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Swiss Mido New Helmsman World Time Watch

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has just begun, and the blood of fans all over the world has once again boiled up to celebrate this four-year football event. No matter if you are in Brazil, China, Spain, Australia … Swiss Mido Helmsman World Time Watch can provide you with accurate off-site time so that you do not miss any exciting events. Since its launch in 1934, Mido Helmsman series watches have consistently adhered to superb watchmaking technology, leading cutting-edge design concepts, and accurately grasping the changing pulse of the times. The new world time watch of the helmsman series shrinks thousands of worlds in one inch, helping you to grasp the global time in one hand. From the St. Paul’s Corinthian Arena in the early morning of June 13th to the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on July 14th, the Swiss Mido Helmsman World Time Watch will spend every passionate football night with you !

 Brazil in June has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Different nationalities, different countries, and different time zones are celebrating the World Cup, a festival for global football enthusiasts. On this occasion, the Swiss Mido sincerely presents the helmsman series ‘World Time’ watch for you, which perfectly records every wonderful event. Even if you can’t go to Rio de Janeiro as you wish, you can experience the immersive feeling with this Helmsman World Time watch; rotate the pointer to the RIO position, and join the fans of the world into the green, yellow and blue color tone. Colorful world. No matter where you are, you can accurately grasp the schedule, be passionate with the players on the court, and enjoy the joy and carnival brought by each moment of victory. We can’t change the time difference caused by distance, but can help you feel ups and downs with fans around the world. At the same time, you can’t replace the time spent watching the game together. The Helmsman World Time watch applauds the World Cup, shortens the distance of fans around the world, and ignites all the passion for football.
 The Swiss Mido helmsman series watches are inspired by the classic design and structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is the first watch series in the Mido family to combine the four major advantages of self-winding, waterproof, anti-magnetic and shock-proof. It is considered to be synonymous with dynamic passion and courage. The new world time watches of the helmsman series show the true character of heroes, inheriting the consistent spirit of the helmsman series and the pursuit of the strongest honor, and this spirit and belief are everywhere on the stage of the World Cup. This watch follows its source of inspiration-the design essence and shape characteristics of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In addition to the main dial, 24 time zone reading dial designs create a sense of ocean-like grandeur, making you feel as if you are in the stadium. Like enthusiasm. The vertical Geneva ripples enrich the spatial layering of the silver dial, and also extend the elegant and refined design style of the Mido helmsman series men’s watches to every detail. The polished stainless steel case is adorned with soft PVD rose gold, just like the Hercules Cup. A carefully assembled automatic mechanical movement can be seen through the transparent back, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire mirror, the hour and minute hands are plated with PVD rose gold and diamond beveled. The second hand and the second time zone hour hand are made of high-quality blue steel The achievement is exactly the same as the gorgeous and exquisite ball skill of the Green Elf, and it always reveals the beauty of never-ending smartness. This watch uses GMT’s Greenwich World Time Zone. The double crown design is simple and elegant. The 4 o’clock position is used to adjust the time and the 2 o’clock position is used to adjust the second time zone. Gently rotate the crown, and the second time zone bezel will lead 24 important cities across the blue T2 arrow one by one. The interlacing of space and the flow of time converge instantly between the hands. The date window at the 3 o’clock position is clearly displayed. China and Brazil, which are 11 hours apart from each other between the dials, change day and night, and each game is decided in a minute and a second. Let the new Helmsman World Time watch accompany you and look forward to the wonderful night of the month!

Mido Helmsman Series World Time Technical Information
Movement: Mido 1193 mechanical movement (based on ETA2893-2)
Case: 316L stainless steel, 3 parts, case diameter 42mm. Double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, spiral crown, transparent back, water-resistant to 100 meters
Strap: 316L stainless steel or leather strap with folding buckle
Dial: Vertical Geneva wave dial with date circle at 3 o’clock. Central 24-hour circle shows time in the second time zone
Pointer: Diamond cut and polished

The 28th Shenzhen Watch Opening Ceremony 见见 和 闻

June 22, 2017-June 25, the 28th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair was held in Shenzhen Futian District Convention and Exhibition Center. This annual event focuses on domestic and international watch and clock events. Let us Really understand the current status of the national watch and some wind directions. There are more than 500 exhibitors this year, and they are still located in Halls 1 and 9. In addition to domestic watch brands, traders, component suppliers, and clock manufacturers, there are also Swiss Pavilion, French Pavilion, Germany Foreign pavilions such as the pavilion, as well as pavilions from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shandong, of course, are also exciting to see that the AHCI of the independent watch industry is also the most prominent exhibition area this year.

The 28th China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair

   In fact, before the exhibition started, that is, on June 21, the organizers also held a summit forum in accordance with the usual practice. This year, there are two topics, one is family heritage, and the other is about the heritage and innovation of the Basel watch exhibition for a century. Compared with the forums of previous years, this year’s forum seems to be a bit far from the current hotspots of the watch industry, but of course it is profound, because domestic companies are still relatively weak in family inheritance, and watches are more sophisticated. It is the heritage. Switzerland, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom all have many centuries-old companies. A large part of this is inherited by the same family. However, for more than 30 years of domestic reform and opening up, the cause created by the previous generation has indeed reached a heritage. Node. Obviously, this is a process in which the vitality of the enterprise continues. In the forum, the relationship between the first generation, the company’s minister, the second generation, multiple marriage families, shareholders, etc. was exchanged. One of the key points was, It lies in maintaining the vitality of the enterprise, the inheritance of the family culture and spirit, and the indispensable is the inheritance of the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial ability of the second generation.
   The second topic talks about Basel’s century, heritage and innovation. In this regard, the focus is on products, channels and corporate management. It is completely different from the previous topic. During the meeting, the China Representative of the French Watch Association and the French in Hong Kong The Counsellor of the Macau Consulate, Vincent, one of the founders of AHCI, the collector Zhang Yisheng, the watchmaker and the watch author Bai Yingze expressed their views on this. The core point is to inherit the traditional culture and spirit of watchmaking on this basis. Product and channel innovation.

   Of course, it is impossible to solve real-world problems by using such a forum. Its purpose is to communicate and communicate industry opinions. At the same time, this year is also the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association. To this end, the Association held a special dinner with the theme of ‘applause for entrepreneurs’, showing us those seniors who have made important contributions to the Chinese watch industry over the past 30 years. Men. There is no doubt that in the 30 years that have been in line with the world, Chinese watches and clocks have gone from being institutionalized to being market-oriented. In the middle, they have experienced hardships. Management models, product categories, and quality all need to be blended with the market and turned to external advanced technology. During this period of study, it is inseparable from the ‘entrepreneurs’ of the watch industry.

   This year is the 28th Shenzhen Watch Fair. We see some differences from the past. There have been some changes in the traditional watchmaking brands and the booths of the ‘Big Four Kings’. Some brands have not come or have no enlarged booths. At the same time, some brands that were not so prominent in the past appeared at the core of the exhibition. At the same time, international exhibitors from France, Germany, Switzerland and other countries brought their national works. This very intuitive comparison allows us to see some differences between the domestic and foreign watch industry.

Guo Ming’s Pocket Watch

Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker watch

   This year is the second time that the AHCI team has come to the Shenzhen Watch Fair. Vincent once said that he was satisfied with the results for the first time last year. This year, AHCI is in a very central position, and we have also seen some outstanding works. For example, the familiar improved pocket watch brought by Guo Ming, the new Joker brought by Konstantin Chaykin, and cinema, the chronograph and tourbillon of Japanese watchmaker Asaoka, and the long-powered watch of Shenzhen watchmaker Mr. Tan Zehua And a large balance wheel and so on.

Beijing Table Su Embroidery Craft Dial

Porsche becomes official timekeeper for the 2017 International Championship China
   The strength of some old national watch brands has made us truly feel the vitality of national watch. The embroidery brought by Beijing Watch this year and the ultra-thin Chinese Lingyan Tourbillon let us see the uniqueness in oriental aesthetics, traditional craftsmanship and high-end clock technology. The word “weight” is used as a brand trademark. Obviously, Beijing Watch is striving to present the essence of Chinese culture in the form of a watch, which is the modern expression of Oriental aesthetics. This year, Renault watches will bring together the theme of photography and watches, weaken the time reading function of watches, strengthen the watch’s understanding of life, photography, time, and fashion. The classic men’s and women’s models bring new works, let us see the innovation of national watches in design. With the efforts of independent watchmaker Mr. Ma Xushu, Porsche Watch has brought a high-end product, such as a minute repeater watch and a world watch. At the same time, Porsche has become the official timekeeper of the International Champions Cup China. Stride forward in sports. In addition, many brands are actively seeking breakthroughs and innovation. Although our overall level still has a long way to go to occupy a place on the international stage, at least we are working hard.


