Month: March 2016

Report Of The 55th Anniversary Of Qunxian To Beijing Watch Factory

Beijing Watch Factory, which has experienced 55 years of ups and downs, has unforgettable brilliance. Today, at the 55th anniversary celebration of Beijing Watch Factory, I saw the courage of Beijing Watch to create a brilliant future. The official release of the latest watches is truly amazing. Today’s event is also wonderful. Here is the report of the 55th anniversary of Beijing Watch Factory.

 When we first arrived at the gate of the Beijing Watch Factory, we could already see the big slogan at the door of the Beijing Watch Factory to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Beijing Watch Factory. On June 19, 1958, the Beijing Watch Factory Preparatory Office was established. The initial watch factory consisted of 21 technical backbones of the original Beijing Xuanwu District Watch Factory with passion for watchmaking.

 Since I arrived earlier, when I arrived, I could still see the staff at the reception setting up the watch. This is the prototype of the watch reception.

 We can see that the reception for the factory celebration is arranged in the east square of the statue of Chairman Mao. The signature of the chairman is the guest’s signature version, and the red carpet is laid on the signed version. How can I feel like attending a blockbuster conference In the same way, it seems that Beijing Watch Factory has very solemn arrangements for this factory celebration.

 We arrived earlier, so we went to the second hall to watch some watches. Our beauty editor, after seeing the real pear shuangyan, can be regarded as coveted, it has added a layer of understanding to the micro-carved enamel of Beijing watches.

 Time passed slowly, the media and guests also arrived one after another, and the event officially started. This is where the event is registered. This event, Beijing Watch Factory prepared a replica type automatic watch for everyone. The domestic public price is 1980 yuan, I personally like this watch very much, simple retro also has a single calendar function.

 This is a ceremony for the big brothers, and I don’t know the specifics. There were no people at the scene, and I ran in. Since I came in, I took a few pictures. |

 After the sign-in, Beijing Watch Factory held a small conference to introduce the latest watches of several watches at the scene. The main designer in the picture, Zhao Zhenling, will explain the latest design results of his three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon watch. This article I will mainly explain for everyone, this article will be detailed in another article. For everyone.

 The reception started, the media and guests were ready to sit in, and many members of the China Watch Association also rushed to the scene to congratulate the 55th anniversary of Beijing Watch Factory.

Roasted whole lamb is a popular dish in the evening.

The reception was started by the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory Miao Hongbo.

The reception started. I don’t know if you can find Teacher Liu Xingli in the picture. When I came back, I found that the shot was taken by Teacher Liu.

The reception adopts a self-service mode. If you want to eat it yourself, except for the long wait for roast lamb, the other delicious food is full.

 During the reception, a band played a beautiful piece of music for everyone under the chairman’s statue. In the beautiful piece of music, everyone was particularly active and the applause continued. In this celebration, there are many people who can come to you, and they are full of vitality. Here I wish Beijing Watch Factory getting better and better. (Picture / Text Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

Louis Vuitton Les Ardentes High Jewellery Watch

Excellent mosaic technology to create high-end watches

 Louis Vuitton presents a collection of precious watches combining superb watchmaking technology with fine jewelry. Such an outstanding work requires pure hand craftsmanship, and only a few artisans make it in Geneva, showing all the women’s watches of incredible art. During the production process, each diamond is cut and inlaid one by one, gradually converging into a round of diamond puzzles, which makes the watch reveal an unparalleled brilliance.

Les Ardentes High Jewellery Watch

 The watch series extends from Louis Vuitton’s well-known Les Ardentes high-end jewelry series, using brilliant diamonds to carve out its famous Monogram classic pattern. This never-before-seen design combines two diamonds, Louis Vuitton’s Flower Cut and Star Cut, to create a round or sharp petals that make each other interesting and bright. spark.

 Les Ardentes High Jewellery Watch

 Les Ardentes High Jewellery Watch

                        Les Ardentes High Jewellery Watch

                       Les Ardentes High Jewellery Watches