Month: December 2017

2017 Sihh Ulysse Nardin Athens Pavilion List

As one of the top ten Swiss watches, the Athens watch has gone through a century and a half. In its long-term background, the superb watchmaking technology and innovative ability have become the Athens watch. synonym. As the first time to participate in the SIHH status of Athens, what kind of watches will be brought to the eye? In the layout of the exhibition hall, Athens will always follow the breakthrough of creativity to highlight the spiritual elements and brand value of classic watchmaking. Let’s follow in the footsteps of the House of Watches and enjoy the new pavilion in Athens at the Geneva International Watch Fair.

   The panoramic layout of the exhibition hall is based on the indissoluble bond of over 150 years of history established by the Athens watch and the nautical watch as a background of time and space. A large sailing sailboat is presented. The sea-blue sky brings the entire exhibition hall into the Over the fantastic ocean. The design style is truly breakthrough and innovative, unique and desirable.

   Four watch windows were set up in the exhibition area of ​​Athens Watch to display the brand new products, and the background of each window is also carefully designed and conceived, which perfectly fits the deep feeling between Athens and nautical.
Summary: The Athens pavilion perfectly combines a long-established background culture with innovative design. A good start in the Geneva watch exhibition, presenting the brand concept of ‘Navigation to the Future’. Unique and breakthrough design style. Want to learn more? Waiting for you to lock the watch home Geneva watch exhibition, pay attention to more information reports: