Month: October 2018

1000 Meters Waterproof Watch For Men Who Long For Miracles

BREITLING deep dive sea chronograph watch What is the concept of 1000 meters underwater? Simply put, that deep pressure can turn a car into a steel bomb. The CHRONOAVENGER M1 is the only chronograph in the world that can reach a depth of 1,000 meters underwater. The achievement of this Breitling patent invention can make the operation of the chronograph without direct contact with the movement, which has unprecedentedly improved the water resistance of the watch, which is a miracle brought by the magnetic button device.
● Movement Breitling movement 73 type super quartz movement ● Appearance 44 mm diameter, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire arched crystal glass
Glass mirror, stainless steel caseFunction 1000 meters waterproof