Month: January 2019

Full Diamond Luxury Two Diamond Piaget Ladies Watches Beijing Quotes

Piaget’s diamond watch has always been the goal pursued by many ladies. We all know that the setting of diamonds on the watch is more complicated than simple diamond decorations, and the requirements are much higher. Piaget Naturally, it is no exception. Most of the diamonds set in Piaget watches are carefully selected round diamonds. Today, the Watch House brings you two Beijing diamond-set Piaget watches. I hope everyone likes them.

Piaget Traditionnelle G0A34150

In-store public price: 440,800 (collection time November 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Traditionnelle
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold with diamonds
Strap Material: 18K Rose Gold
Case diameter: 25 mm
Details of this watch: This movement is simple and generous, durable and extremely thin. It is equipped with an hour hand and a center minute hand. The movement is decorated with a traditional ring-shaped Geneva wave pattern. The main bridge is decorated with a ring-shaped corrugation. The bridge is chamfered Processing and decoration, with blue steel screws on the bridge, reflecting the perfect pursuit of Piaget.

Piaget Radionelle Collection G0A05420

In-store public price: 454,400 (collection time November 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Traditionnelle
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap material: 18K white gold
Case diameter: 28 mm
Watch details: Shop A201D on the first floor of Oriental Xintiandi Shopping Center, Beijing Oriental Plaza. Tel: 010-85182332

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[Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’. Because the stock of the watch is not much, it is not guaranteed that the watch will be in stock after you pass, so if necessary, please advance Contact your dealer.

It’s Exciting, Besides Her, There Is …

In this era we live in, there are more and more beautiful women. However, the goddess is still the goal everyone follows. For men, the goddess is the object that will make them fascinate. For women, the goddess is their aesthetic reference. Therefore, if two words are used to describe the goddess, it is a simple and crude ‘take-all’. After all, March 8th each year has been called the ‘Goddess Festival’ as a unique way of loving women. In this special festival, Flowe Hip Hop also wants to say to all female fellows: Happy Goddess !! How to define a goddess? But not only is it good-looking and simple, the image of the goddess can be unique in temperament, internally rich, or beautiful, but there is no precise definition. The watches beloved by the goddesses, like them, have their own. Unique personality. Speaking of the connection between the goddess and the watch, I have to enumerate these representative goddess images … Cate Blanchett: The blond hair and white glowing skin of the devil are Kate’s signature Image, in addition to her strong personal atmosphere of two meters eight. The big devil standing in the crowd attending public events doesn’t even need to do anything special, only a slight smile exudes the light of the goddess who dumps sentient beings. The Queen’s demeanor also made her the brand ambassador of IWC. In 2014, the King and Emily Blunt and Zhou Xun boarded a speedboat during the Cannes Film Festival to shoot blockbusters for the watch The pictures of the three temperament goddesses in the same frame are so handsome! Formal series watches best show the temperament of a goddess like Kate the Devil. Best Lady’s Formal Watch Natalie Portman: Natalie Portman’s classic loli image created in ‘This Killer Is Not Too Cold’ by the Black Swan was very impressive, long The divorced dancer played in the film ‘Black Swan’ by her queen pushed her personal acting skills to the top, which also won her many honors and awards in the performing arts circle. In addition to her natural beauty and superb acting skills, Natalie Portman is also a top student at Harvard University, and is proficient in multiple languages. It can be said that she can only be intelligent and beautiful. In 2015, the collaboration between Richard Mille and Natalie Portman launched the RM 19-01 watch inspired by spider motifs, also to celebrate the talented woman who got behind the scenes and behind the stage. Extraordinary achievements. Intricately designed complication watches perfectly match the personality of the talented goddess Natalie Portman. The best ladies complication watch Elizabeth Taylor: The beautiful face of Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor is the perfect goddess in her generation, and she is even known as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’. In addition to the legendary life, she is more human. What I know is Elizabeth Taylor’s love for jewelry and a wide collection. Every time she mentions luxurious and shining jewelry, she can always think of Elizabeth Taylor’s classic image. It seems that those gorgeous jewelry are born for her. general. A pair of violet eyes gave Elizabeth Taylor the honor of ‘Violet Beauty’, and her love for Bvlgari jewelry, especially the snake-shaped jewelry, was even dubbed as the free spokesperson of Bulgari … … The watch that corresponds to the beauty of Goddess Elizabeth Taylor is naturally an expensive and luxurious high-end jewelry series. The best jewellery watches nowadays women’s consumer groups have become more and more important in the watch circle, and the design of women’s watches has become more and more diverse, which can match different feminine styles, whether it is daily wear or attending grand occasions There will always be your love. Finally, I also hope that all female friends don’t forget to pamper themselves while busy for life, because each of you is a unique goddess in this world. Edit: Mia | Vision and Cartography: Mia Pictures: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Flow Hip-hop was launched by watchmakers to watch and jewellery culture guide for 8090 young people