Month: May 2018

Shanghai Rolex Masters Comes To A Successful End Rolex Dialogues With Tennis Players Talk About Tennis Changes

October 18, 2015, Shanghai-Swiss watch brand Rolex, as the title sponsor of the annual Shanghai Rolex Masters, is the official timekeeper for the seventh time this year. That night, this wonderful ATP 1000 men’s singles tennis tournament was successfully concluded at the Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center. Djokovic defeated Tsonga 6: 2 and 6: 4 in the final and won the Shanghai Rolex Masters title. During the nine-day match, Rolex was honored to invite Rod Laver, an Australian tennis star, and Vijay Amritraj, an Indian tennis star, sports critic and actor, on October 13. ), Held a media meetup at The Rolex Experience on the Bund. The two tennis legends shared their personal tennis careers in a happy atmosphere, and also published their unique insights into the development of tennis.

   Rod Laver is known as the ‘rocket in tennis’ and holds the record for the most singles titles in the history of tennis. He has accumulated more than 200 championship titles in his sports career. In 1962 and 1969, he successfully won the four majors of tennis, becoming the only player in the history of the game to win the Grand Slam twice. Vijay Enragej is an outstanding tennis player who has sat on the No. 1 spot in Asia for fourteen years. Both extraordinary and outstanding tennis stars have collaborated with Rolex, and they affirm and agree with the brand’s support and contribution to tennis since the 1970s.

   During the press conference, Rod Laver and Vijay Enragegi talked about the changes in tennis. Both sides individually said that the current and past tennis activities were very different. ‘In the past, wooden racquets were used. In addition, when I won the Wimbledon title in 61, the prize was £ 10.’ Mr Laver said with a smile. Aside from the doubling of tournaments and prize money, the most significant difference is the player’s strength and physical strength. ‘Today, the physical fitness, stamina and precision that tennis players need are all unattainable in the past. But in any case, the goal of a player is not just to play a good game, but to maintain a good level and play perfectly. Go down. ‘
   Speaking of Rolex’s promotion of tennis, Rod Laver said: ‘The role model is a very important motivation to inspire young athletes. Among Rolex’s many spokespersons are hot stars such as Federer from Switzerland and Li Na from China, they will become new The role model of a generation inspires them to love and desire to play tennis. ‘Vijay Anrachagi acknowledged and said,’ Rolex has always been paying close attention to and supporting tennis talents. An outstanding and successful player like Chinese tennis star Li Na is a The perfect case. Rolex has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to promote the development of tennis, whether it is past, present or future. Such enthusiasm is admirable. ‘

   The partnership between Rolex and the Shanghai Rolex Masters dates back to the first event in 2009. At the time, as the exclusive presentation sponsor, Rolex was the designated timekeeper for this ATP1000 men’s singles event. And since the second year, Rolex has upgraded this partnership to title sponsorship, and is dedicated to supporting the country’s largest tennis tournament. Last year, the organizing committee of the Shanghai Masters announced that Rolex would continue to title sponsor this world’s men’s professional tennis tournament, which has won the ‘Top 1000 ATP Events of the Year’ for five years.

   This year, the Shanghai Rolex Masters once again features a strong lineup of Rolex spokespersons, including Swiss star Roger Federer, and the famous French runner-up Jo- Wilfried Tsonga The lineup of Canadian star Milos Raonic and nearly a hundred other top players has attracted the attention of tennis enthusiasts. High-level tennis matchups and first-class event services make this Asia’s only ATP1000 event one of the world’s loudest events.