Month: August 2019

Tag Heuer’s Brand New Ladies Watch Shows Elegance

This watch uses a 32mm 18K white gold case. The case, bezel, dial and strap are made of 234 baguette-cut diamonds and 245 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 7.36 carats. Retouched, the dazzling brilliance of long-cut diamonds, clear and straight lines, and the simple and unique “stepped cut” shape perfectly blend with the round diamonds that use bright cuts to show their extreme brightness and sparkle. Elegance. The striking contrast between black diamonds and white diamonds extends to the bezel. The glittering black diamonds are located off-center between 1 and 4 o’clock, representing the ‘yang’ in Tai Chi, and the other half of the white diamonds represent ‘yin’. This contrast effect is also reflected on the bracelet, whose central link is made of black polished ceramic, which is scratch-resistant like diamonds. A watch design that combines symmetric and asymmetric elements is not only distinctive but also attractive.