   As a grand event for industry exchanges, Hall 9 is an exhibition area specially provided for parts suppliers, equipment suppliers, component traders, movement manufacturers, etc. It is still remembered that in 2014, a large part of this exhibition exhibited ancient Chinese famous Time measurement device, and this year, there are no seats, all of them are booths.

Summary: As a well-known international exhibition, Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair not only shows us the strength of national watches, but also attracts a large number of international brands and watchmakers to join them. The Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair is about to enter a year of ‘standing and standing’. Just as the topics at the summit forum, we need to inherit and we are also pursuing innovation. China is still the world’s most important watch giant and is making great strides towards the international.

Good Choice For Business Travellers, What Watches Can You Choose For 30,000 Yuan

According to different user groups, watchmaking brands have also launched different watch series or styles. So for business travellers, which watches are suitable for them and can bring them convenience? Watch House today recommends several models for you around 30,000 yuan, a good choice for business travellers.
Montblanc Star Collection U0110704

Product model: U0110704
Domestic public price: ¥ 37600
Watch diameter: 41-43 mm
Case thickness: 14.72 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MB 25.03
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 7750
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: baume / 54212 /
Watch Reviews: An elegant chronograph dress watch, blue straps echoing the blue elements in the dial. The white dial is able to better display these elements. This Baume & Mercier series has a 30-minute counter, small seconds and 12-hour counter, and a date display at 3 o’clock, which can meet different needs of users in daily use. Compared to the three-pin design of a normal dress watch, friends who like complex dials can choose this masterpiece. It has both the elegant and elegant design of a dress watch, and it is too simple to distinguish from a normal dress watch.

Summary: When choosing a watch, business travelers should pay attention to the functionality of the watch, the occasion of wearing it, and the feeling of wearing it. Compared to other watches, it is a formal watch with two-time or timing function and a leather strap. Maybe a better choice for this type of person.

Overview Of The Complex ‘watch’ Appearance Hamilton Khaki Series Field Full Skeleton Watch Brief Comment

Hamilton Watch was established in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. It combines the spirit of free spirit and the finest Swiss craftsmanship, and is famous for its innovative design and texture modeling. He has performed well in the field of aviation watches, and has gained a reputation for his deep relationship with Hollywood. He has appeared in more than 400 blockbusters so far. Today’s Watch House brings you a Hamilton Khaki field full-scale skeleton watch. Reference model: H72585535.

From the X-propeller bridge that spans the dial to the brand logo that ‘floats’ above the sapphire mirror, the Hamilton Khaki field full-scale skeleton watch presents a striking three-dimensional visual effect.

The hollowed-out dial is equipped with a brushed X-shaped bridge in the center of the propeller structure, which presents a visual effect like a roaring propeller and has a strong visual impact.

The watch glass uses a sapphire crystal glass, the surface is anti-glare treated, and the display is clear.

The classic gear-type crown has a simple shape and is easy to use. The top of the crown is engraved with the “Hamilton” initial “H” logo, which symbolizes the brand identity.

This watch is paired with a soft and comfortable chestnut brown leather strap, with stylish and bright colors showing a casual urban style.

The stainless steel case has a moderate thickness, and the smooth and exquisite lines of the case are combined with rich surface treatments, so that the contour of the side of the case is neither bloated nor too monotonous.

The brushed and polished lugs are treated with PVD coating, which has a delicate and low-key texture, and draws an elegant arc, which fits the wrist and shows a stylish urban atmosphere.

This watch is equipped with a PVD elegant black stainless steel pin buckle. The top of the buckle is hollowed with a letter ‘H’ logo, which at the same time reveals the brand identity and exudes unique brand temperament.

The unique honeycomb design of the bezel inside the dial and the protruding beige inlaid scales create a clear sense of layering and a unique modern visual impact.

The fully hollow dial design presents the movement of the precision movement in front of you. There is no need to take off the watch. The delicate splint is polished, and the heartbeat-like gear beats and the continuously running balance spring is at a glance.

The water-resistant depth of this watch is 50 meters. A sapphire crystal glass is embedded in the center of the case back. Through the sapphire crystal glass, this H-20-S autonomous fully skeletonized mechanical movement has a clear view.

