Month: March 2017

The Big Boy Who Stepped On The Accelerator Has A Chance To Become A Big Adventurer

‘Dad, do you think my new car looks good?’ Seeing my son holding the newly bought car model with excitement, I suddenly realized that the car may be a man’s toy for life. . The beauty that perfectly blends lines with speed is naturally an irresistible temptation for men. This temptation has nothing to do with the age, but also has nothing to do with age. If it is said that men’s memory of racing cars after the 90’s originated from realistic car models, then the men of the 80’s are undoubtedly four-wheel drive. I remember that at that time, after class, we would have an appointment with three or five friends rushing to a large shopping mall, so as to be able to play two laps on the four-wheel drive track in the mall’s atrium, and shouted a few more ‘rush, supersonic ‘But what’s interesting is that men’s love of racing is not like other things, it will fade over time. The opposite is getting worse. Even racing derivatives, such as car models and racing helmets, will show strong interest, let alone some racing watches. To paraphrase a friend Jack, ‘I may not have the feeling of gripping the steering wheel at all times, but keeping the racing watch on my hand always allows me to feel the speed and passion at all times.’ True, most watch brands make a ‘ ‘Racing watch’ is not difficult. Find a car company and add a racing logo or other related elements to the style. But is this type of watch really a racing watch? At best, it is just a word on the side. Changing a LOGO can also be called an airplane watch or a tank watch. To make a racing watch that really gets into the eyes of the collector, it should be a unique and irreplaceable racing element, just like the Parmigiani Bugatti series. Some people may ask, with so many racing watches today, why is the Parmigiani Bugatti series so popular with collectors? I have asked several collectors on this issue, and the answers they gave were surprisingly consistent. The Parmigiani Bugatti series is the only racing watch that perfectly integrates the exclusive design of sports cars with the traditional aesthetics of watches. . The Parmigiani Bugatti series has been in existence for 14 years, and is a veteran in the field of racing watches. You know, most of the car brands will basically change their watch brand cooperation in two or three years, but Bugatti’s cooperation with Parmigiani has continued since 2001. The reason behind this is very simple. What they want is to join forces. On the one hand, they are the top players in the sports car field. Even if the price is tens of millions, they are still in short supply in the global market. Finding Parmigiani has long been a consensus in the industry. The strong idea of ​​Parmigiani and Bugatti teaming up with Parmigiani Bugatti series is still the most special existence in the field of clocks and watches. The combination of the three-dimensional movement and the special case curve seems to project the miniature of a Bugatti sports car onto the wrist. When the wearer sees the wrist, it seems that he can appreciate the smooth lines of the sports car and hear the roar of the engine. The Parmigiani Bugatti watch is extremely sophisticated in details. In addition, the Parmigiani Bugatti series are very well done in detail. The case, which looks like a sports car frame, creates a strong visual contrast through brushing and mirror polishing. The sapphire crystal glass surface of the body looks like a ‘floor window’, which makes the operation of the internal movement clearly visible. The most worth mentioning is that although the size of the watch is larger, thanks to the special design of the overall curve and the echo of the material and size of the strap, it has a good overall wearing comfort. It is no exaggeration to say that the Parmigiani Bugatti series is comfortable and pulls on the wrist. The handsome figure on the hand of the Parmigiani Bugatti series is precisely for this reason, this watch has been widely praised since its debut in 2004. The brand’s addition, delicate texture, and unique appearance make the watch ‘hard to find.’ Even though the quality of the Bugatti series is already at the top of the industry, Parmigiani and Bugatti are not satisfied. Instead, they continue to challenge themselves, such as the Bugatti Type 390 inspired by Bugatti Chiron, the new Bugatti car. The Bugatti Type 390 inspired by Bugatti Chiron looks back at the history of the Parmigiani Bugatti series. We can be surprised to find that the update of each generation of works is not just a simple change of color, but a real redesign. For example, the first-generation watch, the Bugatti Type 370, designed a round cylinder in response to the structure of a sports car engine; in the second-generation watch PF372, the appearance was changed to 1200-hp Bugatti Veyron Acute-angled triangle; the latest third-generation watch, the Bugatti Type 390, is even more three-dimensional. The streamlined shape of the racing car shell has been designed, even the hour and minute display and the movement have changed positions. From this point of view, the changeable design not only increases the visual impact of the watch, echoes the shape of Bugatti Chiron, but also better echoes Bugatti. Of course, in addition to writing about the design, there are also many innovations behind the models. Take the traditional gear train in the PF390 movement, it is no longer a traditional reduction gear, but has become a planetary gear that can save more space and ensure equivalent effects. These innovations are based on the concept of ‘one watch for one car’. The mechanical world behind the dazzling exterior is also exclusive to the Bugatti Type 390 in custom services. There are many items for custom services … From the materials and colors of the case, strap, and buckle, to the structure of the dial, the time scale, the style of the hands, and the color of the sapphire crystal, consumers can choose their own combinations. Use this to create a Bugatti on your own wrist. Parmigiani Bugatti’s custom model Finally, I want to mention that a customer in the Japanese market customized an all-white Bugatti Type 390. That physical model was so handsome that it exploded. If you also have customization, it’s better to send me a look. 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Bvlgari 2015 Mother’s Day Zhenxuan

