Month: June 2017

Interpretation Value Piaget G0a32017 Watch Appreciation

Since its birth in 1874, Piaget has always adhered to the brand spirit of ‘Always do better than required’, incorporating superb craftsmanship and unlimited creativity into every watch. This time, let’s take a look at G0A32017 in the Earl’s family, let us fully feel the art of time.
 Piaget G0A32017 is a Piaget Emperador pillow-shaped perpetual calendar series. In the hands of Piaget’s watchmakers, the 18K rose gold case is perfectly matched with different geometric shapes, which now constitutes Piaget. An iconic feature of the pillow-shaped case, embodies Piaget’s ingenuity. At the same time, the gorgeous color of rose gold can also reflect the noble temperament of the watch owner. The dial is a silvery white oval dial with a radial linear pattern on the outer circle of the dial. The second time zone display and the small second dial are juxtaposed below the dial. The thick central hands and the golden hour markers around it also look so harmonious. At 12 o’clock is the date display window, under the display window is Piaget’s iconic logo. The matching of the entire dial exudes an artistic atmosphere, showing the master’s outstanding taste and elegant atmosphere.

 Piaget G0A32017 is a dress-up perpetual calendar watch, so its most characteristic function naturally requires tens of thousands of calendar functions. Its perpetual calendar uses a window display, which is located directly above the watch dial. It is different from the ordinary perpetual calendar. Its perpetual calendar can display three dates, the middle of which is the date of the day, which will give us work. Planning in life may provide more convenience to previous summaries. In addition to this perpetual calendar function, it also has a very practical second time zone display function and day and night display functions, both of which are located on the display panel at the lower left of the dial, and are implemented by two hands. The second time zone is often used by people who need to work across time zones. With its help, we can see both the local time and the home time. It can be used when contacting family and friends. Effectively avoid situations that disturb others’ rest. The day and night display function is mainly used by donkey friends or explorers. When they are in the mountains or caves that do not see the sun, they can better obtain the time information at that time. The most basic time display function of this watch is realized by the central hand and the small seconds display dial. This design makes the dial look slimmer and the power utilization of the watch is higher.

The movement of this Piaget G0A32017 watch is also produced by Piaget Manufacture. It is a Cal.850P automatic mechanical movement. This is a movement with excellent performance. Its balance is a screw balance. We can change the balance of the balance by adjusting the balance screw on the balance to maintain the accuracy of the watch. And this movement is also equipped with a dual barrel, which can provide more durable and stable power for the watch, this movement can provide up to 85 hours of power reserve, which is very outstanding in the same category of watches , Can basically meet the needs of most people in life. Its vibration frequency is 21600 times per hour, which is also a strong guarantee for the accuracy of travel time. In addition, Piaget’s index masters also performed a lot of artistic modifications on this movement. The movement’s oscillating weight is engraved with the Piaget brand mark, a circular Geneva wave pattern, a polished round main plate, a beveled bridge and blue steel screws. Wait. These can be observed through the sapphire crystal on the back of the case, which is another visual enjoyment this watch brings us.
 Piaget G0A32017 is a very classic high-end watch. It has the most creative shape in the field of formal watches. It has precious rose gold. It has practical and durable functions. It also has an excellent The performance of the movement, which is a favorable factor that makes it above many other high-end watches. In addition to its own functions, it also has many unseen values ​​such as the improvement of the wearer of the watch and the noble identity of the owner. Moreover, as a precious metal watch of a high-end brand like Piaget, it also has a certain collection value, and its value may increase with the passage of time. At present, its market reference price is 259480 yuan. Although the price is expensive, what you harvest is the crystallization of real materials and superb skills passed down for many years.
 Watch details: piaget / 9115 /

Simple And Elegant Three Distinguished Men’s Watches Recommended

The elegant manners and extraordinary conversation displayed by elegant and elegant men are undoubtedly comfortable and close. The calm grace displayed by that manner is a perfect interpretation of lifestyle. Today, the Watch House recommends three simple and elegant watches with distinguished watches.
Girard Perregaux men’s watch series 49527-52-131-BK6A

