Month: November 2016

Graceful And Luxurious World Time Watch Vacheron Constantin 86060/000r-9640 大 赏

Since it was founded in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has never stopped production, and always adheres to the brand motto of ‘go all out, keep improving’, which represents the highest watchmaking craftsmanship in Switzerland and reflects Vacheron Constantin has an outstanding position in the world of watchmaking. The 2011 classic was renewed, and this World Time watch with serial number 86060 / 000R-9640 came into being, and the official domestic price was 444,000 yuan.

 The 86060 / 000R-9640 watch is made of 18K 5N pink gold with a diameter of 42.5 mm and a thickness of 11.62 mm. When you see this watch, a white and blue tone world map first comes into view. This Lambert projection type world map is mostly used in the field of aerial mapping. This watch takes it as the background, which shows that it is a highly technical watch. Its sapphire crystal is also very characteristic. Half of it adopts the blue tone. The dial rotates once every 24 hours. The color can tell where the night is and the day.
 It doesn’t have many functions, but a world time that can indicate 37 time zones is enough to reflect its powerful functions. Coordinated Universal Time is divided into 24 time zones, but due to geopolitical, political and other factors, some countries use half-time or three-quarter time zones, and the 86060 / 000R-9640 watch includes all these time zones. The mechanical device faithfully reflects the status of the world pattern. The wearer only needs to select the reference time and point it at the black triangle at 6 o’clock to read the reference time and the time in the remaining 36 time zones. The black city is the entire time zone, and the red is the half time zone or a quarter. Three time zones.

Equipped with 2460WT movement, its exquisite design allows it to adjust the buckle to achieve independent adjustment of the urban area on the dial. All the indicators can be adjusted only by the crown, making it very convenient to use.
 Vacheron Constantin has been making World Time watches for 80 years. This 86060 / 000R-9640 watch continues the elegant and luxurious style of the previous work with a round shape and precious metal materials. Great improvements have been made. The powerful functions and fine polishing of the movement also illustrate the superb craftsmanship of Vacheron Constantin’s fine watchmaking. Because the brand’s World Time watches were either limited or relatively old, this watch has naturally become a hot item.
 Watch details: vacheron / 7500 /