Mother is the first warmth of love when a new life opens its eyes; mother love is a bond that will never die, showing the greatest magic in the world. Mothers all over the world are similar—they want to accomplish everything for their children with all they have. On Mother’s Day 2015, I presented a gift to the mothers around me to express my feelings and gratitude, as well as the deep love in my heart.


  Bulgari once again showed unparalleled uniqueness in the use of gem materials. Based on the Chinese jade culture, Bulgari’s jewelry craftsmen embedded the moist jade into the rose gold through the unique fine setting process The harmony of jade philosophy and classical aesthetics. The emerald gracefulness and gracefulness linger in solemn grace, like the mother’s meticulous but unspeakable care and tolerance.


  The deep historical background and architectural aesthetics of ancient Rome provided extraordinary inspiration for the DIVA series. The curved design with a very geometric beauty, like a soft curve unique to women. Diamonds, onyx, and mother-of-pearl chant the tender and elegant temperament of the goddess. It is most appropriate to use DIVA jewelry to pay tribute to the important goddess in life, the mother.

  The inextricable relationship between ‘time’ and ‘light’ provided ample inspiration for the LVCEA series, and the dial of the sundial design keenly captured the power of light. With the change of the sun and the moon, the bright brilliance of white gold, rose gold or stainless steel, the radiance of diamonds and the round luster of mother-of-pearl bloom in different occasions, showing the charming charm of modern mature women. The round case, which contains time, symbolizes perpetuity, and also represents eternal love and gratitude to the mother.

  BVLGARI Serpenti China Limited Edition Watch

  The snake totem and mother have deep roots-in ancient mythology, the creation goddess and mother-daughter of the earth are the heads of snakes. In this Serpenti watch, the agility of the snake totem is perfectly combined with Tubogas craftsmanship, showing a bold, charming and unique elegance. The charm of mature women is appropriately reflected in this watch. The uniqueness of the ‘China Limited Edition’ also makes this gift even more precious.

Sports Still Certina Adds Ds Podium Championship Series Chronograph

DS Podium is a well-known and popular series in Certina watches. The high-precision PrecidriveTM quartz movement of the new DS Podium chronograph has taken this series of precision to a higher level with a number of exciting improvements, and the sports characteristics are even stronger. The latest PVD-coated all-black case watch with brown leather strap, smoky stitching contrasts with the strap, conspicuous large-size numbers and beautiful PVD rose gold-plated embellishment are more clearly visible.