Model: 49527-52-131-BK6A
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: ¥ 136,000
Watch details:
Model: 81180 / 000R-9159
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 135,000
Watch details:
Model: G0A34113
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 130,000
Watch details: piaget / 9049 /
Watch Reviews: Piaget adheres to the brand spirit of ‘Always do better than required’, and conveys the precious essence of watches with superb craftsmanship. This watch is crafted in rose gold with a distinguished case that houses a manual mechanical movement. The simple dial has a clear display, practical and extremely simple bar hour markers and hands, and a uniquely designed small seconds dial at 10 o’clock. The watch is paired with an elegant and fashionable brown-red alligator strap.
In summary: these three watches are simple in style and elegant in temperament. Their watchmaking brands have superb watchmaking skills and excellent watch performance. The three watch designs are unique, elegant and distinguished, which are very suitable for elegant men. And wearing this watch not only highlights the wearer’s elegant temperament, but also highlights the individual’s extraordinary taste.

Boll Ambassador – Aris Hannold, The Free Solo Climber

Alex Honnold

As a pioneer of precise timepiece standards, BALL Watch also has deep roots with the American Railways. It has contributed its watchmaking expertise to all explorers, athletes, and major pillars of society. The Bol Explorers will bring together this group of the most representative contemporary elites. Just as the American railway continually conquered the new world and pushed the boundaries forward, these elites are also constantly accepting the most difficult challenges and exploring new realms. .

Alex Alex Honnold has set numerous mountain climbing records, is the world’s bravest and most skilled climbing expert, is a legend in the free solo climbing industry. In 2012, he was appointed as the Ambassador of the Boll Brand, and was honored to join the Boer Explorers and meet a number of distinguished members, including today’s world constant weight free diving champion Gion. Guillaume Néry, astronaut and Virgin spacecraft pilot Brian Binnie, and the first female climber to conquer 14 peaks over 8000 meters, Aiduna. Edurne Pasaban.

 Alex Honnold

Aris Hannold was born on August 17, 1985 in Sacramento, California, USA. He has been climbing since the age of 17, initially climbing indoors only, and then climbing natural stone walls near his hometown. As he climbed higher and higher, challenging more and more difficult peaks, he gradually turned to the ultimate challenge in sport climbing-free solo climbing. This sport originates from free climbing, but the climber must give up all the ropes, safety belts and protective devices, and climb purely with both legs and hands. There is no room for error. Only a few of the most skilled and talented men Only mountain climbers dare to participate in this sport.

汉 Aris Hannover majored in engineering at the University of California Berkeley, but he dropped out of school at the age of 18 and dedicated himself to climbing. Yosemite National Park in California has the world-famous peculiar granite dome, which is where Aris Hannold achieves his best personal results. There he climbed more than 2130 meters / 7000 feet in less than 24 hours, of which more than 90% were free solo climbers, conquering the highest three stone walls in this national park-Mount Watkins ), El Capitan and Half Dome. Among his many summits are the towering ‘Astroman’ and ‘Rostrum’ stone walls in Yosemite Park.

Aris Hannold is not only extremely flexible, but also has unparalleled physical conditions, so that he can achieve such delicate and accurate performance; this constant pursuit of accuracy is exactly what Aris Hannold and watchmaking have in common One. Just as the Pol watch established the most highly accurate timepiece at the end of the 19th century, Aris Hannold alone set a new standard for this climbing sport. His climbing performance has attracted the attention of the media and his reputation is growing. Mountain circles are widely spread.

 Alex Honnold

Aris Hannold focuses on outdoor activities, often driving his light truck to different places and climbing freely. He often said, ‘I yearn very much for my life because it is simple.’ He sees the simplicity of the sport as an absolute pursuit-‘I like the simplicity of single-person climbing. You have no equipment and no partners. There is nothing better than free solo climbing. He also believes that this sport is in line with his own psychological quality-‘if I have talent, it should be a spiritual advantage.’

Aris Hannold is very humble, and has the motivation to require continuous improvement, each climb will always push the limit of adventure forward. He often lived up his self-belief and value in his personal style. His thirst for challenge, precision, tenacity, excellence and humility are also the qualities of Bolliste. Aris Hannold has a real inspiration for the Bol brand. His extraordinary personality and brilliant achievements make him the best candidate to represent Bol watches.

 Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon (Engineer Hydrocarbon Series) Spacemaster Black

Today, Boll Watch and Aris Hannold are resolutely marching towards the path they have chosen, once again determining each other’s importance as one of the main members in the history of modern adventures.