Month: September 2014

Jacques De Meteor Eccentric Second Hand And Stromatolite Eccentric Second Hand: The Limited Edition Series Pays Tribute To The Source Of Life And The Universe.

Jaquet Droz presents two unique GrandeSecondeOff-Centered models, each with a meteorite and laminated stone dial. Each timepiece contains timeless, immortal stones that are worn between the wrists.

 The only elements that humans cannot fully measure are space and time. The origin and end of time and the universe may be an eternal mystery to humans. Human beings have no control over time and space, so their interest in time and space is enduring.
 It’s no accident that Jaquet Droz’s fusion of time and space into timepieces of excellence. Every Jaquet Droz piece contains ingenious craftsmanship. The new GrandeSecondeOff-CenteredMeteorite shows that the brand has continuously explored new artistic realms and enhanced the courage of poetic realm. Each watch is limited to 88 pieces and is available in 39mm, 39mm diamonds and 43mm. Like pure meteorites that adorn the dial, these timepieces are precious masterpieces.

 Watch dials are cut by hand and require rare precision techniques. Meteorites are fragments of asteroids that penetrate the atmosphere without breaking up. The meteor trajectory is witness to this long journey. Most meteors are ablated before reaching the surface, and only a few can fall to the ground. Humans then probed the debris on the earth’s surface, collected meteorites fragments large enough for processing, and then cut them into discs to be used as dials of Grande Second Off-Centered watches. This process can be a difficult challenge.
 Meteorites are composed of iron and nickel and have extremely high density and hardness. Outstanding master craftsmen must adopt patience and rigorous attitude, adopt unique cutting technology, and perform fine to micron finishing to create a flawless meteorite dial. Each timepiece is unique. The pattern on the meteorite originated from the galaxy’s journey to the galaxy, exuding a mysterious atmosphere, and the origin of its geometric form is unknown.

 Today, Jaquet Droz has a long experience in making gemstone dials, which can show the beauty of this mineral treasure. This exquisite craftsmanship is also reflected in the Grande Second Off-Centered Stromatolite.
 However, this unique stone structure is different from meteorites. The stromatolite is a fossil formed by sedimentation. It has biogenic characteristics, that is, it contains both fossils and living things. Therefore, it has promoted the development of life on the earth and is one of the oldest fossil remains (3.5 billion years).

 The new GrandeSecondeOff-CenteredStromatolite series pays tribute to the cornerstone of life on earth. Only three watches are available, 39mm, 39mm diamonds and 43mm, with a red gold case. Just like patina, jasper and other mineral materials, these masterpieces are inspired by the universe and the source of life on earth, showing the brand’s amazing artistic accomplishments.

Zhenlishi Heritage Slim Women Moon Phase Watch

The moon phase shows a subtle combination of technical performance and aesthetic thought. There is no doubt that it may be the most feminine and poetic complication. Zenith Heritage Slim Women’s Moon Phase Watch
The watch is equipped with the Elite ultra-thin movement introduced by Zenith in 2011, which is as precise and detailed as Alexander’s ancient poetry, and as free as romantic poetry. The watch is equipped with a mother-of-pearl dial, crown and hour-marked diamonds, like a precious jewel, showing the beauty of day and night and the elegance of night. The small seconds at 9 o’clock, the moon phase display window at 6 o’clock, the classic beauty in the delicate asymmetrical layout, and the extremely modern rose gold material make this watch a classic subtle and timeless Charming boutique.
A variety of styles and materials such as mother-of-pearl dial, silver plated dial, chocolate dial or ice blue dial can be selected to perfectly match the color of the strap. In addition, a large evening watch is also available. The dial is set with diamonds and satin belts for luxury. This variety of styles is only for creating exquisite women’s watches.