Month: October 2016

Starting At This Moment Tasting Montblanc Star Series Full Calendar Watch

In the Montblanc new star series promotional video, its brand spokesperson Yang Yang wears a Montblanc watch and walks through the crowd of people. The phrase ‘begins at this moment’, the new full Montblanc star series on his wrist The watch ticked. In time, the world is flowing, time is moving forward, and the passion and attitude of millennials for life is moving.

   In the promotional video, Yang Yang shared his principles of life ‘When we truly have dreams and firm goals, it is more meaningful and commendable to act immediately than any words.’ Yes, it is at this moment, for life Leave your mark, which is also the watchmaking principle rooted in the brand Montblanc.

   With the watchmaking industry’s premier watchmaking technology, Montblanc watches combine a tradition of excellence with a perfect design. The crown’s iconic hexagonal white star conveys its outstanding quality in the same vein as the world-famous Montblanc pen. This new Montblanc Star Series full-calendar watch worn by Yang Yang is also a new product just released by Montblanc on SIHH this year. While retaining the key design elements of the Star Series, it has also upgraded classic details and refined design specifications to a brand new height.

   The watch (model: 118516) uses a 42mm stainless steel case. In its pure lines, classic high-end watchmaking techniques, timeless design beauty and praise for the moon are all revealed. It is specially designed for new men who are willing to express their personality. .

   The thickness of the case is 11.43 mm. The onion-shaped stainless steel crown feels very good. The top of the crown is embossed with Montblanc’s signature hexagonal white star logo.

   The lugs feature a unique stepped design on both sides, and the watch is paired with a new blue halo-coated alligator strap by the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence, Italy. The additional strap treatment of the halo effect makes the watch more eye-catching and enduring.

   The silver-white dial follows the outstanding aesthetic design specifications, indicating the hours, minutes, seconds and date, day of the week, month and moon phases in the simplest and most elegant way. On the periphery of the dial is a date circle consisting of 31 date numbers, and a small crescent-shaped hand at the top rotates along it to indicate the date. The day of the week and month are displayed in a small window, while the moon phase is displayed below the dial. And this timepiece shows the design specifications of the Montblanc star series, including: Arabic numerals, blue willow-shaped hour hand, radial Montblanc signature hexagonal white star engraved pattern, rail-type minute scale circle, and engraved relief 玑Corrugated.
   The watch is equipped with a Montblanc MB 29.12 self-winding movement with a flat balance wheel and hairspring, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), and a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. The exquisitely polished movement continues the tradition of Montblanc Minerva Watch Factory.

Summary: This new Montblanc Star Collection full-calendar watch inherits the spirit of Swiss watchmaking with practical design norms, bringing the 160-year-old Minerva’s brilliant watchmaking tradition to the same vein. Just like in its new promotional video, the metal fragments of time and space are transformed into bright and shiny hexagonal white stars, which are corrugated and rippled, leaving your own mark on your life.