Month: September 2018

Vacheron Constantin Flower Antique Watch Appreciation

Throughout the ages, artists are deeply impressed by the beauty of flowers. Regardless of whether it is a solitary show or a beautiful flower cluster, the magnificent petals exude a feminine atmosphere everywhere. The watchmaking masters used a pair of beautiful eyes and infinite creativity to fuse floral elements into the design of the watch. With the exquisite craftsmanship, the fragrant flowers were brought to life and reproduced the beautiful moments when the flowers were in full bloom.

 Pocket watch born in 1810, made of gold, line-engraved case, silver machine-engraved dial, line-engraved and intaglio floral pattern

 Pocket watch born in 1815, made of gold, carved with floral motifs and inlaid with garnet. Machine-engraved eccentric dial with Roman numerals.

 A pocket watch born in 1816, made of yellow gold with a flower-patterned case and turquoise and garnet inlaid decals. Machine-engraved dial with Roman numerals.

 A pocket watch born in 1817, made of gold, carved with a floral pattern on the case, and inlaid with garnet. Machine-engraved dial with Roman numerals.

 A pocket watch born in 1825, made of gold. Machine-engraved gold dial with floral relief pattern on the center and dial outer ring.

 Pocket watch born in 1829, silver, flower pattern black gold inlaid case, linear engraving. The machine-engraved dial is adorned with 12 Roman numerals.

 Pocket watch born in 1831, made of 18K yellow gold, filled with enamel case, silver dial with Roman numerals.

Pocket watch born in 1839, made of gold, machine-engraved case, oblique curve etching and enamel filling. Enameled dial with Roman numerals.

Modern Flavor Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre Reverso One Réédition # 1 #

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Reverso One women’s watch is equipped with the slender case of the classic 1930 style, and at the same time blends modern and modern flavor, injecting new life into the classic style. Whether you’re at ease or meticulous, or subvert the avant-garde, the timeless and elegant Reverso One flip watch can add to your unique style.

   Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Réédition (ref: 3258470) shows the minimalist style pursued by modern women, following the iconic style of the 1930s Enlightenment model, especially the simple black dial, mini case The proportions are subtle and meticulous.

   This ‘small black watch’ was born in the same era as the classic ‘little black dress’ in the fashion industry. The stainless steel case uses a small size of 32.5 X 16.3 mm and a thickness of 7 mm. The slender wrist is neither obtrusive nor just right. The streamlined crocodile leather strap is simple and elegant, seamless, free from the sense of boundlessness.

   The black dial is extremely simple in appearance, and the white straight Arabic numerals are clearly marked. The black or white is like the distinctive personality of modern women. The silver toffee-shaped hands in the center of the dial are in harmony with the case.

   The tiny and exquisite stainless steel crown is engraved with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s classic logo, and the side has a non-slip texture, which is easy to operate even if it is small.

   Black alligator leather strap with clear texture. With polished stainless steel folding clasp.

   The 7 mm thick case is polished and rounded.

   The unique lugs of the Flip Series

   Turning the flip case is sometimes a pleasure in leisure.

   When the dial is turned, time cannot be kept. How can one keep an unchanging vow in the flow of time? There is a hint of imagination left on the back of the case. The engraving service provided by Jaeger-LeCoultre can engrav your vows on the stainless steel case back of this series of flip watches, and stay in the wrist forever. The back of the case is equipped with a 657 quartz movement. The movement is composed of 43 parts. The movement is accurate and reliable. It can be worn at will, avoiding the inconvenience of adjustment.

Summary: Reverso One Réédition watch, the official price of this watch: 38,000 RMB, in line with the classic ‘small black dress’ essential for women, this watch is also essential for the wrist of modern women Thing.

Wrist Timepieces Inscribe Warm Time Longines Jialan Series Gifts Warm Mother’s Day

From slump to adulthood, maternal love is the warmth and dependence that accompanies all the way. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines watch tenderly selected the Jialan series and the pioneer series watches, engraved the tender time with the wrist timepiece, and carefully kept her every minute and every second.

   Longines Jialan series watches, with ultra-thin and smooth appearance, present a comfortable and lightweight feel. The new model incorporates the iconic Longines blue in the dial and strap design, with a classic and timeless design, set off a gentle and elegant temperament. Brilliant diamonds on the bezel guard the wrists at all times, shining elegant and moving.

   The Longines Pioneer series, adhering to the pure watchmaking tradition from Switzerland’s Somia, combines classic and elegant design with precise and excellent quality, and engraves the elegant time that accompanies her. The Pioneer series added a monocrystalline silicon hairspring to the movement to protect the watch from the effects of temperature, magnetic fields and atmospheric pressure. The entire series was certified by the Swiss Observatory ‘Precision Timer’. The mother-of-pearl dial with diamond bezel entangles the wrist, interpreting the charm of elegance and intelligence.

   On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the wrist watch is like a family relationship, consistent, and accompanied her to spend a warm and happy time.
Watch description

Longines Jialan Series Women’s Watch Watch Number: L4.341.0.97.6 Suggested Retail Price: RMB26,500
   The Longines Jialan series has won a long-standing reputation for the brand since its inception. Today, Longines, the famous Swiss watchmaker, presents the iconic blue in the dial and strap design, adding a new style to this series. The Jialan series was born in 1992. As a symbol of Longines’ classic elegance, it constantly introduces a variety of styles. A 24-mm blue sunburst dial with diamond hour markers and a stainless steel bracelet.

Longines Pioneer series watch watch number: L2.320.0.87.6 suggested retail price: RMB32,100
   The Longines Pioneer series is a 26 mm case with diamonds and a white mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamond indexes. The L592.4 self-winding mechanical movement is equipped with a single-crystal silicon hairspring, which cooperates with the balance wheel to ensure stable running time performance. All models of the Longines Pioneer series have been awarded the ‘Precision Chronometer’ certification by the Swiss Observatory. This watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet.