Month: June 2019

Gather 4 Bronze Cards, God Will Take You To The King!

In the world of King Glory, players who want to become the strongest King need 7 levels of advancement → Bronze is the starting point of the road to advancement of the King. In the world of watches, bronze is now a king. Great God-level watch players are proud to play bronze watches fancy, buy a few bronze watches, and then figure out how to ‘abuse’ them all day, and then show off the results on social media, this is the moment The highest realm of playing watches ~ PS: Bronze itself is a highly oxidizable material. With time, air, environment, humidity and other changes, it will produce different levels of ‘patina’, forming a unique retro beauty . ‘When the bronze hits the watch’ When the bronze hits the watch, the bronze watch becomes a witness who records your personal time. With the different habits of each person, the length of time they wear, and the environment of the watch Differences in the surface will show irregular, uneven mottled marks on the surface. Even if it doesn’t do anything, just leave it in the air like that, the bronze will slowly oxidize, the original strong metal feeling will slowly disappear, and it will be replaced by a gentle and quaint retro texture. Gradually this watch will become a unique watch in the world, engraved with your personal time mark. ‘Bronze watch is the trend of the watch industry ICON’ With the pursuit of the great watch players in the watch industry, bronze performance in the watch industry can be described as the trend of ICON, IWC watches as the ‘master’ representative of the bronze watch, from 2014 From the beginning of the first bronze watch ‘into the pit’, it continued to advance on the bronze road … This year, IWC launched a new seven Pilot Watch Spitfire series watches, not only a collection Various complex functions such as perpetual calendar, world time, timekeeping, etc., gather 4 ‘bronze cards’ in one breath. The bronze case with olive green dial and brown calfskin strap can be said to be firepower! Spitfire Pilot’s Chronograph This is the first pilot chronograph with IWC’s 69000 series of self-made movements. The case diameter has also been reduced to 41 mm. Hours and minutes at 9 and 12 o’clock. A bidirectional pawl winding system with a power reserve of 46 hours. The soft iron inner shell helps the movement resist magnetic fields. Spitfire large-scale pilot perpetual calendar watch (limited to 250 pieces). The perpetual calendar can automatically identify the different days of different months and leap years, and can run continuously to 2100 without any adjustment. All displays are perfectly synchronized and the watch can be easily adjusted with the crown alone. The dual moon phase display device shows that the correct positions of the moons in the northern and southern hemispheres need only be adjusted for one day every 577.5 years. The transparent sapphire case back allows users to appreciate the exquisitely decorated IWC-manufactured movement. Spitfire pilot UTC world standard time watch ‘MJ271’ special edition (limited to 271 pieces) IWC IWC integrates UTC (World Standard Time) function for the first time. UTC mechanical device can easily set the second time zone. Rotate the crown’s center hour hand to adjust forward or backward by the hour. If the dial crosses the international date change line, the date display will change automatically. The 82710 self-made caliber is equipped with a Pellaton automatic winding system with ceramic parts and a power reserve of 60 hours. The SWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic IWC 32110 self-made movement debuted in this watch. This sturdy self-winding movement is equipped with a two-way pawl winding system with a power reserve of 72 hours. The watch is 39 mm in diameter and comfortable to wear. The soft iron inner shell helps the movement resist magnetic fields. ‘Self-made movements help the king advance’ Not only the bronze material made the watch players look forward to it, but the highlight of this year’s new Spitfire series of IWC is that all the Spitfire series models are equipped with IWC. IWC-made movements! For experienced players, IWC’s entire line of self-made movements is nothing. The biggest breakthrough this time is actually the appearance of several first creations, and each movement also comes with ‘special effects’ function ~ 69000 type Movement series This new Spitfire fighter series, our 69000 family sent a timing movement to participate, but this is our first cooperation with the pilot series oh so excited ~ our 82000 family is only powerful this time. Model 82760 comes with a patented world time zone mechanism; model 82710 is equipped with UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) function. And these two automatic winding movements are also the first to join the pilot series! 82000 movement series 52000 movement series Our 52000 family has always been high-end with connotation, and complex functions are our strengths. This time we serve the perpetual calendar again. The 52615 is equipped with a Pellaton automatic winding device. And two barrels and ceramic parts ~ our 32000 family has always been relatively low-key, but this time for the first time in the Spitfire series we have integrated a homemade movement, named 32110 homemade movement, for two Spitfire The fighter self-winding watch is available. The 32000 movement series not only has the blessing of the four major movement families, but also the new Spitfire fighter series is also painstakingly designed. Its design inspiration comes from the instrumental design style of the classic Mark XI navigation watch, and also takes into account the specific engineering design requirements of the aviation industry. The case back of the metal case is engraved with the Spitfire fighter pattern, and at the same time, the combination of appearance and function is achieved. At present, the pilot chronograph watches (IW387902 Bronze) in these 7 new Spitfire fighter series are in hot pre-sale. If you want to become the strongest king, don’t hurry to start? !! In 2019, IWC will also complete a difficult and special task with the ‘Flying King’-Spitfire. This king of the air in the 1930s is about to set sail again. In August this year, the world’s longest flying globe was opened. Let’s wait and see! Friendly reminder: It is said that there will be a full-range price increase in July. It is time to book now. Editor: Serena | Visual and drawing: Sun, Evelyn Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet). Watch and Jewelry Culture Guide for Young People