Summary: This watch inherits the deep aviation tradition of the Hamilton brand. The center of the dial is equipped with a brushed X-shaped bridge like a propeller structure, which truly creates the effect of the roaring rotation of the propeller. The layered dial surface, protruding inlaid scales, honeycomb inner ring design, two-color hands and a full-hollow skeleton movement at a glance create the domineering and personality of this dynamic watch. In addition to the eye-catching design of the dial, the watch’s movement is brushed, decorated with an H pattern engraving and equipped with a hollow automatic rotor, showing the mechanical texture. The official price of this watch is currently about 8,950-9,700 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

More watch details: hamilton / 34952 /

Please Enter The Watch Three-dimensional World

Following the first spherical tourbillon watch Gyrotourbillon 1 that shocked the altar, Jaeger-LeCoultre chose the Reverso series of reversible cases to carry this innovative masterpiece of cutting-edge technology. This watch is limited to 75 pieces.
Price: ¥ 3,498,000
Deconstruction of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Spherical Tourbillon Watch

The Jaeger-LeCoultre 174 movement consists of 371 parts and is entirely hand-decorated. Connoisseurs who love high-level timepieces will never ignore the decorative details of this movement, such as manual chamfering and sanding, and the detailed arch processing of the middle plywood. The copper-plated motherboards and plywood have elongated edges and are manually beveled. The surface of the rectangular movement has a variety of gorgeous decorations, including Clous de Paris decoration, Geneva ripples, pearl dot polishing, matte polishing, etc., which makes the movement’s strong and powerful shape design exceptionally outstanding. The motherboard has a mysterious screw whose purpose will be a mystery to most watchmakers today and in the future.
The barrel is equipped with a sapphire crystal cover on the top and bottom to reduce the power loss of the barrel due to friction.
Sphere Tourbillon:

This is a magical creation that evolved the flat structure of the tourbillon into a more beautiful and magical sphere shape. This creation completely overthrew the conventions of horological machinery, creating the first ever wristwatch with a cylindrical spring. The spherical tourbillon is not only beautiful in its high-speed rotation in three degrees of space, but the ultra-high speed of 18.75 seconds per revolution of the inner tourbillon frame and 1 minute per revolution of the outer tourbillon frame is even more amazing. The viewability of the sphere tourbillon is that if you look at the watch in any one second, you will see the wonderful rotation of the tourbillon.
设计 Spherical tourbillon design that rotates around two axes at an angle of 90 degrees is currently the only mechanical device that allows the watch to cancel the gravity interference at any position. Jaeger-LeCoultre especially uses high-tech materials that are as light as wool to make the movement. The tourbillon frame rotates at a high speed of 1 minute per revolution of the outer layer and 18.75 seconds per revolution of the inner layer, so that the amplitude of the vibration can be maintained regardless of the direction of the balance wheel.双面 Impeccable spherical tourbillon double-sided watch with large K gold balance, reaching 12.5 mg × 2cm inertia, regardless of the impact of any shock and collision, always maintain stable vibration of 28,800 times per hour.
Not only that, K gold weights are added to the balance wheel to avoid damaging the initial adjustment in the event of a collision. Standard time at the smallest detail.
The power accumulated by the barrel is fully used by the movement and can reach a power reserve of up to 50 hours. A clever mechanical device is loaded on the barrel to avoid the risk of the mainspring being too tight or too loose.
The spheroidal tourbillon is a great innovation in the history of watchmaking machinery. Its importance to the watch is its contribution to precise timing, which no one can match.

Powerful Rivets Hublot Launches Limited Big Bang Watch

[Special Report from Basel of Watches] On April 25, 2013, Swiss time, the 41st Basel International Watch Fair kicked off, as a watch home of the top watch industry A special reporting team was sent to Switzerland to bring the exhibition report to everyone in the first place.

 The British Electronic Music Orchestra Depeche Mode has recently collaborated with the famous watch brand Hublot. The latter’s classic watch style, Big Bang, has set the tone for the creation of unique watch pieces. This 250-piece watch is made for charity: water, a charity dedicated to providing clean water to more than 800 million people worldwide.

 The black case is surrounded by dozens of rivets, which not only shows a strong side, but also uses a leather strap to show a low-key gorgeous feel. Depeche Mode
Members have always been helpful, raising money for different charities, and this time, after helping the Teenage Cancer Trust in 2010,
Hublot’s other collaboration for charity is quite meaningful.

 Hublot and British Electronic Orchestra unveil the Big Bang watch

Summary: If Hublot is the second place advancing with the times, I am afraid no one would dare to call themselves the first place. This cool rivet watch combined with electronic bands can be said to have changed the current popularity Elements, not only that, the addition of charitable activities has also improved the brand’s public image.

The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website: