Month: September 2017

Walk Around The Wrist Lightly Acacia Rado Swiss Radar Diamaster Diamond Master Series Pair Table Together Reunion Time

(Linno, Switzerland-2017) The brightest night of the year, the time is shared by thousands of people. Pioneering watch brand RADO Swiss Radar brings the new DiaMaster series of diamond counters, showing its unique personal style with a charming and elegant unique design. Under the witness of the bright moonlight, the most sincere touch is condensed on the wrist to show the acacia.

(Image source: Netease lofter)

   The new DiaMaster series has a dial design that is unique to the watchmaker’s heart. It expresses the ‘reunion’ in the form of ’round’ and ‘full’. The DiaMaster series of large seconds watches uses an asymmetrical dial design. Overlapping, low-key and profoundly telling each other’s affection; the DiaMaster diamond series women’s watch is gorgeously equipped with 49 brilliant diamonds, shimmering, as if the bright stars embellish the jade plate, telling the thoughts of the distance. The complementary brown hue of the two watches is like moonlight pouring down through the treetops, flowing into the bottom of each other’s heart along the wrist, lingering in the heart for a long time.

(Image source: Netease lofter)
   Made from the brand’s signature high-tech plasma ceramic material, the DiaMaster series’ exceptionally light and comfortable wearing experience gives this watch a new and long-lasting experience. The exquisite leather strap is even more prominent in the exquisite craftsmanship. This is an extraordinary quality that makes this watch outstanding. Seeing the moon in the dust is also free, and the situation is between Qingqiu Xianfu. During this time of great beauty, the DiaMaster series of diamond masterpieces adds a sense of beauty to the autumn scenery of the poem. It stands for eternity in extraordinary simplicity, injects a light texture into the strong reunion, and creates an exclusive unforgettable memory.