Month: October 2017

Spicy Collection: Is Amy Long’s ‘dragon Watch’ Worth Collection?

‘Gold in troubled times, prosperous collection’. When bank interest underperforms CPI, and a large number of financial articles question who is taking money from your pocket, people are increasingly accepting the notion that you don’t manage your finances and ignore you. With the change of policy and economic environment, people’s investment focus has gradually shifted from stocks, funds and real estate to collectibles. How to correctly choose a collectible with low risk and fast appreciation is the most concerned issue for every investor and collector. As a kind of collectibles, it must have various conditions that are collectible. For example, the rarity of materials, irreplaceability, preservation and appreciation, and artistic appreciation. Works of art such as celebrity calligraphy and painting, emerald gemstones, famous clocks, antiques and other antiques are very good collectibles. As for the category of clocks and watches collection, origin, quantity, artistic appreciation and timeliness are all keywords that are worth collecting .
 In this way, it is only an abstract concept, how to appreciate the collection of watches and clocks, I interviewed Cheng Lao, a senior person in the watch and clock collection industry. Cheng Lao, born in engineering, has a persistent pursuit and love of art. He told the author that his father had worked in watches and clocks. He liked to listen to the ticking sounds with his father when he was a child. He did not expect that it became his own hobby. Can’t let go.

 Cheng Lao said that when we study the history of previous collections, we find that history is often copied, just as everything today is destined to become a future story. Since the 1980s, many people have been keen to collect mechanical watches that have been regarded as old antiques. Many people find it useless to put it at home, they can exchange some money, and it is very cheap to take it away. It is a pity. Several of my collections were also found in old markets. Many of them are made in Switzerland and are all handmade. The fineness is art in itself. Now in this market, any timepieces produced by some established manufacturers, or with special functions and historical significance, can scream a sky-high price. When it comes to modern collections, Cheng Lao said that for collectors of love, there are three looks, one looks at the body, the other looks at the skin, and the three looks at the workmanship. As long as these three things are in the eye, then they are inseparable.
 When talking about his favorite collection, Cheng Lao was very interested. When the author proposed to see Cheng Lao’s collection, Cheng Lao also readily agreed to show his babies one by one. Cheng Lao set up compartments in the box according to the age, and the top one is also the most recent collection. Among them, a large one, two small black dials, and a watch with a golden dragon jumping on it are very eye-catching. Cheng Lao picked up these two watches and said: ‘A little bit of sight, these two watches are worthy of collection in the Swiss watches on the market today.’ Boasted by Cheng Lao, it really feels complacent. Cheng Lao went on to say, just follow the ‘Three Looks’ I just said, let’s talk together.
 First of all, the Xianglong watch has a 300-year-old Amy Long watch, which is one of the oldest brands in Swiss watches. Such pure bloodlines are very rare. In addition, Xianglong watch was launched by Amy Long in the Chinese Dragon Year, which coincides with the ‘Dragon’ word in its own brand. Western watchmakers launched our Chinese Dragon Year Xianglong watch in the Year of the Dragon. The triple meaning set It’s worth collecting. And this series is limited to 95 pieces in the world, which is said to symbolize the Nine-Five Years of the Dragon.
 Let’s look at the skin again. Following the characteristics of Ami Long’s low-key but luxurious atmosphere, this ‘Xianglong’ watch uses dark gray as the bottom surface. Surrounded by twelve bright diamonds, a Xianglong inlaid with bright precious diamonds jumps out. Above all, the design of the dragon totem from ‘Hanlong’ is concise and domineering, showing the noble spirit of the king, and perfectly explaining the status of the dragon in the oriental elements. The entire dragon shape winds up on the dial, magnificent, and the dragon shape has a double ‘8’ design, which means auspicious spirit. Also, the wing design of the watch is the DNA of the Emily brand, which is as precious as a family brand. At the same time, the wing shape is beautiful and unique, and it is integrated into the round case to make the watch look stretch and beautiful, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. Available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm in diameter, this watch combines the trend of large-size dials. Large dials test the skill of the designer and the skills of the watchmaker. They need clever multi-level design, and they must be comfortable and ergonomically attached to the wrist. In addition, the large size is a big test for the waterproofness, thickness and balance of the dial.

 The last thing to look at is work. You see, Xianglong uses a stylish 42MM and 38MM large dial design, the overall thickness is only 9MM, which means that under the same movement conditions, Amy Long’s ‘Xianglong’ watch to the extreme thin and light concept. When we observe carefully, we will find that the dragon pattern and the dial are integrally formed. This process can ensure that the dragon shape will not change. Xianglong’s diamond inlay requires micro-carving and processing by human hands during the production. Each line must be 90 degrees from the surface of the disk to make the dragon shape stand upright. And each bright diamond is inlaid by hand and polished carefully. The sun sand texture of the dragon-shaped dial is a test of the polishing process. The smooth sand is beyond the limit. This standard seems so harsh on such a complex and delicate disk. !! The Xianglong watch did it, and it was so perfect.
 Speaking of which, Cheng Lao was quite excited. There are not many watches that can perform so beautifully in front of Sankan. Cheng Lao said with emotion: ‘Each collection has a reason to be collected. In the face of this auspicious dragon watch that combines Chinese and Western cultures, its value growth may need to be left to time to prove. But what does this have to do with the collector’s love of it. ‘
 Talking to Cheng Lao is a very pleasant thing. It seems that Cheng Lao has the same infectivity as those unique collectibles, so that we can observe with such keenness and kindness. To look at these more and more precious works of art that have precipitated in a long time. We have reason to believe that the classic styles of famous watchmakers will record their past history in their ticking sounds, and convey the eternal legacy of art and craftsmanship.