hand. The values ​​that have been built up over time have made these two brands stand out.

Jérôme Lambert and Johann Sauty

In the workshops of Rugu Valley and Gaydon, the artisans of the past have lived up to the ardent expectations of sports enthusiasts, estheticians and connoisseurs, using a wide range of techniques to give superb timepieces and cars life through superb craftsmanship .
In 2004, Jaeger-LeCoultre signed an agreement with Aston Martin to formally conclude a long-term partnership. Needless to say, this development seems to be a collision of thought between the master and the master. Genius is rare, and it is even more rare for two giants to join forces, such as two stars coexisting in the creative blue sky.
The R & D departments of the two parties are closely connected, and the brand cooperation has been steadily strengthened to achieve outstanding technological innovations. The transponder with a micro-transmitter is built into the timepiece to control the car’s central lock system. The intuitive and clear and considerate user’s vertical start timing device, The operation is as easy as driving an Aston Martin sports car; using a special movement to meet the driving performance requirements of sports cars; developing innovative materials.

Above: Master Compressor Extreme W-Alarm Aston Martin Watch – Bottom Left: AMVOX5 World Chronograph Cermet – Bottom Right: Master Hometime Aston Martin Dual time zone master watches – all launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Both parties uphold common values ​​in terms of performance and innovation. Starting with the first Aston Martin sports car equipped with Jaeger dashboard counters known for their high accuracy, they have laid a profound historical foundation for cooperation. As a tribute to these genius pioneers, the classic 270 ° counter layout is used again in the AMVOX series models.
Talking about the success factors of the lasting cooperation between the two parties, Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO Jérôme Lambert said: ‘The pursuit of the ultimate tradition is the foundation of the active and lasting cooperation between the two sides. The unique process technology and Jaeger-LeCoultre The countless invention patents for timepieces in the 180-year history of the watch factory laid the cornerstone of cooperation. ‘
Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez said: ‘It is the combination of talent, tradition and products that has shaped the brilliant achievements of our outstanding British brand on the 100th anniversary; most importantly, it cannot be separated Drive our passion for everything. Aston Martin is a global leader in design and luxury-every product is extraordinary, exquisite and unique, embodying the best craftsmanship and engineering technology . ‘
In 2013, with the launch of the first two timepieces of the AMVOX series and the new AMVOX cermet world time zone chronograph watch with a fiber-reinforced cermet case for the first time, the Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin Cooperate closely to continue the new chapter. Connoisseurs of fine watches are also fortunate to appreciate a series of extremely durable and reliable timepieces, which are powerful, sophisticated and ingeniously reminiscent of the unique world of British car manufacturers.
Source: Jaeger-LeCoultre

Basel 2019: The Glorious Rolex Rolex Daytona Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph

Remember the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona18ct eternal rose gold model launched by Rolex in 2018, decorated with rainbow gradient sapphire on the outer ring, and in 2019, this famous racing chronograph shows more precious and mysterious Brand new look-Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 18ct gold model. The classic speedometer is replaced by 36 trapezoidal diamonds on the bezel. On the black lacquered surface of pavé diamonds, the champagne chronograph dial, black lacquer and diamonds are intertwined, and the hands are shining.

White diamonds set against 18ct yellow gold, giving Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona a luxurious look

Rolex’s famous Oyster case, integrated middle case, screw-in caseback, winding crown and buttons and other fine elements are all revealed at Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, equipped with 4130 self-winding movement developed and manufactured by Rolex , Power reserve is about 72 hours. Put the Rolex Crown Logo at 12 o’clock on the dial, and use the 18ct gold Arabic numerals 15, 30, and 45 at 3, 6, and 9; the remaining hours are marked with 8 diamonds, and the 18ct gold base setting is finely designed. . In addition to the 18ct gold hands, the hour and minute hands are also coated with Chromalight, which enhances night-time legibility with persistent blue light.

The black lacquer and diamond are interwoven on the face plate. The 12 o’clock crown logo, digital hour markers and other decorations are 18ct gold

The new Cosmograph Daytona is equipped with an Oysterflex strap, which combines the sturdiness and reliability of a metal strap with the flexibility, comfort and beauty of a rubber strap. The innovative and patented strap developed by Rolex is a flexible titanium-nickel alloy sheet that is covered with high-performance black rubber injection molding. Oysterflex straps feature vertical cushions on the back for added comfort. The new watch comes with an Oysterflex strap with a Rolex-designed and patented 18ct yellow gold folding oyster safety clasp to prevent accidental opening of the buckle. The strap is also equipped with an easy-to-adjust chain link developed by the brand, allowing the wearer to easily extend the strap by about 5 mm, making it more comfortable to wear.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

18ct yellow gold / 4130 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, small second display / chronograph function / diamond setting, gemstone / sapphire crystal / waterproof 100m / diameter 40m

Parmigiani Bugatti Type 390 Provides High-end Customized Services. The New Bugatti Type 390 And The New Bugatti Chiron Super-run And Drive The Front Drive.

Swiss luxury watch brand Parmigiani and supercar brand Bugatti go hand in hand to provide customers with the opportunity to customize the appearance of the Bugatti Type 390, thereby highlighting the customer’s unique personality. The customization service reflects the artistic sensitivity of the two brands, the strength of the cooperation between the two brands, and also reflects the completely independent manufacturer’s characteristics-the prerequisites for customized works.

Parmigiani’s new BUGATTI TYPE 390 white gold case with black synthetic carbon fiber elements maps the new BUGATTI CHIRON supercar body, giving the watch a streamlined look
   The founder of the company Ettore Bugatti once said: ‘There is no end to beauty, there is no upper price limit.’ The Bugatti brand has always adhered to this spirit and only produces unique cars. The configuration of the Bugatti Chiron is done by the client and the Bugatti designer. Each Bugatti is unique and is manufactured according to the personal preferences of the customer. Personalization is a top priority for Bugatti. In addition to the basic categories of interior and exterior colors and materials that can be customized, there are thousands of other colors that can be customized. With its custom project ‘La Maison Pur Sang’, Bugatti has gone further and further and can meet almost any customer’s expectations-provided that any device added to the supercar is technically feasible and meets Bugatti’s high quality requirements. The result is extreme luxury: a unique model that reflects the taste of the driver and reveals his personality.

Parmigiani opens custom service for Bugatti Type 390, watch appearance and external image can be customized according to customer’s specific needs
   Parmigiani offers high-end customized services for the latest work in the Bugatti series, the Bugatti Type 390, embodying the same unique design concept. The watch is equipped with a horizontal cylinder movement-imitating the structure of a car engine, challenging the watchmaking tradition. Like the heart of the Bugatti Chiron, the movement of the watch cannot be customized because it is used to ensure the performance and reliability of the Bugatti Type 390. However, the appearance and external appearance of the watch can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Customers first choose the material for the case, buckle, leather strap and edges. Then, select the desired dial structure, hour markers, and hands, and then select the side decoration of the case. In the end, the customer decides on the color of the movement’s sapphire crystal. Different colors and textures are combined to display the watch and give it a different look, just like its keen customers.

Parmigiani’s new BUGATTI TYPE 390 white gold case with black synthetic carbon fiber elements
   The Bugatti Type 390 highlights three basic aspects of the Parmigiani brand. Through its unique appearance, it embodies the deep partnership between the Parmigiani brand and the Bugatti brand-a relationship built on dialogue and creativity. At the same time, this customized service reflects the potential of independent manufacturing and the added value unique to its core of excellence. Finally, through its extraordinary movement, it embodies Parmigiani’s creativity in watchmaking. Parmigiani constantly innovates, breaks the rules and moves towards extraordinary.
Unique watches match unique models-Geneva International Auto Show 2018
   To celebrate the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, the Bugatti brand has launched a new version of the Bugatti Chiron. This Chiron sports car has been significantly improved in operation, has more flexibility, power or performance parameters have not changed, or an amazing supercar class. The models displayed at the Geneva Motor Show are simply charming, with a two-color scheme from the outside to the inside: the exterior is Italian red with prominent gray carbon fiber, and the interior is caviar black with red embellishment.

Bugatti launches new version of BUGATTI CHIRON supercar at 2018 Geneva International Auto Show
   At the same time, Parmigiani also created a new version of the Bugatti Type 390 watch, paired with the aesthetic characteristics of the new version of the Chiron model and the same contrasting color design to commemorate the unique model and show the vitality of cooperation with the Bugatti brand . The new Bugatti Type 390 white gold case with black synthetic carbon fiber elements maps the body and gives the watch a streamlined look. The black nickel dial flange has red luminous numerals, while the hands are also coated with a luminous coating. The red strap with black stitching continues the contrast design of the Bugatti Chiron throughout the wrist.

Cartier Supports China Film Directors Association 2018 Annual Commendation

[March 25, 2019, Beijing] A few days ago, the 2018 Nomination Ceremony of the China Film Directors Association was held in Beijing. Cartier, a French hall-level brand, gathered with many senior filmmakers to take ‘thinking’ The form of ‘Enjoy Foreign Exchange’ explores the origin of the spirit of film art.

As a firm pioneer of the ‘art of living’, Cartier has long represented the spirit of freedom, independence and unruly, and has always stood at the forefront of the times. At the sharing meeting, Ms. Wang Hao, Cartier China’s strategic development officer, reviewed the important position of the brand in the development of the film industry. From the silent film era to the golden age of the 20th century in Hollywood, to the current elite international production lineup, Cartier participated in art creation with endless passion, and went hand in hand with Chinese filmmakers to continuously explore new forms of cooperation, accumulating time-honored new social influence.

成长 The growth of China’s film industry is also one of the focus of the brand. Each milestone is worthy of appreciation. This year, the brand and the China Film Directors Association joined hands for the seventh time. In addition to helping the Association’s annual recognition awards, it also actively explored opportunities for diversified and in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Cartier will continue to pay attention to the China Film Directors Association and Chinese films, as always.

Movie brings inspiration. The movie looks inside. The film looks at the future of human society. Just like Cartier, it is always committed to transcending visual shock and inspiring emotions. These moving values ​​also echo the foundation stone that Mr. Cartier laid for the brand: loyal to the origin, determined to innovate, and always maintain the driving force for the unknown.

此 Here, we will provide you with wonderful live pictures for selection in related columns.

地 Cartier strongly supports the China Film Directors Association 2018 annual nomination and sharing meeting

Group photo of directors of China Film Directors Association (from left to right):
Zhang Yibai, Liu Yiwei, Li Yu, Yin Li, Li Shaohong, Wang Hongwei, Xie Fei, Feng Xiaogang

China Film Directors Association 2018 Commendation Nomination Ceremony

Chairman of the China Film Directors Association and well-known director Li Shaohong wear Panthèrede Cartier Cartier Cheetah earrings and rings

On-site display of the trophies of the annual commendation conference of the China Film Directors Association and the Cartier watch works presented to the winners