Month: February 2017

The Reality Show ‘flower Young’ Takes Risks Across Three Continents. Who Are The ‘travel Companions’ On The Wrists Of Chen Bailin And Jing Bairan?

The reality show variety show ‘Flowers and Teenagers’ just ended, not long ago, watching a group of young and handsome sportsmen and girls heading south of the equator, spanning three continents in 27 days, crossing the unknown With challenging Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, Australia … while mad and exciting adventures are fascinating, while the beauty of flowers and teenagers is pleasing. In such a colorful journey, the ‘Flower F4’ composed by Jing Bairan, Chen Bailin, Zhang Ruoyan, and Yang Youning, who carried the burden of the tour guide, even showed their courage and courage. And in different adventures, each of them is used to having one or two watches to accompany them. Not only is it necessary to plan a tight schedule, but it also has a ‘mission’ of concave shape. If you are also curious who they are “walking” with during their thrilling and exciting trips, you may wish to look down together.

Variety Photos of ‘Flowers and Teenagers’

Zhang Ruoyu sailed out to sea

Zhang Ruohuan wears IWC Marine Timepieces

Ruochang Zhang moves giraffes in Namibian wildlife sanctuary

Zhang Ruohuan wears IWC Marine Timepieces

Ruo Zhang and African Cheetah get along, wearing IWC Marine Timepieces

Zhang Ruoyan climbs a giant tree in the Amazon jungle and wears a watch

   28-year-old Zhang Ruoyi was awarded the title of ‘Adventure King’ after experiencing a cage with African leopards, jumping three times in a bungee jump, and jumping 14,000 kilometers. Bold and daring to challenge, his motor gene is powerful, and it has become his signature label. He climbed a giant tree in the Amazon jungle, transferred giraffes in the grasslands of Namibia, and fed a cheetah. He wore an IWC marine timepiece. The black rubber strap and perfectly equipped diving system give this watch a masculine and charming charm. No wonder Zhang Ruoxuan chooses it in almost all kinds of outdoor activities.

Zhang Ruohuan and the team rest

Zhang Ruohuan wears IWC Portuguese watches

   Another IWC Portuguese chronograph series watch is worn by Zhang Ruoyi when he is usually relaxed. The modest thickness of the case and the simple and bright dial are clear. The design is simple but difficult to conceal its restrained elegance. When it is complex and dazzling, it is not foolproof to choose it.

Jing Bairan practice shooting

Jing Boran wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory series watch

Jing Bairan fished for piranhas in the Amazon virgin forest, wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory series watch

Jing Boran wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory series watch

   Jing Bairan, who joined the ‘Hua Shao’ reality show for the second time, became familiar with the switch between tour guide and tourist modes. For adventures across three continents, Jing Bao perfectly matched this theme when choosing his watch. The Geophysical Observatory series of watches launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre, the world map is presented on the dial, the gradient blue dial makes people see the vast ocean. Jing Boran only wore this watch along the way, and it was identified that Jing Boran’s true love was correct.

Chen Bailin wears a limited edition chronograph of the ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’

Chen Bailin wears a limited edition chronograph of the ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’

Chen Bailin wears a limited edition chronograph of the ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’

Chen Bailin wears a limited edition chronograph of the ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’

   Steady, careful and strict in self-discipline, it is ‘Big Brother’ Chen Bailin’s most impressive impression in the program. In order to reduce travel expenses, save money and food, and make the team more cohesive with your own actions. Such a pragmatic boy still reflects his kind and steady side on the watch. Chen Bailin’s timepiece is a limited-edition chronograph from the IWC series ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’, limited to 1,500 pieces. And some of the proceeds from the watch will be donated to Lawrence to sponsor and support children’s and youth sports. Knowing the background of this watch, the favor for Chen Bailin rose a few degrees in an instant.

Yang Youning in the Namibian Plains

Yang Youning wears a special edition of the IWC marine timepiece series ‘Darwin Adventure’

Yang Youning is doing a rehearsal of giraffe transfer, wearing a special edition of the IWC Ocean Time Series ‘Darwin Adventure’

   As the oldest member of the team, 34-year-old Yang Youning can not only turn into an intimate chef to feed his team members, but also be a big brother, and encourage the adventurous team to move forward without fear. Throughout the trip, Yang Youning’s good performance was almost universally praised. Such a perfect man, his favorite travel companion is also excellent. The special edition of ‘Darwin’s Adventure’ from IWC Marine Timepiece, the case made of bronze is unique. Over time, the surface of the watch will be stained with a light green patina, and the charm after time will gradually become more apparent . Appearance is honest and connotative, and ‘people and watch unity’ is used to describe this group of ‘partners’. Shouldn’t everyone be right?
After watching the four ‘travel companions’ with less flowers, which one do you prefer? If you happen to be traveling, which timepiece will you wear to accompany your adventure?

Jacques Pays Tribute To Gustav Klimt (July 12 Official Website Update)

In 1904, Belgian financier Adolphe Stoclet asked the painter Gustav Klimt to create mosaic frescoes for a luxurious palace. The Brussels-based palace was designed by architect Josef Hoffmann. Among the many paintings in the palace, Klim’s famous painting ‘Le Baiser’ embodies his outstanding achievements in decorative arts. For a century, Klimt’s work still exudes strong vitality and charming artistic charm.

   To pay tribute to this painting, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a new Atmos Marqueterie parquet air clock. This air clock is limited to ten seats. It is a new interpretation of the Art Nouveau by Jaeger-LeCoultre, which perfectly reflects the value of this art style. The bell case is completely copied from the painting ‘Kiss’ and infused with rare and exquisite craftsmanship-only by using such craftsmanship can he show the extraordinary painter of the Austrian symbolist painter.

   The clock case of the Atmos air clock consists of more than 1200 individually cut precious wood pieces. The wood pieces are either kept in their natural state or pasted with gold foil using Klimt’s painting technique, and then pasted together piece by piece, and a luxurious hand-finished parquet work is born. Adhering to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s pursuit of excellence in detail, the craftsmen gave gold foil different shades of gold and rose gold to make the entire painting lifelike and highlight its gorgeous and colorful characteristics.

   Just touch the hidden button on the bell case, and the bell case will slowly open, showing the delicate mechanics of the Atmos air clock. After the bell case door is opened, the inner bell case made of crystal glass is displayed, and the built-in air bell witnesses the passage of time perfectly and precisely.
   Atmos air clocks clearly have a close relationship with time. Its style is quiet and solemn, and it has witnessed 80 years since its birth. Its nearly-permanent mechanical device can obtain power only with slight changes in temperature.