   Certina DS Podium Chronograph is distinctive and outstanding. Since the beginning of this product line, its sporting style has been harmoniously harmonious with the aggressive personality. Large size numbers, contrasting elements, polished bezels and bold designs have fully demonstrated this. Now, with its Swiss-made ETA PrecidriveTM movement in its frosted all-black 41mm PVD-coated case, its sporting nature is taken to new heights. High-precision (+/- 10 seconds / year) quartz chronograph movement with 60-second, 30-minute, and 1 / 10-second chronograph (real-time display in the first minute) function, standard hour hand, minute hand, small second hand, and date, and Sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment.

   The expressive dial design has always been the hallmark of Certina DS Podium. The new chronograph continues to express a strong contrast between the black surface, the snail-shaped chronograph dial and the PVD rose gold-plated hands, hour markers and large-size numbers. The sporty light brown leather strap and smoky stitching are reminiscent of the style worn by explorers in wearing watches, with the black PVD-plated buttons and buckle adjacent to it, making the contrast level richer. Hour and minute hands use a large amount of luminous material, along the dial chamfered outer edge is also marked with twelve dots coated with luminous material to mark the hour, no matter day and night, to ensure easy reading under various sports conditions.
   The acronym ‘DS’ (double insurance) at the top of the protective crown proves that the DS Podium chronograph is designed and manufactured based on the well-known double insurance principle; the beautiful CERTINA turtle logo is printed on the back of the crown.
  For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Generous Dedication, Time For Evidence

At the time of the 7th Only Watch Charity Auction, Jaquet Droz presented and sold an outstanding Grande Seconde Off-centered watch Proceeds are used to study the cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

   The true meaning of time is generosity. Jacques Dro has always adhered to this creed and actively participated in the biennial Only Watch charity auction. This auction brings together many unique watch pieces, and the auction results will be used for the study of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a serious muscle and heart disease. Jacques Dro is convinced that the disease will eventually be cured and is committed to contributing to it. With this, Jacques de Loire launched a unique eccentric large second hand watch to help the event.

Off-center large second hand
Red hematite dial
18K Red Gold Case
Automatic mechanical movement
Power reserve approx. 68 hours
Diameter 43 mm
Limited edition of 1

   The classic eccentric large seconds model is unique with its number 8. The number 8 is a symbol of endlessness and eternity, and it is also one of Jacques Dro’s brand symbols. This watch uses a hematite dial to reinterpret the classic eccentric large seconds hand series. This copper oxide-rich ore was discovered in the mid-19th century and its pleasing appearance is reminiscent of Mars, inspiring reveries of cosmic astronomy. The bright red symbolizes the passion for the timepiece and the Only Watch project.
   The cutting of ore dials has extremely high technological requirements, and Jacques Droe is an industry leader in this regard. Every single inclusion, every texture, and every detail on the dial underlines the uniqueness of this watch. However, this large seconds watch is not limited to this: the two dials traditionally set at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock have adopted an eccentric design, giving the simple and pure dial a new vitality. The delicate gold inlaid dial ring complements the slender hands and the graceful central seconds hand. The winding crown moves to the 4 o’clock position, adding a touch of delicate beauty.

   This large second hand watch not only brings visual enjoyment, but also uses a self-winding movement with a silicon balance spring and a pallet fork to ensure that the timepiece is accurate and reliable. Silicon is not only resistant to impacts, temperature changes, and high pressures, but it is also not affected by magnetic fields and is stable in nature. This eccentric large second hand watch has a 68-hour power reserve. The ochre red sapphire dial, the shiny 43mm red gold case and the deep black crocodile leather strap blend in harmony. This eccentric second hand is engraved with the inscriptions ‘1/1’ and ‘Only Watch 2017 Cuprite’ by hand. It will be released at the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of September. Then it will participate in a watch connoisseur and enthusiast The international touring exhibition finally appeared at the auction held in Geneva on Saturday, November 11.
‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story.’